‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 2 Recap

Jon receives an invitation. Cersei gains a dangerous weapon. Euron’s fleet attacks.

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It’s Sunday night, better known as Game of Thrones night over here at Fiction’s Mistress! If you’re new here, let me give you the rundown. I’m going to recap some of the episode’s biggest moments, potentially spew out some theories, and yes, there’s almost definitely going to be some fangirling. But before we get into all of that, I’m going to start with a warning.


The seventh season of HBO’s hit fantasy show, Game of Thrones, is officially underway. And let me tell you, episode 2 brought the heat! Drama, action, death, ‘Stormborn’ brought it all, and even sprinkled in a little hope. A lot went down this episode, so sit back, relax, and let’s recap!

The Mother of Dragons Will Not Rule Over Ashes

We didn’t see much of Daenerys in the first episode, so it’s only fitting that we opened this episode with her! And I have to say, between Daenerys and Cersei, there’s really no contest. With the support of the Iron Islands, Dorne, and House Tyrell, along with her three dragons, the Unsullied, and the Dothraki…well, let’s just say Cersei has reason to be frightened. But Daenerys, while confident, is not as arrogant as some may believe. She confronts Varys about his loyalty. He has served countless kings, after all, each of them meeting unfortunate ends. And he had a part to play in each. But Varys, though he may be called the Spider, is perhaps the most loyal servant of all. But as he says, he isn’t the servant of a King or Queen, but of the people.

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

Varys reminded us tonight why we love him so dearly. In an impassioned speech, he gives the Mother of Dragons brutal honesty. He served Robert because he made a better King than the previous. And he serves her because he has chosen her. Because he believes she is the realm’s only chance for justice and peace. For the people of Westeros to have a fair life. Daenerys’ reaction? Pure Dany. She asks only one thing of Varys. That if she ever fails the people, in any way, he not conspire behind her back, but look her in the eyes and tell her exactly how she has failed. We really can expect nothing less from our Khaleesi.

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

It also seems that Daenerys has a new ally! Melisandre has made herself known at Dragonstone, and Dany is all ears. The Red Priestess shares the prophecy of the Prince that was Promised, which, in fact, isn’t the proper translation! According to Missandei, in High Valyrian, the prophecy refers to the Prince or Princess that was Promised. Which proves that Daenerys is in the running! But as Melisandre points out, prophecies are fickle things. She doesn’t know if she was the Princess that was Promised, but she has no doubt that Dany has a part to play. “As does another.”

Will We Finally Get the Alliance We’ve Been Waiting For?

Melisandre tells Daenerys of Jon Snow, who has been named King in the North. This may not mean much to Dany, but it means a great deal to Tyrion. After all, Tyrion knew him when he was just a boy. He admits to Dany that he can’t speak of prophecies, but he trusts Jon. So, Daenerys agrees to meet with him. She orders a raven sent, as well as demands he bend the knee. The latter may not go over so well, but don’t fret. Jon Snow has more than one reason to go to Dragonstone…

Daenerys Holds the Key To Defeating the White Walkers

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

When he first receives Tyrion’s raven, he leans towards not going. After all, it could be a trap, and the risk is too great. But after also receiving a letter from Sam, there’s really no question. He has to go. Because Daenerys has two things that the North desperately needs.

The White Walkers are coming. And if they breach the Wall, only two things can stop them. Dragonglass and fire. And they’re going to need a whole lot of both. Daenerys has three dragons, something that could make or break the fight against the Walkers. But more than that, there is a whole store of dragonglass underneath Dragonstone. It’s worth the risk if Jon can get his hands on either. But the rest of the North doesn’t see it that way.

Sansa openly speaks out against this decision, as do the Stark’s bannermen. Many valid points are brought up. One of the most poignant being that Robb, the previous King in the North, traveled South once. And he never returned. The North suffered for it. “The King in the North belongs in the North,” as Lyanna Mormont says. Sansa pleads him not to go, that it may lead to his death. Jon knows this. But he also knows he’s leaving the North in good hands. When Sansa asks whose, Jon gives a little smile. “Yours,” he says.


I have been rooting for this for so long! Sansa is a Stark of Winterfell, and technically, she’s the oldest Stark left. At least, the oldest of Ned’s children. Winterfell is her birthright, and, at least while Jon is away, it is hers. The North is in her hands. And her reaction is not joy, but pure shock. He’s finally listened to her, and understands that she can rule just as well as he can. She knows how to play the game. And now, she finally gets her chance to prove it.


Another Stark May Be Returning to Winterfell

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

We catch up with Arya Stark making her way to King’s Landing, intent on killing Cersei. But little did we know, we’d be getting a reunion that would change her course. Arya is reunited with Hot Pie, who informs her that the Boltons have lost the North, and it’s now being held by Jon, the King in the North. The hatred she had on her face melts away, and we see a glimpse of the young girl we once knew, the one who loved her dancing lessons, but her family more. Everything changes at this news. She has two choices: continue onto King’s Landing, or go home. But Arya is a Stark through and through. She is going back to where she belongs: Winterfell.

On her way there, she meets another unlikely friend, a reunion that fans have been waiting seasons for. That’s right: Arya was reunited with Nymeria. And honestly, while it could have gone better, it could have gone a lot worse. Nymeria is the head of her own pack now, and they circle Arya, about to go in for the kill. But Arya is able to talk her down, trying to get her to come to Winterfell. But Nymeria simply backs off and walks away. Truthfully, this isn’t surprising. Arya didn’t know Nymeria long enough for that intense loyalty to sink in. Ghost would and has killed for Jon, but they’ve known each other for years. Nymeria and Arya only knew each other for weeks. But given Arya’s parting words (“That’s not you”) perhaps this won’t be the last we’ll see of this direwolf.

Meanwhile, In Oldtown…

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

Some fans thought they bid farewell to Ser Jorah back in Season 6. Some thought we would watch him whither away this season, with no chance of recovery. But with Samwell Tarly at the Citadel, Jorah may just stand a chance! We meet up with the unlikely pair when Jorah is being examined. And it isn’t looking good. The greyscale now covers most of his upper body, he only has months before his mind will be all but gone. But after learning that Jorah is in fact Ser Jorah Mormont, son of Jeor Mormont, former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Sam isn’t letting him go down without a fight.

There are two documented cases of greyscale being cured in adults. It is a difficult, painful, risky procedure. In truth, it is forbidden. But we all know that Jorah would do anything to see Dany again, to fulfill her wish. And Sam has to try to save him. The procedure is agonizing to watch, to say the least. Sam must cut away all infected areas, which literally means he must take a knife and chisel and tear off his skin. Thrones has always been gruesome, but this was especially hard to watch. No news yet on if it worked, but let’s pray to the Old Gods and the New that it wasn’t all in vain.

Cersei Gains A Dangerous Weapon

Cersei knows that she needs allies, or risks losing this war. She can’t rely solely on Euron Greyjoy (for obvious reasons), and so she hopes to turn some of the Tyrell’s bannermen to her side. Though Jaime is using all of his powers of persuasion on Randyll Tarly, I wouldn’t count on that as a certainty yet. But thanks to Qyburn, Cersei has something much better than any ally. She has a weapon that can kill a dragon.

As Qyburn points out, spears wounded Drogon back in Meereen. If a dragon can be wounded, it can be killed. And so Qyburn developed a weapon that basically acts as a dragon-sized arrow. Anybody ever seen the Hobbit? No? Well, basically, think of this:


This is what we’re dealing with. Dragons are dragons, but with a skilled archer behind this thing, honestly I’m a little worried. There’s a good chance we may have to say goodbye to one of the dragons this season. And unfortunately for any Dany supporters out there, this isn’t the only thing Cersei now has in her favor.

The Epic Battle of the Iron Islands

The trailers teased a battle in the water, but never did I expect it to come so soon! With Yara and her Iron fleet sailing to Dorne with Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes, they are caught unawares by Euron’s fleet. Ships larger both in size and number, there’s a feeling of dread right from the start. And Euron proves that he is truly heartless, slaughtering countless without mercy. This episode brought the death that Thrones is so infamous for. We had to say goodbye to two (possibly all three) of the Sand Snakes this episode, though they didn’t go down without a fight. They wounded Euron, just not enough.

Euron managed to capture not only Ellaria, but Yara herself. Theon watches as it happens, and we see just how much damage Ramsay did. He looks around at all the death and torture, and we watch him twitch. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking all at once, a truly beautiful performance by Alfie Allen. We almost see him whisper ‘Reek’ under his breath before he drops his sword and jumps into the water. Euron laughs, Yara wears a look that’s a mixture of disappointment and heartbroken. Theon watches in the water as Euron sails away with his sister, no doubt to hand her over to Cersei. I don’t want to say hope is lost…but it’s not looking good.

What Did We Miss?

This episode was action-packed, but explored a tenderness we don’t often see in the brutal world of Westeros. Grey Worm is off to lead the Unsullied in the siege of Casterly Rock, and it isn’t certain when he’ll return. He admits to Missandei it’s difficult to say goodbye, because she is his weakness. He was never afraid of anything, he was always the bravest of the Unsullied. But once he met her, he began to feel fear. She admits she does too. After a few, touching moments of silence, he can’t hold back anymore. He rushes over to her and kisses her. And so begins one of the most vulnerable love scenes of the show. Missandei undresses herself and proceeds to undress Grey Worm. He tries to stop her when she reaches his pelvis – there’s a pained shame on his face that just breaks your heart. But she loves him, wants to see all of him. And she doesn’t care. Soon, it’s all forgotten, and all that’s left is love. An unlikely gentle scene, it’s clear that Thrones is pulling out all the stops this year. And thank the Gods for that.

I don’t know about you but I am pumped for the next episode! Is it Sunday yet!?

As always, thanks for reading! Feel free to geek out in the comments, and I’ll see you next week!

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