You May Have Missed the Best Comic Easter Egg in ‘Loki’ Episode 2

This Easter Egg is the most marvelous tribute to the comics, and it shows the care this team put into the series!

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They say the devil’s in the details, but with Marvel, you never know what you might find.

Marvel is notorious for hiding little clues and Easter Eggs in their films and shows, and Loki is certainly no exception. The series premiere, Glorious Purpose, had the most subtle and playful callback to The Avengers, and it seems that was just beginning. In Episode 2, The Variant, there’s an Easter Egg hidden in plain sight, but unlike most, it doesn’t hint at what’s to come. Rather, it pays tribute to what came before. Take a look.

Credit: Marvel Studios

The number 372 is quite obvious behind Mobius and Loki, and appears more than once throughout the episode. If you had a feeling that the number may not be as random as it seems, you’d be right! 372 has a special significance, especially in regards to the TVA.

The Time Variance Authority was first introduced in Marvel Comics in 1986. To be specific? It debuted in Thor Issue #372. How sweet is that!? It really shows the effort and care that the team behind Loki has put into every single detail. If the first three episodes are any indication, this series may end up being Marvel’s best production to date.

Loki Is Currently Streaming On Disney+.

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