‘Game Of Thrones’: Wait, Did They Just Kill Off [Spoiler]!?!?!?

Jaime is often referred to as the “stupidest” Lannister, and after tonight’s episode…yeah, we see why.


In case you’re new around here, I’ll give a quick little warning.


Okay, so on behalf of everyone who just watched the fourth episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, can I just say something?



I’m going to try to keep my emotions somewhat under wrap during this post, and give you all a recap of what just happened. But no promises. I’m seriously not okay.

So tonight, Game of Thrones premiered the fourth episode of Season 7. And while a lot went down, I’m only going to be talking about one thing in this particular post. The highly anticipated battle between the Lannister and Targaryen army. That’s right. Tonight we witnessed the Kingslayer lay his eyes upon a dragon.

I don’t know about you, but I had a lot of emotions. Initially, excitement coursed through my veins. Cersei is beginning to think she’s untouchable, and I couldn’t wait for Dany to prove her wrong. But then I remembered two characters that fight for the Lannister army. Two characters that I happen to love. When I was faced with the idea that Daenerys may be the one to kill Jaime and Bronn, my heart stopped.

It Isn’t As Simple As Good Vs. Evil

One of the things that makes Game of Thrones so appealing to audiences is the fact that there is good and bad in each person. So, yes, you can say that you want the Lannister or Targaryen army defeated. But you may not want to see every person on that side suffer. I’m a Daenerys fan, and there isn’t a cell in my body that doesn’t want to see her on the Iron Throne. But I have a deep love for both Jaime and Bronn. I wouldn’t want to see them hurt, or Gods forbid, killed by the rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

But that may be what we just witnessed.

Bronn, after realizing that Jaime can’t possibly shoot with one hand, rushes over to Qyburn’s device, which, if you remember, basically works like this:

Credit: The Hobbit

He misses the first shot. But the second? Dead on. The arrow hit Drogon right between the chest and the wing. He began to fall from the sky, but quickly recovered. The wound may not be as fatal as we originally thought. What a relief, right?


Daenerys lands safely and tries to tend to Drogon’s wounds. Bronn was able to escape death by dragonfire. Things are looking surprisingly okay all things considered. But Jaime never did know when to quit. He saw his opportunity. And he took it.

“You Fucking Idiot.”

At this moment, I think the entire audience was Tyrion. Watching his brother from afar, he murmurs, “You fucking idiot”. We watch as Jaime takes a spear in hand and begins to charge at Daenerys. To his credit, he almost makes it. There was a brief flash where I was genuinely concerned. But Drogon would never let anyone hurt his mother. He quickly turns to the Kingslayer and his massive jaws slacken. We see fire growing hot in his throat, and just as we are certain of Jaime’s imminent death, Bronn comes charging out of nowhere. He knocks Jaime into the water, and they both narrowly avoid the dragonfire. But not entirely unscathed.

Both men, particularly Jaime, are wearing heavy armor. Not to mention that Jaime has a solid gold hand. No news on if the fire managed to burn either of them, but one thing is certain. Even if fire did not kill them, water very well might.

The episode ended in true Thrones style, reminding us of the painful cliffhangers they so desperately love. We watch Jaime struggle as he drowns, slowly floating to the bottom of the sea. The shot fades out, and we cut to credits.


As much as this scarred me (and it did), I’m not just here to freak out, and I’m not just here to recap. I’m here to drop some knowledge. What is the likelihood that we just witnessed Jaime Lannister’s death?

To be frank, I’m feeling pretty optimistic. I think it was a close call. Things may not be looking good, but let’s be real here. Thrones likes to shock its viewers, but it also likes to torment them. When there is a character that is deeply loved or hated (and Jaime happens to be both), they don’t kill them off subtly. They do it loud. They make a show of it. They make us feel emotions we never thought we were capable of. Jaime fading into the murky waters? It’s dramatic, sure, but could be much more emotional.

How Will Jaime Survive?

There are a couple of ways that Jaime could survive this. One, Bronn also survives the near death experience. Being a much more skilled warrior, I have no doubt he’s gotten himself out of equally challenging situations. I have a feeling he could handle himself in water, and would have the sense to tear Jaime’s armor and golden hand off. He would, with great effort, be able to drag Jaime to shore. How long they would survive after that…well, that’s another story.

But there is another option. Tyrion watched this all happen. Though he is loyal to Daenerys, Jaime is his brother, and he’s saved his life multiple times. He holds no love for Cersei, but great love for Jaime. He could convince Daenerys to save him, let him live for the time being. The reasoning? Jaime is the head of the Lannister army and brother/lover to one of her greatest enemies. He is the perfect captive.

Did Jaime Lannister die tonight? Call me naive, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. But we won’t know for sure until next week….


Until then, feel free to geek out with me in the comments! Do you think Jaime will survive this? Let me know!

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