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‘The Texture Of Falling’ Is The Beautifully Confusing Film You Need To See

With a unique style of story-telling, The Texture of Falling is a one of a kind experience that definitely qualifies as a must-watch.

‘Sylphvania Grove’: Sitting Down With The Insightful Rebekah Fieschi

“Fantasy doesn’t tell you what to think, but makes you think by taking you on an adventure.”
I had the pleasure of speaking with Rebekah Fieschi, the writer and director of Sylphvania Grove, an upcoming fantasy short film. And to say her responses were insightful is an understatement.

“Strength In Numbers”: Interviewing Jessica Martin’s ‘Abby And Tabby’

I sat down with Jessica Martin, a writer, director, producer, and actress currently working on Abby and Tabby: Alone in the Desert to talk about the project and her experience in the field. Her answers were more than just insightful. They were empowering.