This Blink-And-You-Miss-It Shot From ‘The Punisher’ Season 2 Trailer Teases A Major Showdown

We’re more excited for this than we are for the Frank/Jigsaw showdown!

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There are only a few hours until Season 2 of The Punisher hits Netflix, and fans are as excited as they are hesitant. No matter how successful it is, no matter how well it’s received, we have a feeling it may be getting cancelled, following the cancellation of almost every other Marvel show on Netflix. But cancelled or not, there’s no doubt that the second season of the controversial and beloved show is highly anticipated. And what fans are looking forward to seeing more than Frank Castle is, of course, Billy Russo’s transformation into the villain Jigsaw.

The trailers have revealed, in a shocking turn of events, that Billy’s face won’t be as hideously scarred as many were expecting, and indeed, hoping for! Instead, it will be his mind that is the real jigsaw. And no doubt we’ll see another showdown between him and Frank before the season’s out. But that’s not the showdown we’re looking forward to most.

In the official Season 2 trailer, around the 1:28 mark, you’ll see none other than Dinah Madani in her apartment, grabbing her gun and spinning around, pointing it at a dark figure. And if you look closely, it is in fact Billy Russo standing there.

Billy Russo lied to and betrayed Dinah in so many ways. And let’s not forget, he shot her in the head in the Season 1 finale, a shot that should’ve killed her. But Madani doesn’t quit. And we’re willing to bet she wants another crack at Russo. And honestly, we would rather see her take him down than Frank! Hopefully this is a hint at what’s to come!

Watch the trailer for Season 2 of The Punisher down below.

The Punisher Season 2 Hits Netflix January 18th.

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