New ‘Loki’ Ad Teases Even More Loki Variants

Not only are we getting even more Loki Variants, but this could give us some insight into where Mobius is!

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Marvel Studios’ Loki, much like the character himself, never shies away from a little mischief, and though Episode 5 is less than 12 hours away, the series has dropped a new ad that features one of the most exciting and surprising images. Take a look.

Credit: Marvel Studios

That’s right! The series is about to give us even more Loki Variants, and honestly, we should have seen this coming. In Episode 2, while prepping for their next mission, Mobius explains to Loki and other members of the TVA that they’ve pruned multiple Loki Variants over the years, almost more than any other. Some look incredibly similar to the Loki we know and love, while others couldn’t be more different, and it seems that Episode 5 is taking the character in many different directions.

There’s no telling how much time we’ll have with each of these Variants, or if they’ll end up escaping…wherever they are. Their location is as much of a mystery as it was last week, however, there are some hints.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Last week’s episode featured a mid-credits scene that introduced four Loki Variants, two of whom we’re very familiar with (Classic Loki and Kid Loki), while Boastful Loki and Alligator/Crocodile Loki (yes, there’s some debate as to which he is), are more of a mystery. However, the background of this shot shouldn’t be overlooked. Behind Classic Loki, we can see many crumbling buildings, but the shape of one in particular looks all too familiar. That definitely seems like a destroyed version of the Avengers/Stark Tower! This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen it, either.

Credit: Marvel Studios

This shot was seen briefly in one of the earlier trailers before the series was released, and there’s no mistaking the Tower in the background. So, where exactly are the Loki Variants? We know that this is where they’re transported to after they’ve been pruned, but beyond that, the answer is fairly unclear. The leading theory is that this could be some sort of alternate timeline/reality, possibly where Loki actually won the Battle of New York. While we can’t be too certain, this new information does shed some light on another character’s fate.

Is Mobius Alive?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Fans were gutted in Episode 4, when Ravonna Renslayer ordered one of the TVA agents to prune Mobius right in front of Loki. The hilarious and endearing analyst, played fantastically by Owen Wilson, became a fan-favourite after only the first episode, and people can’t help but hope that we’ll see him again. Thanks to the mid-credits scene, we know that pruning a Variant doesn’t actually kill them, but where does it send them? Well, this new ad may have given us a little more insight.

The fact that Loki is surrounded by other Loki Variants makes us think that when a Variant is pruned, they’re sent to a place where only other Variants of themselves can exist. This would explain why there are so many Loki Variants in one place, and why Mobius is nowhere to be seen. The real question is whether or not Loki can somehow transport himself to wherever Mobius is. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. This friendship is not one we’re ready to say goodbye to anytime soon.

After the many twists of Episode 4, we have no idea where this series is going to take us next, but we can’t wait to meet all of the new Variants.

Watch the new Loki ad down below.

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