A Review Of ‘Morning After’: The Must-See Film On Sexual Fluidity

Morning After is a bold short film that explores the concept of sexual fluidity. Bold and uplifting, it is an incredibly powerful film that this world needs right now.


Making its debut on May 26th in the Creative Minds Shorts Block at the Cannes Film Festival, I have no doubt that the short film Morning After is about to take the world by storm. As it rightfully should.

I’ve had the pleasure of viewing this intriguingly unique film and I have to admit that it spoke to me in ways I wasn’t expecting. I not only feel deeply moved, but greatly empowered. Morning After explores the concept of sexual fluidity in a very open and honest way that the world desperately needs right now. Not only will this film bring comfort and a sense of freedom to many, but it will help launch society into a way of forward thinking.

Photo Credit: Flirt Films

Morning After follows Michael, a young man who returns to Montreal after two years of travelling abroad. He attends a house party where a game of chocolate tasting is played, one involving french kissing. Michael finds himself stunned by the pure openness of this group of friends and must come face to face with his own sexual identity, something he’s been struggling with for years. What label does he fit under? More importantly, are the labels necessary at all? 

What struck me most about this film is how much emotional and impactful it is in such a short time. It allows the audience access to perspectives that are incredibly modern and yet not talked about nearly as often as you might think. The truth is that while our society is becoming much more accepting, the majority of us still live by labels. The only difference is that now there are so many labels, we don’t always realize how restricting they can be. But the idea of labeling can be, in many cases, incredibly problematic.

Assumptions and expectations of people are wrong. And while not always harmful, labels often cause such issues. The idea that bisexuality is a lie, or that being open to try anything once means that you must not be straight. Why do we have to use these terms? The fact of the matter is that it’s okay to not know what label you identify as. It’s okay to be open to all things. It is okay to know exactly what you want. And it is okay to change your mind.

Photo Credit: Flirt Films

This is the message that Morning After sends. No hint of judgement can be found in this powerful story, only acceptance. Acceptance of who you are and the understanding that you do not owe anyone an explanation for it. The writer explains it best.

“I see sexuality as constantly flowing, and evolving. I would love this film to translate the message that it’s okay to have impulses, and to change your mind, and then to change it again. It’s okay to be attracted to whomever you want. It’s a journey. Enjoy it. And don’t fret having to explain yourself too much. What matters in the end is that you’re comfortable in your own skin, not how well you fit in.”

In this film, Michael explores his sexuality, but feels trapped. As if he must make a decision on what label he fits under. And isn’t that how we all feel at one point or another? Perhaps you’ve felt like you needed to mold to fit into a specific label, or that if you decide on one, that is what you’re bound to for life. The truth isn’t nearly as permanent. There’s one scene of dialogue in particular that perfectly captures this essence.

Photo Credit: Flirt Films

Alex: “Sexuality is in a constant state of flux.”

Teegan: “Yeah, but isn’t it something that you’re born with?”

Alex: “Everything in the universe is in a state of flux. Nothing stays the same. Ever.”

Sexual fluidity is about being okay with this flux, and accepting who you are and any changes you go through. Morning After stresses that it is okay not to fit under any labels. And that in the end, letting go of those restrictions may just bring you the happiness you’ve been searching for.

It is clear that each and every second of this film was made with extreme thought and a need to share acceptance. From the creative shot choices and alluring music to the talented cast, you can’t help but feel giddy and explorative. But Morning After is so much more than that. It is the film’s subtleties that will leave you breathless, the quiet moments that are most powerful. Morning After allows an insight into sexual fluidity, a fresh perspective on a necessary and current topic. It boldly captures the honesty and openness in a way that will make you blush without embarrassment. This film will leave you feeling uplifted with a deeper understanding of yourself. It is the story the world needs right now, and I feel extremely blessed to have been able to watch it. Keep your eyes peeled. This artistic and bold vision is one that you do not want to miss.

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