An Unlikely Friendship: The Importance of Ser Jorah and Samwell’s Story On ‘Game of Thrones’

There’s a lot of history between these two characters, and it all has to do with Jorah’s father, the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

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Episode 3 of Season 7 of Game of Thrones premiered last night, and it brought some of the most shocking moments of the show yet. Most fans are freaking out over the long-awaited meeting between the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, and the King in the North, Jon Snow. As they should be! I mean, a major fan theory was confirmed! But as incredible as this meeting was, it was not the only moment that stole the show. In fact, there’s one scene in particular that is not getting talked about enough.

Ser Jorah Survives A Grim Fate Thanks To Sam

Almost everyone was sure that Jorah would die. It was Greyscale after all, a disease that turns men into stone, animalistic creatures. And many thought I was naive for believing that he would be cured. But I had hope. After all, Shireen Baratheon’s Greyscale was stopped. Couldn’t Jorah’s be too? This was exactly the thinking that our favourite hero and bookworm, Samwell Tarly, had.

Last week, Thrones debuted it’s most gruesome scene yet. And as we all know, that’s saying something. Samwell, against the direct orders of the Archmaester, performed an incredibly dangerous and painful procedure on Ser Jorah. He had to literally carve away the Greyscale on Jorah’s skin. Not only was the nature of this surgery absolutely disgusting and definitely inhumane, but it was very risky. Samwell could have easily been infected. In doing so, he could have caused an outbreak in the Citadel, killing thousands of people in the process. But Sam took the risk anyway. He had to try. And luckily, he succeeded.

The Beauty Behind This Unlikely Pairing

If you go back to Season 1 of Thrones and look at these two characters, few would have ever imagined that they would meet. But in a way, this meeting was written in the stars. And it gives both men a closure that they desperately needed.

Sam couldn’t save the Lord Commander, Jorah’s father, Jeor Mormont. A man he greatly admired, Sam watched as he was killed, and I think he’s carried around that guilt with him. There is a part of him that always wished there was something he could do, some way he could repay the Lord Commander for all he did. And then he meets Jorah, Jeor’s son, and has the opportunity to save his life. When he succeeds, he is absolved of his guilt. And as for Jorah? Jorah is given a second chance.

We all know that Jorah was banished from Westeros, as well as from House Mormont. He sold slaves. He used to be a spy, working for Varys. But all of that changed when he met Daenerys. He quickly fell in love with her and no matter how their alliance started, she has never had a more loyal subject. He’s saved her life more times than I can count. He would die for her and he would kill for her. She made him a better man.

With his Greyscale gone, he has the opportunity to return to her and fight by her side, help her reclaim the Iron Throne and save the Seven Kingdoms. He would not only bring pride to House Mormont, but he would redeem himself in the eyes of his father, the Gods, and his House.

I don’t know if Ser Jorah, or Samwell, for that matter, will survive the series. But what I do know is that Jorah survived Greyscale, a disease that should have killed him. Thrones gave us a miracle. And if we know anything, we know that they do not give miracles lightly. The Gods have a plan for Jorah. It’s only a matter of time before we find out what that is.

As always, thanks for reading! And feel free to geek out with me over that amazing episode in the comments!

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