Jaime Lannister’s Fate Revealed – The Biggest Moments From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode 5: Eastwatch

Cersei reveals a secret, Littlefinger pulls strings, and Jon plans an expedition beyond the Wall.

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Sunday is known better as Thrones night over here at Fiction’s Mistress. You probably know the drill by now, but in case you’re new to my little corner of the internet, here’s a warning:


Episode 5 of the seventh season of Game of Thrones aired tonight, and my Gods, was it ever a big one! This episode prepared us for the biggest battle yet, giving us deception, long-awaited reunions, and plot twists that somehow still drop our jaws to the floor along the way. This was a big one, guys. So sit back, relax, and let’s recap:

The Kingslayer Lives

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, reminding us how torturous watching Thrones can be. Jaime, thanks to Bronn, narrowly avoided being burned alive by Drogon. He fell into the sea, drowning under the weight of his armor. The image faded into the credits, leaving many fans wondering if they had seen the last of Jaime Lannister. But as I, and many fans, theorized last week, Jaime survived. Thrones likes to make us feel every emotion possible, and simply put, that death scene is not befitting of a Kingslayer. Jaime is alive, and so is Bronn. And while the smart thing would’ve been to get the hell out of dodge, Jaime isn’t the fastest learner.

He returns to King’s Landing to warn Cersei of their impending doom. They don’t stand a chance at winning this war. But Cersei intends to die standing on her feet. Say what you will about her, she’s incredibly strong. And besides, now she has more than just her own life to worry about. Yep, you heard that right.

Cersei is Pregnant!

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

And this time around, there will be no confusion as to who the father is. Cersei is done with being shamed, and will flaunt proudly that her child’s father is none other than her brother, Jaime Lannister. But will we really be seeing another Lannister enter the world? I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Maggy, a fortune teller, prophesied Cersei’s future when she was just a girl. And so far, everything predicted has come to pass. She wed the King, King Robert, and became Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Robert had sixteen children, and she had three. Gold were their crowns, and gold were their shrouds. Her death has not come to pass, nor has her downfall, and who knows? Perhaps these are only coincidences. But this is Westeros. Coincidences are few and far between.

Jaime And Tyrion Meet Again

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

If there’s one thing that is unarguably true this season, it is that the real threat is making itself known. Great Houses make no difference when it comes to the Army of the Dead. And if they breach the Wall, it won’t matter who sits on the Iron Throne. Daenerys and Jon are willing to work together, but Dany can’t very well take all of her men North. It would leave the lands free for Cersei to hold dominion over. No…to defeat the Walkers, they need all the strength they can get. And that includes the Lannister forces. Now we all know that Cersei would never listen to Tyrion, the Hand of Queen Daenerys. But she listened to Jaime. And Jaime listened to Tyrion.

Courtesy of Bronn, we finally got the reunion we’ve been waiting for/dreading. After all, Tyrion did kill their father, and Jaime promised to cut Tyrion in half the next time he saw him. That promise was not fulfilled this episode. No, he listened to everything his little brother had to say, because despite his own feelings, he knows they stand no chance against three dragons.

Daenerys has come with terms, and surprisingly, they don’t involve bending the knee. At least, not right away. She asks Cersei to meet with her about the Army of the Dead. In return, she will bring proof of their existence in hope that they can work together to destroy the real threat. But Cersei plans on playing this smart. She’ll meet with the Dragon Queen only to stab her in the back the first chance she gets. Like Daenerys will let her get that close.

We all know what Cersei is, Tyrion more than anyone. And with him by Dany’s side, the chance of Cersei gaining the upper hand is looking pretty slim. And even if she does, Daenerys has many loyal supporters to protect her. Speaking of…

Ser Jorah Is Finally Reunited With Daenerys

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

Praise R’hllor! Miracles really do happen, as is proof in tonight’s episode. Ser Jorah, against all odds, makes it back to his one and only love, his rightful Queen. Daenerys nearly weeps with joy at seeing her friend return to her. And he looks like the luckiest, happiest man alive. The reunion was beautiful, to say the least. But unfortunately for all of us Dany/Jorah shippers, it was short-lived.

Jorah Is Heading North With Jon

Thanks to Bran’s sight, we now know that the White Walkers are closer than ever. Approaching the Wall even sooner than they feared, Jon has no choice but to head back North to defend his people. Not only that, but to retain proof that the Army of the Dead exists. If they want Cersei’s armies, she’ll need proof. And truthfully, Dany could use the evidence too. Jorah volunteers his services. He returned to serve her, and he’s willing to die for her if need be. But the Northerners, especially the Wildlings, would never follow Jorah. Which is why Jon is leading the expedition beyond the Wall himself. Jon has faced the Walkers before, he will do so again. But not alone…

A Common Enemy Unites The Oldest Of Foes

The end is nigh. We can feel it, we can see the storm brewing. Only the most dire, final of circumstances would unite so many people, people who could never otherwise be united. Jon Snow, Ser Davos, Ser Jorah, and the Wildlings are heading beyond the Wall together. Along with the Brotherhood Without Banners, who have been held in Eastwatch’s dungeons thanks to Tormund. Don’t forget that The Hound is currently travelling with the Brotherhood as well. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s another familiar face in this unlikely gang….

Gendry Is Back!


That’s right! We all knew that Gendry would return to us in Season 7, the only question was what episode would he appear in? Now over halfway through the season (how crazy is that?) he’s returned to us. And he’s looking good! Working as a smith in Fleabottom, he’s managed to keep away from Cersei and the Goldcloaks. But when Davos comes to him, asking him to leave and go North, Gendry already has a bag packed. He knew one day he would be called upon for a greater cause. He didn’t know what it was at the time, but he would know it when it came. He’s only too happy to fight alongside Jon in the war to end all wars, as Robert and Ned once did. Though he isn’t thrilled about working alongside the Brotherhood, the men who sold him to Melisandre to be sacrificed, he knows it’s necessary. Like a good scotch, he’s only improved with age. And did you notice the nod to Robert Baratheon? If you recall, the hammer was always Robert’s choice of weapon too.

Meanwhile, In the North…

So much is happening down south, it seems impossible that just as much is brewing in Winterfell! But this is Thrones after all. Things are constantly shifting, and the Stark sisters don’t seem to be an exception to the rule. And while I normally applaud Game of Thrones plots, I’m really quite disappointed, almost angry with this one.

Why Are We Pitting The Sisters Against Each Other?

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

I was really excited, hopeful even, for this season. We were finally getting a Sansa/Arya reunion, one that many of us have been waiting years for. These are two of the strongest women in Westeros. It was such a thrill to think of them working together as a dynamic duo. But no…instead we get to see them at each other’s throats. Arya is angry with Sansa, holding onto resentment from when they were younger. She forgets that she has changed much over the years. And while Arya has always marched to the beat of her own drum, loyalty should mean more to her now more than ever. After all, it was she that decided to return home to her family. Don’t get me wrong, Arya is amazing. But I’m not impressed with what the writers are doing. We should be showing these bad ass ladies working together, not working against one another.

Can This All Be Traced Back To Littlefinger?

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

Littlefinger is working his magic, as per usual, manipulating Arya into thinking she is the one outfoxing him. He hides a scroll in his bedroom, a scroll she overhears is of great importance. Not to mention it is the only copy. When Littlefinger leaves, Arya sneaks into the room to learn it’s contents. And so she does…

The scroll is back from Season 1, something that Sansa wrote to Robb under duress. Cersei forced her to write it in order to attempt to save her father and brothers. Arya would not know this, however. She would see it out of context and immediately blame Sansa. And this is exactly what Littlefinger wants. After all, the less family that Sansa has, the more likely she is to stay close by his side. The closer he gets to having everything he wants – the Iron Throne with her by his side. Crafty, horrible, but also genius, Littlefinger reminded us of his true colors this episode. It’s easy to forget just how dangerous he is. A mistake we hopefully won’t be making again.

This episode was as chaotic as it was incredible! You may also want to make note of the fact that Sam has officially left the Citadel, realizing that he can help more by being in the North. Not only that, but he stole all of their books on the Walkers! A bold move, to be sure, but one that needed to happen. Sam needs to be in the North. And let’s be honest, he’s kind of a natural when it comes to being a Maester.

It’s also worth noting that Jon showed his Targaryen colors this episode when he was able to stand in the presence of Drogon and actually touch him. Drogon has taken a liking to him, and why wouldn’t he? Jon has the blood of the dragon in him. And it’s only a matter of time before both him and Daenerys realize it. I don’t know about you, but I know I’ll be counting down the days.

As always, thanks for reading! And feel free to geek out with me in the comments! What was your favourite part of the episode? Let me know!

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