‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Will The Wise

Eleven learns the truth about her mother. Nancy and Jonathan plot to take down Hawkins’ Laboratory. Dart is definitely not to be trusted.

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Chapter Three ended with Will having another episode and encountering the mysterious shadow monster again. But this time, he decides to stand against it in hopes that it will drive it away. Instead, Will is completely consumed by it.

What Happened To Will?

Chapter Four begins right where Chapter Three left off. Joyce Byers drives frantically to the school and, with the help of his friends, finds Will in the field, unresponsive and twitching. They each try to call and shake him out of his reverie, but nothing elicits a response. It isn’t until the monster has completely entrapped Will that he awakens, shaking, confused, and extremely terrified. And after that experience, who can blame him?

He lies to his mother at first, most likely not wanting to scare her or sound crazy. But after what Joyce saw on the tape from Halloween and Will’s drawings, she’s convinced. She thinks what he’s seeing is real, and so he tells her exactly what he saw. But this particular experience in the Upside Down has affected him far more than any other. He’s more terrified, literally frozen with fear. It’s like he hasn’t completely woken up yet. He’s still very much trapped between the two realms. And it isn’t just his psyche affected by the Upside Down…

Will Is Physically Changing

Though he is hot to the touch, Will doesn’t have a fever. In fact, he’s colder than he should be, and apparently, that’s the way “he likes it”. He, of course, referring to the Shadow. Will now has a close connection to the monster, and is able to see what it sees. He doesn’t necessarily understand it, but that’s why Hopper’s there to help him.

Joyce suggests that Will draws what he sees, since he’s having trouble describing it. And what he draws takes up the entire living room and hundreds of papers. They look like tentacles, or branches of lightening. Joyce suggests that they might be roots, especially considering Will described them as ‘spreading’. But Hopper latches onto the fact that it kills and realizes that Will is drawing vines.

At the end of the episode, Hopper drives back to the rotting field and digs it up, eventually finding a small hole. He continues to dig and then crawls into it, and what he sees is definitely cause for terror. Hopper finds himself standing in a tunnel that looks just like the ones that Will saw. But it’s also filled with the white flakes that he himself encountered on his journey to the Upside Down. What does this mean? It means that the gap between the two dimensions is closing, it means that the Upside Down is beginning to merge with our world. Which means that the shadow monster is closer to Hawkins than we thought. But this isn’t the only monster we have to worry about…

Dart Is Actually…A Demogorgon!?

Some of you, like me, may have seen this coming, and if so, good on you! But even if you guessed it, it didn’t make the reveal any less fantastic. It’s one of those things that you really want to be wrong about. Dustin has so much of a connection to Dart, you want him to be good. But at the end of Chapter Four, Dustin comes home to see that Dart has broken out and is in the corner of his room, feasting on his mother’s cat. When he looks up at Dustin and screeches, he reveals a ‘face’ exactly the same as the demogorgon’s. Yep…Dustin has a demogorgon in his house. Permission to freak out: granted.

The real question is: will Dustin tell his friends, who still believe that Dart is missing? They won’t be happy with him, and they certainly are going to want to get rid of Dart, but if he’s going to grow up to be exactly like the last demogorgon, that isn’t such a bad thing. Secrets can lead to destruction, especially in times like these, so let’s hope Dustin comes clean.

Speaking Of Secrets, Nancy And Jonathan Have A Big One

In the last episode, Nancy and Jonathan started to formulate a secret plan, and in Chapter Four, they began to carry it out. They waited at the park, where they asked Barb’s mother to meet them. But instead of her, they were greeted by quite a few of the Hawkins’ Laboratory officials instead, who were only too eager to take our teens back to the lab. Here, they meet Dr. Owens, the friendly but still ominous leader of the lab. He takes them on a tour, showing them the gateway to the Upside Down. He asks them to think about if the Russians were to hear about this, if they were to try and recreate it. What happens to our world? What happens to other people like Barb and Will? This scenario becomes more and more likely with more people finding out about the Upside Down. The threat he makes is clear, even if it’s masked with a caring air.

Nancy and Jonathan put on the frightened act until they leave. But then again, maybe it isn’t an act. These people are powerful and could easily hurt their loved ones. But as they’re driving away, Nancy pulls a tape recorder out of her purse. She got the entire thing. Jonathan asks her if she still wants to do this, and she looks at him and simply says, “Let’s burn that lab to the ground”. Go Nancy! Whatever their plan is, it’s taking them out of Hawkins. But where are they going? We’ll have to wait and see.

Eleven Finds Out About Her Mother

Tensions have continued to mount between Eleven and Hopper, leading to an explosive fight during which she used her powers to basically destroy the house. Knocking over bookshelves, throwing furniture, and breaking windows. In return, Hopper breaks the TV, taking away the thing that is most precious to her. It’s really the only way to ground someone with superpowers. He says he’ll repair it, if she cleans up the house. So, while he’s at work, she begrudgingly cleans up. And that’s when she finds a loose floorboard, and the can of worms is opened.

Dozens of boxes lay hidden beneath the floor, all labelled differently. And Eleven finds one labelled ‘Hawkins Lab’. She digs it out and flips through the files, finding one on Terry Ives. With the help of pictures and news articles, she’s able to put two and two together. This woman is her mother.

Eleven blindfolds herself, and by using the radio, she transports back to the darkness in order to find her mother. She succeeds, seeing Terry muttering to herself and rocking back and forth in her rocking chair. Eleven stands in front of her and Terry opens her eyes. “Jane?” she asks, wide awake. “Mama?” Eleven responds hesitantly. She reaches out and touches her mother’s hand, and that’s when Terry dissolves into the darkness. Eleven screams at the top of her lungs and, back in the living room, she rips off the blindfold and sobs. It’s a heartbreaking, gut-wrenching moment, and a true testament to just how talented Millie Bobby Brown is. No one else could have played this role like she does.

The puzzle pieces are starting to fit together, and we’re finally getting answers to questions we’ve been asking since the first season. But this is far from over. Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin still have Max to worry about, who currently feels very left out of the group. Not to mention Billy (who isn’t really her brother?), who seems to be a little hellbent on keeping Max away from Lucas. Billy could prove to be a big problem not just for Lucas, but for Steve too. He both acts as bully and a bro around Steve. There’s something bad about this guy, it’s just a question of how bad.

And that’s it for Episode 4 of Season 2! For recaps of the previous episodes and all Stranger Things news, check out our Stranger Things Page here!

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