Florence + The Machine Finally Made A Song For ‘Game Of Thrones’ And The Video Will Make You Cry

Jenny Of Oldstones is filled with a melancholy sense of finality, that reminds us how devastating this season will be.

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The eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones is finally here, and on Sunday night, the second episode aired. Surprisingly, this was another episode where none died. Thrones is known for its merciless killing of fan-favourite characters. This is the shortest season, and yet we are 2 episodes in, and no one has died. But that doesn’t mean this episode wasn’t without its sadness.

The Season 8 premiere was the calm before the storm. But Episode 2 is something more. It has a stronger note of finality to it. This takes place mere hours before the battle against the army of the dead. Many will fall. Perhaps none will survive. And we watch as our favourite characters decide what they will do in their final hours. Some choose to drink, some choose to have sex, some choose to sit and talk with ones they love. And as the episode nears its end, as we watch this montage of every character in their final moments before the war, Podrick Payne begins to sing.

Pod is one of the most lovable characters in the series. He’s an underdog who has many hidden talents. And in this episode, the episode before the Great War, we learn one of those talents is singing. He sings a song titled Jenny of Oldstones, and it is somehow both melancholic and hopeful. It is raw emotion captured in song. And his voice does it justice. And when the credits rolled, tears welled in our eyes as we heard Florence + The Machine singing the very same song.

It’s one of those rare moments of television that truly makes you speechless, that reminds you how powerful fiction can be. How real everything, everyone can feel. And in case you needed another reminder, Game Of Thrones released the song accompanied by a video on their YouTube channel.

The video featured moments of beauty, moments of despair, some of the most emotional moments in the series. It reminds us how far our favourite characters have come. And it reminds us that many will not survive the next episode. This is a song you listen to, a video you watch, when you’re in the mood for a good cry. Or, if you’re like us here at Fiction’s Mistress, you like to cause yourself unnecessary pain.

This entire episode was a thing of great beauty, and this song adds to it in the most perfect way. So to Thrones and Florence, we simply say thank you.

Watch the emotional video for Jenny Of Oldstones by Florence + The Machine down below.

The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Airs Sunday Nights At 9 On HBO.

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