‘The Punisher’ Season 1 Episode 6: Inside That HUGE Villain Reveal

Dinah Madani finds proof that The Punisher is still alive. Billy Russo finds out the truth about Frank Castle.


Episode 6 of Netflix’s The Punisher was so massive that we had to split the recap in two! So to find out what’s happening with Lewis, David’s family, and how Frank is recovering, read our other recap. Because right here we’ll be talking all things Madani, Russo, and Castle! So sit back, relax, and let’s talk about those major plot twists!!

Credit: Netflix

It seems that Dinah and Billy’s one night of passion is more than just one night. They’re still at it and quite honestly, there aren’t many complaints. They’re far from relationship goals, but they make a pretty steamy hookup. Fun fact: according to TV Guide, this scene featured the first male butt ever in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! It seemed important to mention that.

While these two seem to have no issues in bed together, there’s definitely some underlying tension elsewhere. As Billy’s getting dressed, he sees Frank Castle’s file sticking out of Dinah’s bag. He admits he should probably ignore it, but he needs to know the truth. Why is she looking into Frank Castle? And is she only sleeping with him for information?

“You know, I must be a real idiot, because it is only just now occurring to me that you might be…using me.”

He almost can’t get the words out as he realizes they might be true. But the more they talk about it, the more he realizes there might be something else going on. Billy brings up the fact that they never found Frank’s body, and asks her if it says that in her file. He’s definitely implying something, but more importantly, he’s waiting to see her reaction. And apparently it gives something away. Even though he has no proof or confirmation, he starts sending signals and messages over the radio directed at Frank, and David picks them up.

“Raven, this is blackbird.”

The phrase is repeated over and over again, every hour on the hour. Frank immediately recognizes Billy’s voice. David suggests that he might be working with someone to try and capture him, but Frank knows that’s not true. Billy was more than just his best friend, he was his brother. They served eight years together, Billy had his back. But even though he trusts him, he can’t respond. The less people know he’s alive, the better it is for them.

Back at Homeland Security, Dinah and Sam are alerted to the fact that Gunner Henderson was found dead on a mountain, and they head straight up there. What they find is two different trails of blood, suggesting that Gunner wasn’t the only one being attacked. But whoever got away called Homeland to make sure that his body was found. Dinah puts two and two together and tells Sam to run a sample of the blood they found, and do it quietly. She’s sure it’s Frank Castle’s, and, as we know, she’s right.

Credit: Netflix

Now Dinah has definitive proof that Frank is alive, but more than that, she knows someone’s after him. Someone who’s trying make sure Kandahar stays a secret. The only way to learn the truth and expose whoever is behind it (and behind Ahmad’s death), is by talking to Frank. So, she goes to the one person who might actually be able to find him: Billy Russo.

Billy isn’t sure what to expect when they meet. All he knows is that Dinah wants something from him. And when she tells him that Frank Castle is alive, his face says it all. He had no idea. Either that, or he’s an excellent liar (probable, as we later find out). Dinah admits that she’s looking for him because he has information on the Kandahar case, but she also tells him that Frank’s badly hurt. It looks like he’s taken on the case himself and if he continues this way, he could get himself killed. Billy hesitates, but agrees to try and find him. He may not be entirely sure about this situation, but he likes that she trusts him.

Credit: Netflix

Being the CEO of Anvil, Billy has a lot of power. But instead of relying on that, he goes directly to someone he knows he can trust, someone that Frank also trusted: Curtis. But Curtis pretends like he doesn’t know anything, trying to decipher Billy’s intentions. Is he going to go to Dinah with any information he finds out? Or is he truly trying to help Frank? It’s the latter, of course. With his influence, he has the ability to get Frank out of the country that very night. He just wants to make sure he’s okay and that he’s not in the bad shape that Dinah thinks.

Curtis goes directly to Frank, all the while Billy is still sending the radio messages. He tells him that Billy’s looking out for him, and it might just be better to let him know the truth. Billy could get him out of here and in Curtis’ opinion, he should take the offer. Frank still thinks it isn’t safe for Billy, but as we know, he trusts Curtis. And it’s because of that trust that he ends up reuniting with his old friend.

There’s a little awkwardness at the beginning, but after (unnecessary) apologies are made and explanations given, they pick up pretty much where they left off! Billy warns Frank that a Homeland Agent knows he’s alive. Frank nods and asks how he knows Madani. Billy says they got to talking after doing some contract work and Frank grins, laughing.

Credit: Netflix

“So, you and her, you guys got to talking? Yeah, I bet you did…you never change.”

And, of course, there’s a joke about Billy liking to wear fancy suits to work. But from there on out, the conversation turns much darker. Frank tells Billy exactly what was going on with Cerberus. That Agent Orange was using the bodies of dead men to traffic heroine back here. Billy’s shaken, but he still doesn’t understand why Frank’s going after these guys himself. He points out that this isn’t what Maria would’ve wanted for him. Back then, they didn’t have a choice, but now he does. He could leave. There’s a ship leaving tonight, and Frank has a place on it if he wants. Madani wants Orange as much as he does, she’ll make sure it’s taken care of. Now, he has to take care of himself. “I got you,” Billy tells him.

And that’s the last we see of that encounter. At the end of the episode, we see the ship preparing to leave and Billy looking around the docs, waiting for Frank. But when he checks the time, he knows he won’t come. And that’s when things really fall apart.

There’s always been something off about Billy, a darkness to him. Something corrupt. Maybe it was an irrational fear, maybe he was actually clean. I know that I wanted to believe that. But the more he talked to Dinah, the more worried I got. What if he gave up information on Frank to Dinah? But it turns out, that was far from the worst possibility.

After Frank doesn’t show up, Billy takes out a gun that was tucked underneath his shirt and climbs into a black car. He takes off his hat.

“He ain’t coming.”

The camera pans out and reveals….

Credit: Netflix


I don’t use this expression often, but I am shook!! I did not see that coming at all! I was totally rooting for Billy, too!

So, it turns out that Billy Russo isn’t a good guy after all. But there are a lot of unanswered questions. Has he always been working with Rawlins? Was he ever a true friend to Frank? How far will he go to take Frank down? Would he have killed Frank with that gun? WE NEED ANSWERS.

The Punisher Is Currently Streaming On Netflix.

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