‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Premiere Review: Winterfell Is The Calm Before The Storm

It may not be what we expected, but that doesn’t make this season premiere any less incredible. Spoilers ahead.


The eighth and final season of everyone’s favourite fantasy series, Game Of Thrones, is finally here. After nearly two years of waiting, after much anticipation and endless theories, the Season 8 premiere aired on Sunday night, and it was somehow both everything we could’ve hoped for, and nothing like we expected.

This season has been teased to be the most epic and emotional yet, and there’s no doubt as to why. The army of the dead have breached the wall and are marching for Winterfell. Cersei has broken her deal with the rest of the Houses in order to try and take back the lands that Daenerys had conquered. And of course, as it’s the final season, we shall finally see who, if anyone, sits on the Iron Throne. There’s a lot to cover this season, particularly considering that there will only be 6 episodes, the shortest season Thrones has ever seen. Which makes this season premiere all the more intriguing.

Episode 1 of Season 8, titled Winterfell, does not begin as you might expect. We, like many others, believed that this season was going to start with a bang. We thought many of our favourite characters would fall in this episode, that the White Walkers would play a massive part, and that, overall, this entire season would be more devastating than all of the previous seasons combined. But that isn’t what we were given. Considering this is Game Of Thrones, and what they have done in the past, this episode is, overall, rather lighthearted!

In this entire episode, we see only one character death, and it is an incredibly minor character. No, what steals the spotlight in this episode is not death and destruction but countless reunions and preparation for the war ahead. This episode is the definition of the calm before the storm. Some fans have expressed disappointment, but we here at Fiction’s Mistress loved the surprise that Winterfell offered. It allowed us one final moment of peace before the war begins. It allowed us to see many of our favourite characters happy, for what could quite possibly be the last time.

Winterfell feels almost nostalgic, and is incredibly reminiscent of the Season 1 premiere, Winter Is Coming. Everyone has gathered at Winterfell to see Queen Daenerys, as everyone gathered to meet King Robert in the first episode. The remaining Starks are finally and completely reunited. Friends, family, and foes must all unite against the one common enemy, and that was never going to happen overnight. This kind of alliance takes time to form, and this episode allowed for that. Had it been done any other way, it would have felt rushed and, quite frankly, inadequate.

Some may be feeling underwhelmed by the Season 8 premiere, but the truth is it was exactly what it needed to be. It allowed us a moment to take a breath, to appreciate the beauty of Westeros and finally get the reunions we’ve been waiting seasons upon seasons for. This may be the last episode we see some of our favourite characters alive. And that truly is a gift.

The Season 8 Premiere Of Game Of Thrones Is Streaming Now On HBO.

7 comments on “‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Premiere Review: Winterfell Is The Calm Before The Storm”

  1. The episode was nice as a build up but my favorite parts were the reunions of certain characters and how they interacted with each other like for example Arya and the hound. I really like the nod to the first season in episode 1. The other reunion was at the end and the face the one character made after he clued in who he was looking at.

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