Pennywise Might Actually Exist In The ‘Stranger Things’ Universe – How Did We Miss This!?

This fan theory suggesting that Pennywise has interacted with a Stranger Things character actually adds up perfectly.

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So we all know that It and Stranger Things have one definite commonality, and that is, of course, actor Finn Wolfhard, who stars in both. But that might not be the only connection! According to a new fan theory, one of the characters from Stranger Things 2 has encountered Pennywise the Dancing Clown, tying the two seemingly separate universes together. And the really crazy part? It totally adds up!

There are definitely some mild spoilers for Season 2 included, so continue at your own risk.

Bob Newby Is The Connection

In Chapter Three: The Pollywog, Bob Newby (Sean Astin) drives Will (Noah Schnapp) to school in order to bond with him. Will isn’t too talkative when asked about his nightmares (understandably), so Bob decides to open up and share his own story of childhood fear. And it was none other than a very specific clown.

When Bob was about Will’s age, he attended a county fair. And while he was waiting in line for the Ferris wheel he was tapped on the shoulder by a clown who went by the name Mr. Baldo. Now, Mr. Baldo wasn’t quite as murderous as we know Pennywise to be. He was more like…opening scene Pennywise, when he offers Georgie the balloon. You just know he’s offering way more than a balloon.

To be fair, every clown in the history of clowns is creepy. It just comes with the territory. So what makes fans so sure that Mr. Baldo is actually Pennywise? Like I said, it all adds up.

The Timeline and Setting Fits

We know that Bob grew up in Maine, and given his age, he would’ve had this experience sometime in the late 1950s. And yes, this would’ve been the same time that Pennywise was on a murdering spree in Derry, Maine. It’s doubtful that Bob was taken by the clown, however. It’s more likely that Pennywise took another child instead, and Bob simply had a brief but memorable run-in with It.

Is this fan theory a stretch? Maybe. But considering the time, place, and circumstances all add up, it feels like it has to be more than just a coincidence! But true or false, I wouldn’t expect to see Pennywise in Hawkins anytime soon .

Stranger Things 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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