‘Chimera’ Is An Unpredictable Whirlwind Unlike Any Sci-Fi You’ve Seen Before

This thrilling 2018 sci-fi shows us what our near future may look like. And it’s not pretty.

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What lengths would you go to save your children? Is there anything you would not do? Any lines you would not cross? Chimera, a thrilling sci-fi, asks us the simplest yet most complicated question in existence: how far would we go for love?

Chimera focuses on Quint, a man who recently lost his wife and will soon lose his two children from the same illness. Determined to do anything he can to save them, he will go to extraordinary lengths, making incredible advancements in science. But Quint soon realizes his discoveries will come with a price he may not be willing to pay.

Though filled to the brim with shocking twists and revolting scenes, Chimera is, at its core, a story about love and family. With a small cast, the film is incredibly intimate, so different from most science fictions. It doesn’t involve aliens, AI, or advanced weapons. Instead, the writer/director, Maurice Haeems, used our current world as his inspiration.

“While I love stories based on time travel, aliens, synthetic humanoids, faster-
than-light engines, and other plot devices that form the spine of speculative science fantasy, while writing the science of CHIMERA, I have endeavored to
stay somewhat realistic and grounded with my leaps of faith regarding where that
science could go. I felt it would be more interesting if a viewer could plausibly
believe that, at some not-too-distant point in the future this science could work
and ‘this could really happen.'”

This is one of the most enthralling aspects of the film. Set roughly 50 years in the future, there’s a sense of authenticity in the science at work in Chimera. Not only that, but it makes us question the future ahead of us and what our discoveries, amazing as they may be, could mean for our world. The ethical and moral dilemmas that certain advancements pose. Stem cell research, for example, a prevalent topic in the film. And, of course, further advancements that have the potential to not only cure any disease, but to create immortality.

Our main character, Quint, played by Henry Ian Cusick (Lost), is wrestling with his discoveries throughout the film. He believes what he is doing is incredible and necessary work. He has the potential to launch humanity into the next stage of evolution, to rid the planet of illness and death. But his wife, Jessie, played by Karishma Ahluwalia (Blindspot), haunts his mind. He has visions of her, seeing her as clearly as if she were actually in front of him. And she doesn’t hide her lack of certainty in his trials.

Jessie: “If God intended us to be immortal, we would have more durable bodies.”
Quint: “If God intended us to mortal, we would have less curious minds.”

Being able to thwart illness and save our loved ones from terrible fates sounds pure, and perhaps it is. But what must be done in order to achieve that? Do we, in fact, risk our morality, our humanity, by doing such a thing? These are the questions the film asks in subtle ways as it leads us through a maze of shocking twists and turns, constantly keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Chimera has a lot of darkness to it, and many moments will show you the worst, most despicable parts of humanity. It is a thriller, after all. But it has moments of surprising tenderness, as well. The entire film is a whirlwind that will keep you guessing until the very end. From it’s most cringe-worthy scenes to the sweetest moments, Chimera is a truly remarkable film that has the potential to redefine the science fiction genre. And the fact that it is Haeems’ first feature film only makes it more impressive. With a small and talented cast of both well-known actors and fresh faces, there isn’t a single scene that doesn’t feel believable. Whether you’re a sci-fi buff, horror fanatic, or simply looking for something to keep you captivated until the credits roll, Chimera is definitely one that you’ll want to add to your list.

Watch The Trailer For Chimera Below.

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