‘Crazy Right’ Is The Thrilling Romantic Drama You Won’t Want To Miss

This film beautifully combines genres in such a unique way, you can’t help but be captivated by its enthralling mysteries.

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It’s a good idea to have a box of tissues nearby while watching this film. You’ll probably need them.

This film is aptly named. Crazy Right keeps you guessing until the very last scene, and will leave you somewhat unsure of whether or not you’ve solved the puzzle, or if you’re just deluding yourself. In fact, you’ll feel much like our main character, Paul, played incredibly by Patrick D. Green. We meet Paul shortly after the death of his wife. Suffering through depression, PTSD, and alcoholism, the trauma has also made him agoraphobic. The accumulation of all of these things causes him to forget the truth of what happened. But while drowning his sorrows, Paul comes across a number of cassette tapes that may hold the answers he’s been looking for. Or they may drive him into further delusions.

Paul, as a main character, is incredibly fascinating because he flips between being a protagonist and an antagonist. One scene you can completely empathize with him, even root for him. And the next, you’re filled with disgust and hatred. It’s such an interesting dynamic, and Green is indescribably captivating in this role, showcasing both the best and worst traits of this character. You won’t be able to tear your eyes away, even when you want to. And believe me, there will be moments when you’ll want to.

Iris, Paul’s wife, played by Lindsae Klein, is very much the yin to Paul’s yang. Though she only appears in memories and delusions, you’ll feel an equal amount of confusion to her as you do with Paul. One moment rooting for her, the next against. She is very much the embodiment of Paul’s greatest joys and greatest fears, and Klein is quite spectacular in her performance.

Crazy Right brilliantly combines both the thriller and romantic drama genres in a way that I’ve never seen done before. The result is something so unique, something so heart-wrenching and mind-bending all at once that you find yourself immediately drawn in and entranced until the credits roll. It perfectly captures the nature of addiction and alcoholism in a very real way, and will leave you asking questions not only about the plot, but about your own life. This film asks you to question how you treat your loved ones, how you live your life, and ultimately, would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?

With some of the most gorgeous cinematography and flawless lighting changes that I have seen in years, Crazy Right is beautiful in the most visual sense. The performances are incredible, and the positively heartbreaking finale will stay with you long after you’ve finished the film. With twists and turns that will constantly keep you guessing and leave you with your jaw agape, Crazy Right is exactly what the title promises. What else can I say, other than it is most certainly a film you do not want to miss.

Watch the trailer for Crazy Right down below.

Crazy Right Will Be Released Later This Year.

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