‘The Avengers’ Reference You May Have Missed In ‘Loki’ Episode 1

I’ll give you a hint: listen very closely during the elevator sequence.

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Marvel Studios‘ Loki is already up to plenty of mischief, dropping Easter Eggs and references in every single episode. The series premiere, Glorious Purpose, shows us plenty of footage from other Marvel properties, but it also has the most surprising and subtle reference to The Avengers!

Pay Close Attention To The Elevator Scene

Credit: Marvel Studios

Have you ever heard something so often that you naturally tune it out? That’s certainly the case with elevator music! But if you go and watch this scene again, paying close attention to the music, you may note that it sounds a little familiar. It’s actually the exact same music that played in The Avengers when Loki was in Stuttgart, Germany, right before he started wreaking havoc!

Credit: Marvel Studios

It’s the little details that really make something sing, and to have such a playful callback so early in Loki shows us how much love and care this team is pouring into the series. I can’t wait to see what else this series has in store for us.

Watch the elevator clip from Loki Episode 1 down below.

Loki Is Currently Streaming On Disney+.

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