Take Note: 5 Major Details Revealed In The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer

There’s a very specific reason why Black Widow is blonde and why Captain America has a beard.

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Fans are freaking out over the first official Avengers: Infinity War trailer, which dropped on Wednesday morning. The trailer features nearly all of our favourites coming together to save the world from the ultimate threat: Thanos. And though he is undeniably intimidating, the new villain was not the biggest reveal of the trailer. Here are some moments you’ll definitely want to take note of.

Blonde Black Widow

Credit: Marvel Studios

Black Widow’s hair has definitely gone through some changes on a film-to-film basis, but never has it been this drastic. Gone are her signature red locks and in their place is a stunning silver blonde. So why did she ditch the red? It’s not because she’s a big fan of Daenerys Targaryen. No, it’s most likely because she’s on the run and has needed to forge some new identities. And her red hair is just too recognizable. To be honest, she’s rocking the blonde, so you won’t hear any complaints here!

We See A Lot More Of Tony Stark Than We Do Of Iron Man

Credit: Marvel Studios

This is new. In most Avengers trailers, we have seen a lot of Iron Man, but that isn’t the case in the Infinity War trailer. He’s there, don’t get me wrong, but we see a surprising amount of shots of Tony without the suit. Why? Many fans are speculating that this will be Robert Downey Jr’s last time wearing the suit, that Tony may even die in Infinity War. Whether that’s true or not, the events of Civil War deeply affected Tony. It’s not surprising that this would affect how much he puts on the suit. But he’s not letting all that technology go to waste…

Peter Gets A New Spidey-Suit

Credit: Marvel Studios

Peter Parker has received a new Spidey-suit and it’s definitely an upgrade! It’s still slim, true to the Spider-Man look, but it’s a lot more metallic than it’s ever been before, and you can’t help but notice a resemblance to the Iron Man suit. No doubt we have Tony to thank for that. But is this another sign that this will be the last time we see Tony Stark? Is this his way of passing the torch?

Loki Has The Tesseract

Credit: Marvel Studios

Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok ahead.

The third Thor film ended with Loki unleashing Ragnarok upon Asgard in order to save its people. But before he did, he took a longing glance at the tesseract. And in the Infinity War trailer, we see him holding it up. It’s confirmed: Loki did indeed steal the tesseract. But what we don’t know is if the God of Mischief is up to his old tricks. Ragnarok saw him as a trickster, but genuinely on the side of the good guys. Is he still on that side? Or will he be a villain once more?

This War Will Be Fought With Many Weapons

Credit: Marvel Studios

One of the most chilling moments of the trailer is near the end, when our heroes are prepping themselves for the war to come. We see Bucky Barnes cocking his gun as T’Challa unleashes his claws. We see spears, swords, and all different types of firearms. And some of our heroes are running in with nothing but their fists. This proves just how massive not only this war, but this film will be, and how many enemies they’ll be fighting.

BONUS: Bearded Captain America

Credit: Marvel Studios

Bearded Captain America is so much more than aesthetically pleasing (though we’d be totally okay if he was just that). The beard helps to signify the end of Captain America. After all, he put down the shield in Civil War, leaving that part of his life behind him. But he still is a super soldier, and if the world is at war, he will fight. But notice that he also isn’t wearing his red, white, and blue suit. This isn’t Cap. This is Steve. And many fans think that he’ll actually return as his different persona, Nomad. It’s definitely possible!

This trailer was filled with too many exciting things to count. How are we going to wait until May!?

Avengers: Infinity War Is Streaming Now On Disney+.

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