‘The Punisher’ Season 1 Episode 9: What Exactly Is Going On Between Frank Castle And Karen Page?

“Nobody goes after her. Not on my watch.”


‘Front Toward Enemy’ was…intense, to say the least. With Lewis posing a new threat and the world now knowing that Frank Castle is alive, things are heating up in New York City. But that’s not all that happened. Episode 9 finally gave us more Karen Page and with her, some potential answers to the question that all fans are asking. What exactly is going on between Karen and Frank? Is this an adorable friendship? Is this potentially romantic? Could it ever be romantic? Episode 9 really dives into this in one scene in particular.

Karen just finished a radio interview where she spoke to Lewis directly, even calling him a coward. Though Frank agrees and is just as angry as Karen, he knows that she’s just putting a target on her back by saying things like that. So when he remembers where he heard the phrase “Sic semper tyrannis”, he points at the computer and asks David if he can find this kid. David just looks at him.

“Lewis, and he drives a cab? That’s not much to go on.”

Frank starts to fly off the handle but quickly reels himself back. He tells David everything he knows, that he’s white, he’s definitely under thirty years old, and he’s a veteran. That helps David, but it still feels like a long shot. What if this isn’t the same guy? But Frank begs him, literally pleading him to just look. But before he does, he has to know. What happens when he finds him?

“What do you think happens? This piece of shit’s going after Karen.”

He’s literally shaking as he talks, and the worry is written all over his face. The anger is there, too. But it’s almost…fear. This protective instinct and anxiety just comes over him, and that itself says a lot. But when David asks him what the deal is with him and Karen, Frank’s response is extremely telling.

Frank: “The deal is that nobody goes after her, okay? Not on my watch.”

David: “So you wanna go after this guy?”

Frank: “You’re goddamn right. What would you do if it was Sarah? If there was a maniac coming after her, what would you do?”

David: “Sarah’s my wife. Sarah’s my family.”

Frank: “Listen to me! Listen to me. I’m only gonna say this once, okay? So is Karen. If something happens to her…I…just…”

Frank can’t finish the sentence. He literally is shaking and stammering, and the look on his face says it all. Even the thought of losing Karen…it’s the same look he has when talking about Maria – pure heartbreak.

So, what does that mean for these two? We know Frank cares about Karen, that she’s his family. And we know Karen cares about Frank. And there always has been something that felt way more than platonic between them. But is that even possible? Frank lost Maria, and Karen…well, she also lost someone that she loved. But maybe they can give each other some sort of peace. What do you think? Better as friends or a couple?

The Punisher Is Currently Streaming On Netflix. 

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