Lynda Reiss Turns Heads With Her Directorial Debut ‘Ready To Go’

Ready To Go is a heartbreaking short film that is much darker than it appears.

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I’ve always thought that short films are far too underappreciated. Both the skill and restraint it takes to tell a story in only, say, 10 minutes, is incredible. To hook your audience, and more than that, make them relate to the story you’re telling in such a short time is a true talent. And Lynda Reiss proves she has that talent with her directorial debut, Ready To Go.

Lynda Reiss is renowned in the film industry for her work as a prop master on shows like True Detective and Stranger Thingsbut her work on Ready To Go, cleverly written by John Craine, suggests she may have found her second calling. The short film focuses on Lance, a man who is on his way to having his cat put down. And as we see, Lance is willing to seek comfort in anyone who will listen, be it a mother and her child, or an elderly woman on the bus.

Though only 10 minutes in length, Ready To Go delivers a series of heartbreaking moments. It is perfectly comfortable with its uncomfortable dark humor. This story is not only about love and loss, but about questioning life itself. Reiss phrases it perfectly.

“Ready To Go is really about a man’s struggle with the question of destiny and his desire to control that destiny.”

Kevin Doyle (Downton Abbey) gives a wonderful and startling performance as Lance, capturing the pain of saying goodbye to a pet, a friend, in a very real way. Even though Lance knows he’s doing the right thing, the humane thing, we watch as he unnecessarily tries to justify his actions. And haven’t we all been there? Whether we’re talking about a circumstance like Lance’s, or some other aspect of life, we have all made at least one decision in our lives that we feel the need to justify, even though we know it was right. Lance is quite easy to relate to, which is what makes the twist ending so unsettling. This short film isn’t just a drama, it’s much more dark than it appears. And that’s what makes it so fascinating to watch. This is definitely a short you’ll want to check out.

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