‘Westworld’ Reveals Who The Man In Black Really Is And It’s Heartbreaking

This reveal is absolutely soul-crushing, even if you anticipated it. It’s a tragic ending to a tragic tale.


Alright, babes, I know I’m not the only one crying. The Season 1 finale of Westworld, titled ‘The Bicameral Mind’ aired tonight. And I wish I had words to describe just how brilliantly clever, shocking, beautiful, and heartbreaking it was. But truly, I don’t think there are words.

So much happened in this episode, so I’ll be taking it step by step. I’ve broken down the finale into three separate recaps. You can find out if Maeve’s escape plan really worked here, and you can speculate what Season 2 could bring here! But if you want to know what’s going on with William and Logan, and who the Man In Black really is, sit back, relax, and let’s recap!

And The Man In Black Is….

Credit: HBO

Dolores and the MiB finally sit down and have a good chat. He’s on his lifelong mission to find the centre of the maze and when Dolores can’t give him what he wishes, he begins to beat her. This is painful enough to watch, but the truth that is finally admitted to us soon after makes it hurt even more.

Let’s just rip off the band-aid, shall we?

For weeks now, the most popular theory about the Man in Black is that he is actually a future version of William. There are two timelines and William has turned so hard, so cold, that he has in fact turned Black Hat. And a much crueler one than Logan ever was. Well folks, it’s true. William is the Man in Black.



As I said, the internet has been speculating this for weeks. But as Ben Barnes said in an interview earlier this week, so many of us get caught up in guessing what’s going to happen, we forget to enjoy. So, if you guessed it right, after you’ve finished cheering (we’ve all done it, it’s okay), let’s actually sit and think about this.

The realization that William is actually the MiB (I’m going to refer to him as William from now on) is incredibly depressing. He starts this journey as such an innocent flower. He can barely look at a prostitute, he’s constantly yelling at Logan for killing hosts, and he really just hates the whole idea of this place. As the show goes on, some of his morals go lax, but he’s still a good guy. And his love for Dolores is true. It’s the one thing we can count on. And now, we can’t even count on that.

Don’t you remember how in the first episode of the season, Will brutally drags Dolores off into the barn? And in this episode, he forces her to shave him, beats her, and stabs her. It’s not only horrific, it’s heartbreaking. And he laughs when Dolores talks about how her love is going to save her, because he thinks she’s talking about Teddy. But then she says his name. “William,” she says, with all the love you can imagine in her voice. And he pauses. He realizes that he’s become her new loop. She constantly replays their time together, trying to find the truth. And it isn’t until now that she discovers it.

It really makes you think, doesn’t it? Was Will always destined to become this, or did he become this because of Westworld? But I’ll dive more into that later, so stay tuned.

And As For Logan And Will?

Credit: HBO

Good question! Well, now that we’ve established that all scenes with Ben Barnes and Jimmi Simpson actually take place in the past, we start soon after where we left off last week. Will has taken control and he won’t stand for Logan’s shenanigans anymore. He’s tied Logan’s hands together so that he has to stumble along behind Will’s horse. And yeah, it’s kind of amusing to see him try and somersault his way back onto his feet, but it’s much more depressing (in the most brilliant way possible) to see what Will has become.

Will goes on what I can only describe as a killing spree on his mission to find Dolores. And after he shoots a man, then proceeds to stab him through the neck, even Logan flinches away, cursing. I should mention he’s also sitting in a pile of dead bodies that William presumably is responsible for.

They continue on their way, Will riding to find Dolores, dragging Logan behind him. And eventually they reach the outskirts of the park, still no closer to finding Dolores. So William takes his own form of revenge on Logan. And this we really need to talk about.

William plucks a feather from the ground and places it in Logan’s hands, still bound together. But now he sits upon a horse, completely naked. And it’s really an incredible moment because while we’ve spent the season shaking our heads at Logan and rooting for Will, all of a sudden the tables have turned. Logan more or less spits at Will, how he always tried to act the moral hero, but in actuality, he’s “a fucking piece of work”. This place shows you who you really are. Will simply smiles and comments that he’ll be making sure that their company increases their share of this place. “It’s the future,” he says. And this is the first time we truly see Logan lose it.

It can almost be described as a tantrum. He screams at Will that it isn’t their company, it’s his. But Will shrugs it off, telling him that his father won’t want someone so unstable and reckless running the company. Logan begins to laugh in a way that really feels unhinged, saying that Will never wanted Dolores. She was just an excuse for all of this. And when you stop and think, you have to wonder if that actually, at least in part, could be true. This scene isn’t a power struggle. It’s an ending to a story. It’s a complete switch, making us almost pity Logan as well as have to say goodbye to Will. Because really, he would never be the same. And that’s proven true the moment he returns to Sweetwater and sees Dolores. And she doesn’t remember him. She doesn’t look twice. And after that, we really never get Will back.

Ben Barnes and Jimmi Simpson have been such incredible members of the show, and while the Will/MiB reveal was ridiculously brilliant, I’m really sad! Does this mean we won’t see them again!? Maybe not. We could easily revisit young Will and Logan through flashbacks, and who knows what twists the writers have got in store for us in the coming seasons. But if this is goodbye, I really have to applaud these two actors. They have been so enjoyable to watch, bringing a fantastic contrast to the screen. As guests, they’re truly the ones who walked us through the park. And they couldn’t have done a better job. Two of my favourites, I desperately hope we’ll be seeing more of them!!


And that’s it for part 1, folks! Be sure to check out the others as well!

Thanks for reading! And Ben, Jimmi, thanks for a great season.

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