Everything You Need To Know About The Prince That Was Promised Prophecy On ‘Game Of Thrones’

With only a few episodes left, this prophecy will undoubtedly soon be fulfilled! Here’s what you need to know about it. Season 7 spoilers ahead!

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The eighth and final season of HBO’s hit fantasy series, Game Of Thrones, is finally upon us, and it is as exciting as it is heartbreaking. We have a feeling that a lot of our favourite characters are going to die this season, especially considering that Episode 3 will feature the largest battle in television history. But the series has many questions left to answer in its final episodes, chief among them, of course, is who will defeat the Night King and the army of the dead? The answer is said to be the Prince That Was Promised. And while no one is certain about who that could be, you’ll want to know everything you can about the prophecy before the coming battle. So, let’s break it down!

This prophecy was first introduced to us by Melisandre, the Red Priestess, who worships the Lord Of Light. It is her belief, and the belief of all followers of R’hllor, that the Prince That Was Promised is destined to save the world and its inhabitants from the darkest evil there is: the White Walkers, and the Long Night that comes with them. The prophecy stems from a hero of old, who has many names, but is commonly referred to as Azor Ahai.

Azor Ahai was the first person to defeat the White Walkers, ending the Long Night and saving all mankind. But his story is a tragic one. You see, Azor Ahai wielded a flaming sword called Lightbringer, and it is said the Prince That Was Promised will wield it as well. But in order to forge this legendary sword, Azor Ahai had to sacrifice something great. For 30 days and 30 nights, he tried to forge Lightbringer, but it shattered when he attempted to temper it. It shattered again after 50 days and 50 nights of effort. So, finally, after 100 days and nights of tireless work, he called upon the love of his life, his wife, Nissa Nissa. She bared her chest as he asked, and when she did, he plunged the sword through her heart. This tempered the great sword, giving it the strength to defeat the White Walkers. Lightbringer was born, the Seven Kingdoms were saved, but at great cost to the hero.

Why is his story so important? Well, many believe that the Prince That Was Promised may have to suffer an equal sacrifice in order to defeat the White Walkers.

It is also said that the Prince That Was Promised was “born amidst salt and smoke, beneath a bleeding star”. This could be literal or metaphorical, the Lord of Light works in mysterious ways, after all. But it’s also important to note that, technically, the translation of the prophecy is incorrect!

The prophecy was originally foretold in High Valyrian, and something got lost in translation. The more accurate version would be the Prince or Princess That Was Promised. Yes, this means that a woman could be the one to defeat the Night King, and the obvious choice is the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen! But many think it could also be Jon Snow, as it is said that the Prince That Was Promised is a song of ice and fire, and Jon is born of House Stark (ice) and House Targaryen (fire).

As for us here at Fiction’s Mistress? While we think that it’s possible that Jon or Dany could be the Prince/Princess That Was Promised, we believe that it’s more likely to be Jaime Lannister! We visited CTV’s Your Morning to dive into the details of why the Kingslayer could be the one to save all of Westeros. Check it out!

The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Airs Sundays At 9 On HBO.

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