Welcome, welcome, and thrice welcome! I’m Maggie Stancu, I live in Ontario, Canada, and I’m a full-time writer, occasional poet, and entertainment journalist! Though my writing spans many genres, I specialize in Gothic Romance and Gothic Horror, along with Adult Fantasy. I love reading all genres, but I have a particular soft spot for classic literature. Though time away from writing is a rare occurrence, you can sometimes find me sketching, diving into histories and mythologies, and diving back into a good television series.

Along with novels, I also adore writing short stories. I wrote my first short, Running With Guilt, when I was 17 years old. The story focuses on a woman who finally gets the revenge she’s always wanted, only to discover it doesn’t taste nearly as sweet as she was promised. It was published in the anthology Holding Fire: Short Stories of Self-Destruction.

In April 2021, I wrote a short story titled To Rid Himself of Rotten Things. The story takes place in a crumbling society, and follows a young Doctor through his daily routine and ever-decreasing sanity. It is free to read on Vocal Media.

I am currently working on a Gothic Horror novel titled In The Confines of Killick Manor. Crimson Peak meets The Haunting of Hill House, with a little dash of Penny Dreadful, this is the both the novel of my dreams and my nightmares.

The History of Fiction’s Mistress

Formerly known as Fiction’s Mistress, this site was first launched in November of 2015. What began as a simple blog for Game of Thrones theories and the occasional book review quickly turned into something far bigger than I had ever expected.

Over the next four years, Fiction’s Mistress became a hub for entertainment journalism. In that time, I had the honor of interviewing some incredibly talented directors, writers, and actors around the world, receiving screeners for films that I still marvel at to this day, and being cited as a film critic on more than one occasion. In 2019, I had the pleasure of being invited to appear on CTV’s Your Morning, on a panel about Game of Thrones to offer predictions on Season 8, and later would share my thoughts on the final season.

In June 2019, I stopped creating content. Despite having nothing but a high school diploma and a passion for film and television, I had found myself working 16-18 hour work days as a film critic. I wasn’t making any money, but it was more than that. I’d lost the love. I no longer had the energy to write about, or even watch the things that truly brought me joy. I was completely buried under obligations and projects, doing the jobs of about 20 people each and every day.

I took the next 2 years to self-evaluate. After a few rather sudden and massive shifts in my personal life, I found myself returning to a dream I thought I had long put to bed; a dream of writing novels, a dream of telling stories. With the encouragement, support, and confidence that I had lacked in the years prior, I picked up a pen and haven’t been able to put it down since.

And yet…

I had thought, for a moment, that I was ready to say goodbye to Fiction’s Mistress. But the beginning of a new journey doesn’t necessarily mean the end of another. This website has been rebranded to fit all of my dreams. The first is telling stories, but there’s still more than enough room for the rest.

If you enjoy film reviews, episode recaps, theory articles, and particularly anything regarding Marvel (especially Loki), Fiction’s Mistress is the place you’ll want to be! As of June 2021, it is entirely restructured and ripe with new content! I hope you enjoy!

For Film & Television Inquiries, Please Reach Me At fictionsmistress@gmail.com

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