‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: How Eleven Survived The Demogorgon And Escaped The Upside Down

We always knew that Eleven was powerful, but this season is taking her powers to the next level!

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Welcome to Fiction’s Mistress, where, with the second season officially underway, we’re all about Stranger Things! I’ll be posting recaps on each episode as I watch them, so expect updates throughout the weekend! You can read the recap of Episode One here, and if you’re already onto Episode Two, look no further! Massive things happened this episode, and quite honestly, there’s too much for just one recap! So this one will be split into two. If you want to find out what happened to Eleven, stay right here! And if you want the scoop on the rest of the Hawkins residents, stay tuned! In the meantime, sit back, relax, and let’s recap!

Note: This article contains spoilers from episodes 1-2.

How Eleven Escaped The Upside Down

While we were all overjoyed to see Eleven alive and well, we couldn’t help but wonder exactly how that happened. After all, last we saw her in Season 1, she defeated the demogorgon, but then was nowhere to be found. Had she died? Returned to the Upside Down? Gone someplace worse? Well, we finally have the answer, and it was surprisingly simpler than you may have guessed.

That final fight between Eleven and the demogorgon killed the monster (to our knowledge). Assuming it did, it’s reasonable to guess that it would return to its original dimension at the time of death. Eleven, being right next to it, was pulled back as well. And while that’s terrifying, it’s not nearly as bad as it could have been. After all, the Upside Down isn’t a pleasant place to be, but it’s the monsters that make it truly dangerous. Luckily, Eleven finds a gateway back to our dimension right there in the school. She makes the gateway large enough to squeeze through, and that’s that! She’s back! Definitely shaken, but still in full use of her powers.

Mike Knows She’s Alive

So, where does she go from there? Back to the only place she’s ever called home: Mike’s. But it’s surrounded by cop cars, by government cars. Inside, the officials are telling the Wheelers that Eleven is a dangerous fugitive and lied to all of them. They try to convince Mike to no avail. Mike is openly devastated and defiant, loyal to Eleven until the end. He looks up and sees her through a crack in the window. She’s alive after all, but it isn’t an overwhelming look of joy on his face, but more heartbreak. Because he knows she’ll have to run, and he knows he may never see her again. It’s a true testament to how brilliant these actors are. Their emotion is so real, so pure.

Eleven manages to get away, and for a month in the woods she survives by using her powers to hunt animals, often squirrels. She steals a coat from a local hunter to keep warm, and though she’s lonely, she’s getting by. And then she finds the food, including eggos, left for her by Hopper. Whether she knew it was from him or not is unclear, and how she comes to live in her house is also unknown. But the pieces are slowly coming together.

And as for her powers? They’re still as strong as ever, possibly even stronger. Simply by blindfolding herself and looking at the television, she can take herself back to the darkness and find/hear specific people. In Episode Two, she uses her powers to hear Mike. And though he thinks he’s going crazy, he senses her presence. One can only hope that her powers continue to grow and that soon, they’ll be able to communicate with each other.

And that’s all on Eleven this episode! Stay tuned for more of what went down in Episode Two, coming soon!

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