‘Loki’ May Have Just Teased a New Loki Variant in the Mid-Season Trailer, and It Looks Like He’s King of Asgard

This could take the series in a whole new direction, and poses a lot of questions about Sylvie’s intentions.

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Just like the God of Mischief himself, Marvel Studios’ Loki has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, and from the looks of the latest trailer, things are just getting started. Marvel recently released the mid-season sneak peek, and while there are still plenty of mysteries to uncover, one of the most notable shots features Loki himself before the Throne of Asgard. Complete with green flags, golden snakes, and a cheering audience, it looks the Trickster God finally has the Throne he’s always wanted. The real question, however, is which version of Loki is actually King?

We’re About To Meet Another Loki Variant

Credit: Marvel Studios

This shot was first seen in the official Loki trailer released back in April, and though it’s a wide shot, there’s one detail in particular that stands out. That is, of course, the Throne itself, which is now adorned with golden snakes. While some fans theorized this may simply be a flashback, we’ve never seen this version of the Asgardian Throne before. Odin and Thor are nowhere to be seen, and there are green flags behind the God of Mischief himself. This show has already introduced us to a Loki Variant, not to mention the fact that in Episode 2, Mobius reveals the TVA has pruned countless Loki Variants over the years, almost more than any other. It’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility or probability for the series to introduce another Variant. However, this particular Variant is most likely a result of Sylvie’s actions in Episode 2.

Sylvie Is Responsible, But Was This Intentional Or An Accident?

Credit: Marvel Studios

At the end of Episode 2, The Variant, Sylvie not only reveals herself, but begins to carry out her master plan, though her end goal is still a bit of a mystery. She takes all of the reset charges that she had stolen from the Time Variance Authority and sends them through time and space, creating multiple branches throughout all of reality. The real question is why she chose the places and times that she did. Was it entirely random, or is there a deeper reason that we aren’t yet aware of?

As you can see above, one of the reset charges was sent to Asgard in February of 2004, creating a massive branch off of the Sacred Timeline. This is especially interesting because as many fans may have noticed, Loki’s outfit in the mid-season trailer looks shockingly similar to his outfit from the first Thor film, which takes place around 2010. This Variant could seem rather familiar to us, a young Asgardian Prince, who simply is seeking to escape his brother’s shadow. The question, however, still remains. How does Loki become King?

This is where the theory gets quite interesting. Where exactly in Asgard did the reset charge appear? What if it appeared in Odin’s chambers? Or, perhaps Thor’s? What if it appeared in the Throne room when both of them were present? If so, was this completely coincidental, or was this all part of Sylvie’s master plan? We know that she’s travelled to many different places and times throughout the universe. What if she knew exactly where to send this particular reset charge, and her goal was to make that version of Loki, King? If the Time Variance Authority is busy fighting other Loki Variants, it would give Sylvie the perfect opportunity to find the Time-Keepers.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Sylvie had absolutely no idea where she was sending the charges, and simply wanted to cause chaos. To what end? That remains a mystery, although it seems Episode 4 may begin to shed some light on her backstory. Either way, whether it was intentional or not, this Loki is certainly making the best of a chaotic situation, and we’d expect nothing less from the God of Mischief.

What Will Happen To This Variant?

Credit: Marvel Studios

This Variant may become a crucial part of the final episodes of Season 1. He could also be a mere blip on the radar, someone we see for a few moments before the branch is destroyed. However, Tom Hiddleston himself has said that fans should buckle up for the 4th and 5th episodes, which, according to him, take the series in an entirely new direction. Not to mention the fact that the mid-season sneak peek features a line that may hint at this Loki’s future.

“Every Loki Has Their Time.”

They could simply be referring to our 2012 Loki, or perhaps to Sylvie herself, but the fact that they showed footage of yet another Loki Variant gives me pause. There could be a lot more to this Loki than meets the eye.

Watch the mid-season sneak peek for Marvel Studios’ Loki.

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