Oliver Jackson-Cohen Thinks ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ May Have Not Had The Happy Ending We Thought

This theory changes EVERYTHING.


It has been over a month since Netflix’s brilliant horror series, The Haunting of Hill House, was released, and in that time, theories are still being created by fans, specifically about the infamous Red Room, which turned out to be the ‘stomach’ of the terrifying house. The room presented itself as a dance studio, a tree house, a toy room, and more, whatever each member of the Crain family needed it to be most. It was one of the biggest twists in the series, and as anyone who has seen the show will tell you, there were a lot. But it isn’t just fans that are coming up with theories, it’s cast members too! Take Oliver Jackson-Cohen, for example, who played the tortured and lovable Luke Crain. He thinks the Season 1 finale could actually be much darker than we think, and do we ever hope he’s wrong.

Credit: Netflix

According to Cohen, whenever someone is in the Red Room, at least one thing is, in fact, red. And it could be the smallest detail. When Luke thinks he’s in the hotel room, for instance, but is actually in the Red Room, his converse are red. But if you check in every other scene, his converse are black. And this isn’t the only time, either!

Credit: Netflix

When Steven is in the Red Room painting the mirror/dresser for his mum, the bean bag chair is red.

Credit: Netflix

When Theo is in the Red Room in the finale, Trish is wearing a matching red bra and underwear set.

Credit: Netflix

And, if you recall, in one of the heartwarming final shots of the film, when the Crain siblings and their families gather around Luke, celebrating his second year of sobriety, his cake is red.

Now, does this mean that all of the Crain siblings, or at least Luke, is still trapped in the Red Room? Not necessarily. But director/writer Mike Flanagan admitted that there may have been a detail or two that we missed in that finale that would change everything, and that he neither confirmed or denied Jackson-Cohen’s theory! So…yes. It’s possible that happy ending wasn’t so happy.

This show keeps on throwing us twists, even now.

The Haunting Of Hill House Is Streaming Now On Netflix. 

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