The Season 8 Premiere Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Just Revealed The Fate Of Ed Sheeran’s Character

This is going to make a lot of Thrones fans very happy.


We all remember the Season 7 premiere of Game Of Thrones, also known as the episode that Ed Sheeran appeared in. And as much as we all love Ed Sheeran, almost everyone can agree that the cameo simply didn’t work. Two positives don’t always equal another positive, and this episode certainly proved that. While Sheeran’s short song was beautiful, it was the only good thing about his appearance. He felt too out of place, like he didn’t belong in the world of Westeros. And the scene suffered because of it. We all thought we had heard the last of it. That is, until the Season 8 premiere.

The eighth and final season premiere of the beloved fantasy series aired on Sunday night, and there is an incredibly subtle and clever reference to Sheeran’s character and his fate. If you were a fan of his cameo, you won’t like what ended up happening to him!

Halfway through the episode, in King’s Landing, we catch up with Bronn as three of the Capital’s finest prostitutes pay him a visit. But quite frankly, they all seem more interested in Daenerys and her dragons than in him! As the one woman gets on top of them, a curious discussion takes place. It’s easy to miss, but they are in fact talking about Ed Sheeran’s character, Eddie.

“That boy Eddie…”

“The ginger?”

“That’s him. Came back with his face burnt right off. He’s got no eyelids now.”

“How does he sleep with no eyelids?

So, there you have it! It seems the Seven Kingdoms have not been kind to Eddie, and we know that’ll make a lot of viewers more than satisfied.

The Season 8 Premiere Of Game Of Thrones Is Streaming Now On HBO.

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