Could Arya Stark Kill Drogon In The Series Finale Of ‘Game Of Thrones’?

Everyone’s talking about who will kill Daenerys, now known as the Mad Queen, but there’s no way they can kill her without taking down Drogon first.

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The series finale of everyone’s favourite fantasy show, Game Of Thrones, airs tonight. And it isn’t an exaggeration to say that this marks the end of an era. Game Of Thrones has not only changed the fantasy genre, making it more accessible than ever, it has also changed the face of television. But this final season has greatly divided fans. While some, like we here at Fiction’s Mistress, have loved every shocking second, other fans are petitioning to have the season remade by different writers! But whether you love the season or hate it, we’re all wondering the same thing. How can this series possibly end!?

Episode 5, The Bells, came with a truly surprising and heartbreaking twist. After the bells of King’s Landing were rung, signalling the city’s surrender, Daenerys looked towards the Red Keep and was overcome with an intense anger. This victory was not at all how she thought it would be. And in this moment, she feels it all. The loss of Ser Jorah, of Rhaegal, of Missandei. The betrayal of her advisers. And she wreaks havoc on the city. No street is left untouched. Thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children slaughtered, and the Red Keep destroyed. King’s Landing is burnt to the ground, and it was done by the woman we always wanted to see rule the Seven Kingdoms.

While fans had their fears, no one could have predicted that the series would have actually turned Daenerys into the Mad Queen. But with so many of her advisers gone, who does she have to check her worst impulses? Tyrion tried, but he alone was not enough. So, when the time came to answer the city’s surrender, she did so with fire and blood.

This leaves so many questions. Cersei’s death came at the end of Episode 5, leaving the Seven Kingdoms ripe for the taking. King’s Landing is virtually gone, along with its people. Daenerys is now the Queen of Westeros, but for how long? Tyrion and Jon know that a ruler who would do that to her people is not fit to rule. Meanwhile, Arya is ready for vengeance after seeing so many innocents killed, and after nearly being killed herself multiple times! And while we didn’t see anything of Sansa in Episode 5, we already know that she doesn’t want Daenerys anywhere near the Throne. The Mother of Dragons will have to be taken out, but she can’t be killed while Drogon lives.

Her last dragon is her most loyal, and the strongest of the 3 that lived. He won’t let anyone get near Daenerys. And even if someone manages to sneak through and kill her, Drogon would immediately wreak havoc on all in sight. Their only chance to kill her, or at least to get her off the Throne, is to first kill Drogon. But who is capable of killing a dragon? Let’s map this out.

Arya Stark

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

We’ve always known that Arya is one of the fiercest warriors in Westeros, and this season has continued to prove that. Between killing countless White Walkers and killing the Night King himself, to surviving the slaughter of King’s Landing, Arya is a fighter. And after being nearly killed in King’s Landing by Drogon’s fire, and seeing an innocent mother and her child burnt to a crisp before her very eyes, Arya is ready for vengeance. While some think she may be the one to kill Daenerys, her skill with a spear suggests that she might kill Drogon instead! And as killing a dragon isn’t an easy task, she could die in the process. But if Arya has to die, wouldn’t that be a perfect way for her to go?

Jon Snow

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

Some think that Jon Snow will prove to be the Prince That Was Promised in the final episode. That he will be the one to kill Daenerys, and by plunging a sword through her heart, his sword will become Lightbringer, and end the darkness. But we’re not convinced that Jon has it in him. She is his family after all, even if he only recently discovered it. That’s why we think it’s far more likely that he’ll take care of Drogon, instead. Jon is familiar with him, after all. He’s also one of the few people in Westeros crazy enough to try and kill a dragon. We’re not entirely sure if he could do it alone, perhaps he’ll team up with Arya to defeat him! But he’s definitely a contestant.


Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

Bronn said himself that while his fighting days are over, he still has a few killing days left. And he’ll certainly be looking for blood if he doesn’t get the castle he was promised. And while Tyrion did promise him the Reach, we’re not so sure Daenerys will want to give it to him. If the Queen doesn’t honor the promise (that, to be fair, she herself never agreed to), Bronn might agree to help kill Drogon, upon ensuring that the next ruler will finally grant him what was promised. This one does seem a little less likely, but we try not to bet against Bronn. After all, he’s made it this far!

Tyrion Lannister

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

We know what you’re thinking. This seems so unlikely! And to be fair, we don’t think Tyrion will be alone in killing the last surviving dragon. But he’ll be necessary in executing the plan. After all, he’s proven that he has a way with the creatures. He managed to unchain a starving Rhaegal and Viserion a few seasons ago! While he may not be the one to strike the killing blow, we could definitely see Tyrion easing Drogon into a calm state, allowing Arya or Jon to sneak in and kill him.

Drogon Survives

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

This is a strong possibility, especially considering all of the twists the eighth and final season has had. What if no one kills Drogon, and no one kills Daenerys? What if, with a dragon by her side, Daenerys rules the Seven Kingdoms for the rest of her long life? It’s entirely possible! And to be fair, she may make a good Queen…if her murderous impulses don’t continue, that is.

The series finale of Game Of Thrones is only hours away, which means we only have a little longer to wait! Who do you think will kill Drogon? Or do you think he’ll survive? Let us know down in the comments!

The Series Finale Of Game Of Thrones Airs Tonight On HBO.

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