Mark Ruffalo Tries To Avoid Spoilers When Jimmy Fallon Makes Him Take A Lie Detector Test

Poor Ruffalo is already known for accidentally revealing spoilers without the help of this test!


Some actors are better at hiding spoilers than others. Take the stars of HBO’s Game Of Thrones, for example. The show is notorious for its shocking twists and surprising deaths, and yet not one of them has let a word slip over the course of 8 seasons. But then, there are actors like Marvel’s Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo, who are known for letting spoilers slip often. In fact, Ruffalo even live-streamed part of Thor: Ragnarok at the premiere without even realizing it! Imagine his dismay when he appears on The Tonight Show, and host Jimmy Fallon makes him take a lie detector test!

Yes, that’s right! Ruffalo had to answer questions about the highly secretive and long-awaited Avengers: Endgame, the sequel to the shocking Infinity War! And you can see how nervous he gets even before he’s hooked up to the machine! Honestly, we feel for the guy! But it didn’t stop us from laughing! Ruffalo tries to dodge questions about Bruce and Natasha’s relationship in Endgame, whether or not there are any hidden clues in the latest trailer, and if the Hulk is in fact a Skrull! And that’s just the beginning.

Watch the full interview down below.

Avengers: Endgame Hits Theaters April 26.

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