‘Westworld’: The Well-Tempered Clavier Is The Biggest Game-Changer Yet

Maeve recruits an army. Logan gets his revenge. Will shows what cruelty he’s capable of. Dolores questions her reality.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. This episode of Westworld was simply breathtaking. Arguably the most important episode yet, “The Well-Tempered Clavier” is not one to be missed. There were some massive, game-changing, beautiful moments this episode. And as always, you can count on me to give you the lowdown on all the excitement. If you want to read about the massive reveal (AKA who Arnold really is) please check it out here! But if you want to know what’s going on with Logan and William, if William could really be the Man In Black, and Maeve’s army, you have come to the right place. Sit back, relax, and let’s recap!

Maeve Begins Her Army

As soon as Maeve announced that she wanted to build herself an army, there was no question as to who she would recruit first. She’s had a fling with Hector throughout the series. You remember Hector.


She goes to him this episode, walking him through the truth: that his life is a lie. She foresees that his men will shoot each other, which is when he first lets his guard down. And when she opens the safe for him, revealing that it’s empty, he has this look of hopelessness. It’s the realization that his life has truly been pointless, and it’s positively heartbreaking. Maeve takes his knife, puts it in his hand and tells him that he could kill her, and go back to living his life, which isn’t really his life. Or he can join her and defeat the Gods. Of course, he agrees. And what follows is one of the most beautiful scenes of the series.

Maeve and Hector begin to kiss, and when they move into the tent, she sets it on fire as they passionately make love. And I have to say, it brought tears to my eyes. Yes, the scene was incredibly steamy, but it was so much more powerful than that. It’s the first time that they actually make a decision for themselves. Sure, they’ve had sex before, but because it’s a part of their programming. This is the first time they actually choose to want each other, to have each other. It’s raw and it’s real. It’s honest. They feel alive, and that translates as they enjoy every taste, every touch, every moment. And for that reason, it’s one of the most powerful scenes of the series, and one of the most beautiful love scenes on television.

Logan’s Revenge

I don’t even know if I can call it revenge. Logan’s still out for the thrill. He’s actually been promoted to a General (or someone in charge, he can’t even remember). Instead of being angry with Will, he’s, dare I say it, grateful? I have to admit, as much as I hate him, I missed his craziness. He’s so much fun to watch! But while he and Will might be square…well, he’s still not too fond of the hold that Dolores has over Will.

Will begs Logan to get in touch with his contacts within the park to try and get Dolores out. He actually seems pretty desperate. Will knows that she isn’t like the others, she has her own thoughts, decides her own fate, and even Logan starts to see it. But he sees Will falling deep for a host. And we all know Logan. He’s not exactly one to let morals stand in his way of making a point.

This scene, like every scene with Will, Logan, and Dolores, is stunning. There’s an intensity. Will’s love for Dolores and drive to keep her safe puts you on the edge of your seat while making your heart melt. Dolores shakes her head at the two boys, wondering why she would want to get out when everyone in the world is so desperate to come there. She makes you hold your breath, and in the same moment cheer for her. And then there’s Logan, who’s your wildcard. You never know what his next move is going to be. One minute he’s looking worried, the next he’s laughing, and then he’s lightly brushing Dolores’ shoulders. The chemistry between Evan Rachel Wood, Ben Barnes, and Jimmi Simpson is breathtaking to say the least. And it’ll leave you begging for more.

The next scene is jaw-dropping, horrifying and something impossible to look away from. And to be honest, I was really worried this was going to turn into a rape scene. I was actually terrified of this. Will screams at Logan not to touch Dolores, Logan licks Dolores’ face, it’s a whole thing. And then…it doesn’t happen. And this needs to be talked about. Westworld took a huge step last night by refusing to write an unnecessary rape scene. I cannot stress enough of how excited I was by this and how important this is.

Instead, something much more effective, and still very devastating happens. Logan pulls out a knife and plunges it into Dolores’ stomach. She and Will both let out a scream simultaneously. Will damns Logan as he slices through her skin, dragging the knife upward. And then he digs his hands into the wound and pulls, stretching the skin until we see the mechanics working inside of her. I honestly don’t know what was more powerful: Will’s horror at what is happening, Logan’s urgency/cruelty, or Dolores’ pure shock and terror at seeing what she is. And yet she is still able to retain the strength to spit at Logan, cutting his face and shooting multiple men in the camp and running away. But as she runs, she gets lost in flashbacks. This is when she meets Arnold.

But let’s take a time out.

Credit: HBO

So, there were a couple moments here that actually could prove the multiple timelines/William is actually the Man In Black theory. One, Dolores runs away and yet as she walks, there’s no wound. This wound was severe enough that it almost definitely would have killed her. And yet it hasn’t. Which leads us to believe that instead of just a regular flashback, it’s actually two different timelines that we’re seeing. And when Logan freaks on Will about Dolores, he says that he must have forgotten that he’s engaged to his sister. He pulls out a picture and shows it to Will. And was it just me, or did that picture look familiar? Like the one that Abernathy found dug into the ground!? Multiple timelines explains how the photo got there, gives us context as to why as well. Will could have easily left it there, as his heart belongs to Dolores now? Or maybe to spite Logan? Or to remind Dolores of his love for her? There are so many possibilities, but the change in Will’s character is what really makes me think he will become the Man In Black.

Logan and Will seem to make up. Logan unties him and actually seems to be looking out for his best interests. He tries to take him out of the fantasy, letting him know that it’s normal to get caught up the first time. But that the park is meant to seduce you. It’s not real. They got in some awesome bonding, they’re like brothers now. It’s all good. They hug it out! It’s actually cute. And then comes the next morning…

Logan wakes up to find his pistol gone. He looks around and sees the entire camp slaughtered. And I do mean slaughtered. These people aren’t just dead, they are torn apart. Limbs are brutally detached. And Will sits in the middle of it all, covered in blood with a look of understanding on his face, and a coldness in his eyes. Logan tries to calm him but Will tackles him, letting him know that he makes the rules now.

This scene made my heart stop. Will completely changes. And actually, the characters do a 180. Logan was chaotic evil. He was the man in charge, he made the rules, he was the one who killed without thought. And now Will is cruel in ways that we hadn’t even seen from Logan. And while Logan was in it for the fun, Will just seems to do it because it’s what you do. It’s terrifying, it makes you question everything, and it’s really just brilliant. I cannot stress enough how incredible Ben Barnes and Jimmi Simpson are, and how they’ve captured this ridiculously messed relationship. Bravo!! I cannot wait to see what happens between them in the finale! Will they find Dolores? Will Logan take this or revolt? IS WILL THE MAN IN BLACK!?

This show is perfect in every way, and I don’t know what I’m going to do once the season’s over! It’s my favourite part of the week! But it’s going to be okay, right?


In the meantime, please feel free to geek out with me in the comments! Seriously. I need to fangirl with someone.

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