The Massive Mar-Vell Twist In ‘Captain Marvel’ Is One Of Best Parts Of The Film

No one saw this coming!!😱😱


The highly anticipated Captain Marvel finally flew into theaters on Thursday night, and we’re here to tell you to ignore the trolls. Haters are going to do what they do best: hate. But this film is not only an enjoyable ride filled with moments both of humor and emotion, it’s exactly the film the MCU needed. It’s nostalgic, yet fresh. It gives us a deeper look into the Universe while propelling us into the future. Captain Marvel is, unequivocally, a great film. And one of the greatest parts? The Mar-Vell twist.

Now, everyone, including us, believed that Jude Law would be playing Mar-Vell, AKA the original Captain Marvel, who then passes on his mantle to Carol Danvers. In the trailer, he’s seen training her, acting as a mentor, and notably, he is white and not blue-skinned like most Kree. But as more was released on the film, it started to look like Law would be playing battle commander Yon-Rogg, the great villain of the film! And Marvel, true to form, kept Law’s identity under wraps, neither confirming or denying any rumors. We started to question whether Carol Danvers’ mentor would appear in the film at all! But Mar-Vell does a play a key part…but she isn’t who you thought it would be.

In Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell is not a man, but a woman, played by none other than Annette Bening, whose role in the film was the most secretive of all. Now we know why! In fact, Bening actually plays more than one character in the film. You see, the Kree are governed by an AI being, the Supreme Intelligence. Unlike in the comics, where the Supreme Intelligence appears as a massive green head, the film depicts the Supreme Intelligence in many ways. This being will appear differently depending on who faces it, and it will shift into the form of whoever they most greatly admire. This is where we first see Bening in the film, as the Supreme Intelligence. When Carol faces it, she sees Dr. Wendy Lawson, her idol when she was back on Earth.

In the comics, Lawson is also a man, but after being killed by Yon-Rogg, Mar-Vell assumes Lawson’s identity and tries to uncover what the battle commander is planning. The film more or less sticks to these key plot points. In fact, the most major change from comics to screen is the fact that Lawson/Mar-Vell is a woman. And quite honestly, it was the best decision they could have made.

Captain Marvel is the first female superhero in the MCU to lead her own film, and having her idol also be a woman is such an inspiring and refreshing change. And it is no coincidence that Captain Marvel is hitting theaters the same day as International Women’s Day. Women supporting women, women empowering and inspiring other women, proving that we are stronger together than we are apart…this is such a huge part of this day, and of this film. Changing Mar-Vell from a man to a woman emphasizes the tone of empowerment and inspiration effortlessly. Nothing about this change feels forced. Quite the opposite, in fact. If Captain Marvel is any indication, the MCU is about to add a lot more heroines. And we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Captain Marvel Is In Theaters Now.ο»Ώ

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