‘Westworld’ Reveals Who Arnold Really Is

This massive twist explains EVERYTHING!

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So, I’m feeling faint. I may or may not have hyperventilated tonight. But that’s normal, right?

Tonight’s episode of Westworld was perhaps the most important and most shocking yet. So much so that yes, I will be splitting “The Well-Tempered Clavier” recap into multiple parts, so if you can’t get enough of Logan, Will, and Maeve, check out my newest post here! But if you’re here for the night’s big reveal, then wait no more and look no further. But please do be patient. I’m trying to write this as calmly as possible but I’m actually screaming in the process, so bear with me.

This show has tortured us for what feels like years (though in actuality it’s only been weeks) with so many questions. Who is the Man In Black? Are there multiple timelines? WHO THE HELL IS ARNOLD!?

Well tonight…we finally received some answers. They finally revealed who Arnold really is.

Are you ready?

It is…

Credit: HBO

Okay so it isn’t actually Bernard but seriously (pardon my language here), total mind-fuck!!! I can honestly say that while it crossed my mind in the beginning, I did not at all see this coming!

So Arnold helped build the park, along with the hosts. And we know that there was a huge mystery around his death. He died in the park, something that isn’t supposed to be possible. Arnold has also been communicating with the hosts, driving Dolores to discover the truth of Westworld.

Throughout the episode, Bernard and Ford talk. Bernard wants to know everything. He wants to know the truth, he wants to meet Arnold, he wants to remember everything he has ever done. And so Ford allows him to look inside himself. He discovers that it was he who attacked Elsie. He remembers killing Theresa. He remembers everything.

And then he sees a picture of Ford in the early days of the park, with his partner, Arnold. And who should he see standing there but…himself?

Arnold was just Arnold. That’s the truth. But Bernard is even more than we could have ever imagined. Bernard is actually modeled after Arnold (their names even sound similar). He was built by Ford probably partially because Ford missed his friend, but because he needed his partner. No one ever saw the hosts quite like Arnold did.

If you look back, it actually all makes sense. Ford drops countless hints, comparing Bernard’s thoughts to Arnold’s on multiple occasions. Bernard is a host, one that was created right after Arnold’s demise. Coincidence? Apparently not! And do you remember when Ford first showed Bernard the picture? We just saw two men, Bernard, or Arnold, wasn’t in it. Take a look:

He doesn’t see Arnold because Ford programmed him not to! As he didn’t see the door, as he didn’t see anything that he couldn’t have coped with. We were seeing the photo as he saw it!!

OH. And in case that wasn’t trippy enough for you, we found out how Arnold died as well. Dolores killed him.

Her reasoning is yet to be determined, but she now remembers killing Arnold. She’s finally found the answers she’s been seeking and they were as dark as we suspected. Dolores wasn’t always the innocent farm girl. But why did she murder Arnold? I suspect we’ll get the answer next week, in the season finale. Can you believe it? The first season is almost over…

The episode ends with Bernard wanting to kill Ford for what he’s done, but he’s unable to. Ford is always one step ahead, so instead orders Bernard to shoot himself, saying a heartfelt goodbye in the process. To be honest, the goodbye felt rather final which terrifies me! Even though Bernard is a host, Ford can choose to not bring him back online! UGH IS IT NEXT WEEK YET!?

HBO, as always, we have to thank you. And huge shout out not only to the incredible writers and directors who work tirelessly on this show, but to the amazing actors as well. Evan Rachel Wood was perfection, as always, and Jeffrey Wright stopped my heart. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He has continued to shock us each week, and no doubt he’ll continue to do so. Literally could not have been a better performance. I’m speechless at this point.

As always, thanks for reading! PLEASE geek out with me in the comments, and stay tuned for more!

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