Trailer Watch: The Last ‘Infinity War’ Trailer Is Explosive

The final trailer for Marvel’s most anticipated film shows just how much death and destruction Thanos will bring.

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When Marvel announced that they were bumping Infinity War‘s release date, fans began to buzz. That meant it was only a short matter of time before the next trailer was released. And on Friday morning, we got our wish. The trailer for the highly anticipated film is here, and it’s the most action-packed yet.

Infinity War, without question, will be the biggest and darkest Marvel film yet. They have been teasing the arrival of Thanos since the post-credits Avengers scene, and seeing all of our favourite superheros working together is definitely something to be excited, and worried, about. There’s a sense of finality about this film, and we know that we’re going to see some major character deaths. But who will die?

Based on the latest trailer, no one is safe. But things are looking especially bad for the two men who started it all: Tony Stark and Captain America. Doctor Strange also seems to be in a tough spot this trailer, and many are speculating that this is the last time we’ll see Tom Hiddleston’s Loki on our screen. Considering that we see Thanos crush the tesseract with one hand, that isn’t an unrealistic worry.

But this is Marvel, after all. While this film will be filled with darkness and heartbreak, it will have more than its fair share of humor as well. This trailer shows our greatest hopes for Infinity War: a film balanced between its fun and humor, and its jaw-dropping carnage.

Watch the trailer below.

Infinity War Hits Theaters April 27th, 2018. 

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