‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ Foreshadowed The Red Room Twist 3 Times In The First Episode Alone

The following contains spoilers for the entire first season of The Haunting Of Hill House.


Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House is unquestionably one of the streaming platform’s best series to date. It’s thrilling, emotional, complex yet relatable. It’s everything a good horror should be. Not only that, but the show may be one of those rare few that doesn’t lose its shock value with multiple watches. In fact, it may even get better with each viewing, for each time, you see a little bit more. 

We here at Fiction’s Mistress love a good complex show, and during our second viewing, we discovered some major foreshadowing that we can’t believe we missed! Take the Red Room reveal, for example. As Season 1 neared its end, it was revealed that the Red Room was the stomach of the house, devouring each occupant slowly, disguising itself as different rooms for each resident, as needed. Creepy, right? Well, it turns out that this was foreshadowed on 3 separate occasions in the premiere alone! Maybe some of it’s just hindsight, but now we cannot unsee it.

Shirley’s Dream

Credit: Netflix

Within the first ten minutes of the show, after Nell awakes screaming from seeing the Bent-Neck Lady, their father tucks her back in and checks on Shirley, who he hears whispering to herself in her sleep. She says, very plainly, “Dancing in the Red Room”. Sure, she also talks about pandas, which makes this odd comment easy to brush off. She’s just a kid talking nonsense, right? But dig a little deeper, pay close attention, and we could have caught this hint. A few episodes later, Theo is dancing in her dance studio, AKA the Red Room, while Nell and Shirley try to open it from the outside (though at the time both Theo and the audience are convinced it’s a ghost). Shirley could also be referring to Nell, who, before dying in the House, envisions herself dancing with her late husband. Though that doesn’t take place in the Red Room, it is the Red Room that conjures these beautiful images. Again, it’s a subtle hint, but it seems so obvious now. 

Olivia’s Subtle Disbelief

Credit: Netflix

This we should have caught. After Steven is scolded/advised by Mrs. Dudley on religion and beliefs, Olivia comes to the rescue and defends her son and how they raised him, believing that everyone should be open and knowledgeable about all things. Afterwards, she asks if either of them had seen Luke recently, and Steve suggests the tree house. Olivia chuckles and says, “Very funny, mister,”. Isn’t it odd that Olivia, Luke’s mother, thinks it funny, and even unbelievable, that Luke would be in a tree house, when supposedly it’s where he plays all the time? This was a vital piece of information that, had we held onto it, could have helped us solve the Red Room mystery a lot sooner. 

The Red Door In Luke’s “Tree House”

Credit: Netflix

This is by far the spookiest, because it’s somehow both painfully obvious and extremely subtle all at once! The door to Luke’s tree house is red.

It’s literally red.

It’s the exact same shade of red as the Red Room. How in Hill House did we miss this!? Add on top of that Oliver Jackson-Cohen’s latest theory on the Red Room, and this becomes even more terrifying. 

These 3 subtle hints may seem like exactly that: subtle. But add them up and the Red Room reveal makes so much sense which, somehow, makes it all the more shocking. It was right under our noses right from the very beginning, and it surprised us all nonetheless. It’s truly incredible how much more fascinating this series becomes with every day that passes. From missed details to new theories, there’s always something new going on with Hill House…what will happen next?

The Haunting Of Hill House Is Currently Streaming On Netflix. 

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