‘Westworld’: Maeve Assembles Her Army In The Season 1 Finale

Maeve faces a difficult choice, and proves that she has more humanity than most humans.


Alright, lovelies, I’m here for part 2! Be sure to check out part 1 where I cover all the details on Logan, Will, and who the Man in Black really is here! And you can check out Season 2 speculations, along with the identity of Wyatt, here! But if you want to know what exactly happened with Maeve in the finale, sit back, relax, and let’s recap!

Credit: HBO

We left off last week with Maeve hellbent on getting out of the park. And this week she threw that plan into action. Altering both Hector and Armistice, we watch as they brutally murder the men working on them. Armistice strikes first, throwing the man through a window, and then Hector kills the man who has been having sex with him on what apparently has been a frequent basis. And while I probably should not be rooting for the humans to die, I was totally cheering on both Armistice and Hector. And I’m pretty sure I wasn’t alone.

Maeve enters the bloodied room with Felix and Sylvester, and while Felix is left alone, Armistice begins to choke Sylvester, saying he doesn’t exactly look like the trustworthy type.

I mean, she isn’t wrong.

Together, Maeve and Armistice are able to find out that Arnold has been making changes to Maeve’s code long before they altered her. When they leave, Maeve orders Sylvester to stay put, or she’ll send Armistice back for him. And this is such an incredible moment. How many times in television do we see women being threatened by men? It’s constant. But here, Sylvester is literally quivering as Armistice smiles at him and kisses the glass, taunting him. She’s powerful, dangerous, and not to be messed with. And everyone knows that. Maeve didn’t threaten him with Hector, who was standing alongside them. No, she threatened him with Armistice. And that is extremely important.

The three of them, with Felix, head down to where the decommissioned hosts are kept so that Maeve can say goodbye to Clementine. But there they find Bernard, dead (remember how Ford forced him to shoot himself?). Felix obviously starts freaking out, and when Maeve lets him know that he was a host and needs to be repaired, Felix starts thinking exactly what we are. He starts moving his arms in robotic motions as Maeve rolls her eyes. “Oh for fuck’s sake, you’re not one of us.”


 Felix was our comic relief this episode, that single moment made me burst into tears I was laughing so hard. Bless Felix. He’s the best one.

With a little handiwork, Bernard is up and running in no time. And here he discovers something that is truly disturbing. Something Maeve refuses to believe, something she probably is programmed not to believe, but something we have to acknowledge is true. Maeve’s decisions have not been her own. She has been reprogrammed, given a new narrative. A narrative called “Escape”. And while she insists no one controls her, we see her twitch. Part of her knows this is the truth, she simply can’t accept it. It’s hard to watch, and it’s a moment of utter hopelessness.

There was a sense of hope these last few episodes. Even though we knew the chances of Maeve escaping were slim, there was a possibility. She might be able to do it. And the thought of that was so inspiring. Here’s a character that overcomes it all! And it’s all been a lie. Of course, it’s brilliant. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are geniuses, of that there is no question. But it was so heartbreaking!

However, this doesn’t stop Maeve, or her army, from continuing on. She is nothing if not determined, and so they make their way through the levels, coming across some shocking discoveries along the way. They enter a level filled with hosts dressed in Japanese warrior wear, all training as one. Maeve asks what the hell it is, and Felix only says that it’s complicated. But this hints at what could possibly come. We know that there are other parks like Westworld, ones with different themes. Perhaps this is one we’ll be delving into, or perhaps it’s simply showing us that they do plan to show us other parks throughout the series. Either way, I’m pumped!

Hector and Armistice remind us that when it comes to dynamic duos, they’ll come out on top every time. They were talented with Westworld-style guns. But with modern weapons? They’re nearly unbeatable. We almost lose hope for Armistice when she gets her arm stuck in a door, but convinces the others to go on without her. But the after credits scene shows her chopping her own arm off, 127 hours-style, and coming back with a vengeance. As for Hector? Maeve didn’t change his programming. He can’t leave the park. She admits that while she’d love for him to join her, she’s always valued her independence. She embraces him a last time. “See you in the next life,” he murmurs before raising hell. We didn’t see what happened to him, but my guess (my hope) is that he’s still very much alive. But it was a tear-jerking scene, either way.

Finally, Maeve bids farewell to Felix, letting him know that he’s terrible at being a human (a quite flattering compliment). But not before he gives her the information on where her daughter is, as she asked. Her daughter’s alive and well, still there in the park. And you can see the torment on her face. She’s torn. Does she escape, or does she try to find her daughter? As Ford says at the end of the episode (which I’ll get into in part 3), the hosts will have a choice in the new narrative. Difficult choices that will define them.

Maeve gets on the train. She’s so close to getting out. But at the last second, she jumps off and back into the park. What matters above all else, it seems, is her daughter. But as she exits, the lights shut off, and she’s left in the dark. And she has no clue what she’s going back to.

So here’s the question we’re left with. Was Maeve programmed to turn back and find her daughter? Or was she simply programmed to make a choice between freedom and family? If the former, well that’s depressing. If the latter, isn’t that inspiring? She made an unquestionably brave choice. Escape was in her grasp, she had it, but she gave it away for her daughter. She sacrificed that for her daughter. And if that isn’t human, I don’t know what is.

Maeve went from being the woman who ran the local whorehouse to one of the strongest female characters on television. She took control of her own fate. She refused to stay ignorant, no matter how terrifying the truth may be. She was one of the cleverest, most powerful characters on the show. And I can’t wait to see what she cooks up in Season 2. Whatever it is, I bet it’s going to cause some chaos.

As always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for part 3!

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