Is Jaime Lannister The Prince That Was Promised On ‘Game Of Thrones’?

We’ve collected a list of characters most likely to fulfill this prophecy, and you may be surprised at some of the names!

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The eighth and final season of everyone’s favourite series, Game Of Thrones, has been the most anticipated of the year. And with the most anticipated episode only hours away, fans are more excited than ever. Episode 3 will be 82 minutes long, and will feature the largest battle in television history. The battle at Winterfell is not Houses against Houses, but the living against the dead. The Night King and his great army have finally arrived at Winterfell’s doorstep, and it is here that the fate of the realm will be decided.

With the lives of everyone in Westeros on the line, it’s safe to say that one prophecy will finally come true in this episode. And that is, of course, the prophecy of the Prince That Was Promised. If you aren’t familiar with the prophecy, or if you need some brushing up on it, we give you the full breakdown here. But here are the basics of what you need to know.

When the White Walkers first came and attempted to wipe out mankind, a hero named Azor Ahai defeated them. He was able to do so with his flaming sword, Lightbringer, which took 100 days and nights to forge, and in order to temper it, he had to plunge the great sword into the heart of the love of his life, Nissa Nissa. It is said that the Prince That Was Promised will also wield a flaming sword, and will defeat the Night King with it.

As we enter this epic and terrifying battle, the question on everyone’s mind is the same. Who is the Prince That Was Promised? Melisandre once believed it was Stannis Baratheon, but now believes it to be Jon Snow! Other worshippers of the Lord Of Light believe it to be Daenerys Targaryen. But could we be overlooking someone?

We’ve collected a list of characters most likely to fulfill this prophecy, and you may be surprised at some of the names! Let’s dive in.

Jon Snow

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

There are two leading theories about who the Prince That Was Promised is, and one of them, unsurprisingly, is the King In The North himself, Jon Snow. Of course, as we discovered in the Season 7 finale, he isn’t just the King In The North, but also the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. As the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, he is a son of ice (Stark) and fire (Targaryen), which is part of the prophecy. He was brought back to life in the name of the Lord Of Light, courtesy of Melisandre, and he has defeated more White Walkers than anyone alive.

Another reason many believe that Jon is the Prince That Was Promised is because it would play into the Nissa Nissa theory. As we know, Azor Ahai had to sacrifice his wife in order to defeat the White Walkers. Many think that Jon could end up having to kill Daenerys to kill the Night King, a tragic ending that aligns with the tone of the series. Jon seems an obvious choice. A little too obvious, if you ask us.

Daenerys Targaryen

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

Along with Jon Snow, it is also a popular opinion that Daenerys is the Princess That Was Promised. And there is a lot of evidence to support this! It is said that the Prince/Princess That Was Promised is “born amidst salt and smoke, beneath a bleeding star”. Many have pointed out that when Daenerys burned Khal Drogo’s body, she was reborn, emerging the Mother of Dragons. During this rebirth, the red comet appeared in the sky. Coincidence? Perhaps, but perhaps not. It is also a popular theory that, in a reversal of roles, Daenerys could end up killing Jon in order to defeat the Night King, playing into the Nissa Nissa theory. But the way Dany’s arc is looking this season leads us to question if she will be the Princess That Was Promised.

Beric Dondarrion

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

Beric Dondarrion is one of the few in Winterfell who worships R’hllor, or the Lord Of Light, as many know him, and he has been a believer ever since Thoros of Myr brought him back from the dead. Thoros, a Red Priest, didn’t much believe in his own God until he brought Beric back. And he didn’t revive him once, but more than 6 times. Clearly, a force beyond our understanding is at work. Someone wants him around for a reason. Not to mention the fact that he is the only character who currently wields a flaming sword. He may not line up with all aspects of the prophecy, but his fiery sword can’t be just a coincidence, so he earns a place in this list.

Theon Greyjoy

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

Theon Greyjoy may seem an unlikely choice, but there is actually a lot of evidence pointing his way! There are some metaphors going on with this one, so stay with us.

Theon is at the tail end of his redemption arc, a path he’s been on since Season 5, when he helped Sansa escape Ramsay. But his days of being Reek were still too fresh. In Season 7, when Yara was captured by Euron, Theon had a PTSD episode, and jumped into the sea rather than fight his uncle. The ships were burning as he jumped, meaning that when he emerged, it was amidst salt and smoke. And it was in that moment that he let Reek go for good, and realized that he had to become Theon Greyjoy again, but a better version. A rebirth, if you will. Some have also pointed out the importance of Euron’s destruction of Dany’s Dornish allies. The flag is, after all, a red sun pierced by a spear, and that upon the murder of the Sand Snakes, it bleeds. Metaphorically, of course.

And let us not forget that it will be Theon protecting Bran in the Godswood, and most likely, he will be one of the few to face the Night King. No word on the flaming sword, but it would be such an incredible twist, one that many aren’t expecting. And that is the Thrones way.

Jaime Lannister

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

George R. R. Martin himself has said that in order to make a prophecy good, it can’t be too easy or obvious. And if Jaime Lannister is the Prince That Was Promised, that would certainly ring true. There’s a lot to digest with this theory, so let’s break it down!

Let’s begin with the translation. We’ve already established that the prophecy’s translation from High Valyrian to English isn’t entirely correct. While many believe it is the Prince That Was Promised, it is actually the Prince Or Princess That Was Promised. But what if that wasn’t the only misinterpretation, the only mistake in the translation? You see, the word for ‘Lord’ is aeksio, and the word for ‘Light’ is onos. These words are eerily similar to ‘gold’, which is aeksion, and ‘hand’, which is ondos. One letter apart! And there’s only one character in Westeros with a Golden Hand…what if the translation was wrong all along?

Jaime’s nearly completed his redemption arc, he just needs one final push. Defeating the Night King, becoming the Prince That Was Promised, what better way to redeem himself? A few have also pointed out that Jaime was, in a sense, reborn amidst salt and smoke when he was nearly burnt to death by Drogon, plunging into the water and nearly drowning in the process.

As for the Nissa Nissa portion of the theory? Many seem to think that Brienne of Tarth will die in this episode, the woman that Jaime loves. What if she dies on the battlefield in front of his eyes? What if he burns her body, and what if it is this great loss, combined with the fire, that turns his sword into Lightbringer? What a twist that would be!

Daenerys and Jon may be the top contenders, but Thrones is nothing if not surprising. The series never goes for the obvious, always keeping its audience on their toes, which leads us to believe that either Theon or Jaime will be the Prince That Was Promised, and we’d be happy either way! But only time will tell for certain.

We visited CTV’s Your Morning to share our theory about Jaime Lannister, and you can watch a clip from the segment down below!

The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Airs Sundays At 9 On HBO.

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