The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Official Trailer Is Here And Yes, You Can Freak Out

The Mother of Dragons comes home, Cersei reigns, and Jon starts to plan the North’s defense against the White Walkers.

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It’s here. It’s finally here. After what has felt like one very long winter of waiting, HBO has blessed us with an official trailer for the seventh season of our favorite fantasy show, Game of Thrones. I have to admit that I didn’t realize just how much I had missed this show. The politics, the drama, the pure insanity and awesomeness…I don’t know what I’d do without it. And while we still have a few months to go until Season 7 premieres, we now have an official glance into the chaos. Take a look:

Trying not to pass out?



Where do we even begin!? There is so much going on in this trailer, each second as important as the last. Let’s break it down.

Cersei Lannister’s Madness Continues

We open with the Mad Queen herself, Cersei Lannister. Still donned in an armored dress, she’s added fur to the ensemble. Winter is officially here, and it has reached King’s Landing. But winter is no match for this ice queen. Cersei has spent years lusting after power. She is using every ounce of her strength into keeping her position, but she’s doing it her way now. She’s no longer playing the Game of Thrones. In her mind, she has won it.

Within the first 30 seconds of the trailer, Cersei’s stance is made clear. She admits that she is surrounded by enemies. Daenerys, rightful heir to the throne, and her multiple armies are heading for Westeros. Dorne is out for Cersei’s head. Euron Greyjoy is now King of the Iron Islands and as he killed his own father, I’d say he’s up there with Cersei when it comes to insanity and greed. And of course, the Starks. I doubt Cersei perceives Jon to be a threat (he has bigger fish to fry, anyway), but she wants Sansa dead. And Arya is killing off the few allies Cersei has left (cough cough, Walder Frey, cough cough). Not to mention the recent betrayal of Littlefinger and Varys.

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

The Mad Queen earned her name. She does not care nearly as much as she should about her lack of allies. In her mind, she only needs herself, her brother/lover, and her protector, the Mountain. Yes, you read that right. It looks like Jaime Lannister is still by his deranged sister’s side. However, it may not stay that way! I refuse to give up hope on Jaime. He won’t take Tommen’s death lightly. Hopefully this combined with enough love for Brienne will push him over the edge, leading him to betray Cersei and prove that he’s a hero after all.


A girl has dreams. Deluded though they may or may not be.

I feel like there’s something I need to clear up, because there seems to be some confusion among fans. In the trailer, Cersei says, “We’re the last Lannisters, the last ones who count.” Trust me, this does not mean she has forgotten about Tyrion. Far from it, actually. But she severed her ties with him long ago. She wants him dead, perhaps believing he is already. But Cersei wants proof. She will not forget about her brother until she sees his head detached from his body. But if we’re lucky, we’ll be granted the opposite.

The Mother of Dragons Comes Home

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

Okay, this part got me. HARD. After six seasons of suffering the unimaginable, Daenerys has finally reached Westeros. And her awe is as great as ours. She kneels and presses her hand against the rock of Dragonstone, breathing in deeply. She is already drawing immense strength from this land, and she finally has her throne. It isn’t surprising to see the Mother of Dragons on top. Season 6 ended in a beautifully emotional sequence of Dany gathering strength. Dothraki crossing the sea for the first time, the Greyjoys ready to fight with her, and her dragons ready to wreak havoc on any who dare question their mother. This season is one of Queens taking what is rightfully theirs. And I cannot begin to express my excitement.

While Cersei has chosen to isolate herself, Dany plays the game better than ever before. It seems that Yara is getting quite close with Ellaria Sand, basically confirming Dorne has Dany’s ally. With so much support, everything is finally starting to improve for the Mother of Dragons. There’s only one thing missing. Jorah.

Granted, we didn’t get a look at his face during the trailer. We did, however, see an outstretched arm reach out of a cell door. The arm was covered in grayscale. If we’ve learned anything from Thrones, it’s how to say goodbye to characters. And I have an unfortunate sense we’ll be saying goodbye to Ser Jorah sooner than we might have expected.

There’s More Going On In The North Than Ever Before

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

It looks like some of the biggest plots of the season will be taking place right where we began: in the North. Let’s start with the King in the North, Jon Snow. He’s in an odd position. Where his brother Robb was known through the land, Jon is still very much an underdog. He has many who follow him in the North, but he is not a key player in the Game of Thrones. Honestly, it’s probably what makes him perfect for the job.

Jon will be leading the North in the fight against the White Walkers. Winter has come, and they are the storm. As Davos, who appears to be Jon’s right-hand man, so eloquently says, “If we don’t put aside our enmities and ban together, we will die. And then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.” With all that happens in Westeros, it’s easy to brush aside the White Walkers. After all, for many seasons they didn’t feel like a real threat. But they began this show. If you think back to Season 1, the first scene in the pilot introduces the Walkers. We know who the real enemy is. And it isn’t any Iron Throne contender. It’s a cold, cruel, everlasting winter.

But there’s more at play in the North than just the Walkers. Arya is wandering the lands, waiting to get home. No hint on if she runs into her old friend, the Hound, but I’m actually feeling pretty confident that Arya Stark will return to Winterfell. Near the end of the trailer, we see her bend down and look underneath a bed. It’s a short shot with not much background shown, but from what we do see, it looks an awful lot like the interior of Winterfell. I definitely could be reading too much into this. It’s possible she’s simply looking underneath a bed before taking shelter. But last season Jon Snow returned to us from the dead. Anything is possible.

Credit: Game of Thrones / HBO

But what about Sansa Stark? She is the character who perhaps most divides this fandom. Personally, I’m 100% on Team Sansa. She has faced more brutalities than anyone on the show and overcome them all. She has had more character growth than many others, not to mention that the Battle of the Bastards would never have been won if not for her. But she is incredibly undervalued, not only by some fans, but by characters on the show. She knows this. Sansa knows her worth – she is no longer a scared, naive little girl, and is tired of being treated like one. And Littlefinger, it seems, is continuing to play on this.

Some think Sansa will betray Jon Snow, some aren’t so sure. But as long as Littlefinger is by Sansa’s side, whispering in her ear, he will be trying to turn her against Jon. The truth is that Sansa deserves acknowledgment and appreciation, but she knows that Littlefinger isn’t the way to get that. He is a powerful ally to have, but he always has his own agenda. And it seems that Jon’s catching on. For a split second we see the two of them down in the crypts, and Jon pins Petyr against the wall. This may have to do with Sansa, or perhaps Petyr knows something about Jon’s true parentage! Either way, it looks like karma is finally kicking in for Petyr Baelish, and I think you’ll agree that it’s long overdue.

It’s also worth noting that by Sansa’s side, strong and loyal as ever, is Brienne of Tarth. And if anyone can balance out the chaotic evil of Littlefinger, it’s her.

The seventh and second last season of Game of Thrones is set to be the biggest yet. One of the battles will be even larger and more epic than the Battle of the Bastards, and that’s saying something! As always, feel free to geek out with me in the comments, and let me know what you’re most looking forward to!

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