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‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Episode 9: How Our Favourites Are Doing After ‘The Gate’

The kids of Hawkins finally get to go to the Snow Ball. Steve and Dustin are inseparable. Eleven finally has a family.

‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: The Gate Is Truly A Masterpiece

Joyce, Jonathan, and Nancy try to save Will. Steve and the kids head to the tunnels. Hopper and Eleven take on the Mind Flayer.

‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Was The Lost Sister A Necessary Episode?

While the timing of this episode feels off, it’s crucial for Eleven’s growth. Not only does Kali help her discover her true self, but also her true power.

‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: The Spy

Will recovers in Hawkins Lab. Meanwhile, Dustin and Steve form the most heartwarming and unlikely friendship. Steve helps Dustin, Lucas, and Max with taking on the demogorgons.

“Strength In Numbers”: Interviewing Jessica Martin’s ‘Abby And Tabby’

I sat down with Jessica Martin, a writer, director, producer, and actress currently working on Abby and Tabby: Alone in the Desert to talk about the project and her experience in the field. Her answers were more than just insightful. They were empowering.

‘Westworld’: Bernard Forgets, Maeve Grows Stronger, And Logan Returns In Trace Decay

Dolores questions her sanity. Logan returns and is ready for revenge. More details are revealed about the Man in Black.

“Can You Please Just Stop Trying To Kill Or F*ck Everything?”: A Look Into One Of The Most Tense Relationships In ‘Westworld’

The contrast between the lawful good Will and chaotic neutral Logan is so beautifully balanced, and their friendship is one of the most entertaining on the show!