‘The Punisher’ Season 1 Episode 5: We Need To Talk About THAT Sex Scene

That steamy scene was about way more than just sex.

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Episode 5 of Netflix’s The Punisher was massive in so many ways. Not only does Dinah now know that Frank is still alive, but Karen’s being dragged into this mess too! ‘Gunner’ gave us quite a few revelations, but there’s one scene in particular that needs to be talked about. And yes, it’s the sex scene.

If you haven’t watched Episode 5, avert your eyes, because here comes some spoilers.

Credit: Netflix

So, this happened.

Near the end of the episode, Billy and Dinah go out for a second round of drinks. Both are having work troubles and could definitely blow off some steam. So when Dinah suggests that they should do something about that, Billy’s only too happy to join her.

The scene is steamy. Very steamy. And even if that was the scene’s only purpose, I’d totally be okay with that. But there’s a lot more going on here than just sex. And no, it isn’t necessarily Billy that’s up to no good.

Dinah isn’t dropping what happened in Kandahar. She’s stubborn and determined to find out the truth, whatever it takes. And Billy Russo was part of that unit, he knows exactly what went down. This scene is a manipulation on her part, but it’s more than just that. Did you notice that when she takes his shirt off, she takes a long look at the scar on his shoulder? Did you notice the slight, satisfied smile when she sees it? Yes, there’s a chance that she’s just staring at his chest and is pleased with how the night’s going. But take a look at what we know about Dinah. There’s got to be something more going on there.

And what about Billy? At this point, he’s given little-to-no evidence that he’s a bad guy, but something feels off here. And he did show a bit of an edge in Episode 4. To be fair, handsome, charming men in suits almost always are darker than they appear, so it’s entirely plausible. If these two want to keep hooking up in the meantime, well, you won’t hear any complaints here.

The Punisher Is Currently Streaming On Netflix.

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