‘Westworld’: Bernard Forgets, Maeve Grows Stronger, And Logan Returns In Trace Decay

Dolores questions her sanity. Logan returns and is ready for revenge. More details are revealed about the Man in Black.

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I can’t believe there are only two episodes left Season One of Westworld. Seriously, what am I going to do with my time? I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.


Tonight, Episode 8 titled ‘Trace Decay’ aired, and to be honest, I feel like it gave way more questions than answers. But this isn’t uncommon. The third last episode of a season almost always does this. They’re introducing ideas and building suspense for the finale that’s to come. And if I were to take a guess, I’d say it’ll be a doozy. But there are some moments from ‘Trace Decay’ that I really want to talk about.

Ford Opens The Episode And Bernard Forgets

Credit: HBO

‘Trace Decay’ wasted no time in giving us chills. Instead of Bernard’s soothing voice opening the episode, we instead hear Ford hauntingly saying, “Bring yourself back online, Bernard.” I still can’t believe it. Bernard seemed more human than anyone, and the fact that he’s actually a host just reminds you of the fact that you cannot trust anything or anyone. We are all Jon Snow, okay? We know nothing.

Bernard obviously is having a lot of trouble coping with what he’s done. Not only does he now realize he’s a host, he also killed a woman that he loves. He also has to come to terms with the fact that his wife and dead son are not and never were real. Add on to the fact that, oh, Bernard just happened to be the one that grabbed Elsie! If that wasn’t a knife to the heart, I don’t know what is. Still no news on whether Elsie is alive or dead, so I guess we just keep our fingers crossed for now? Either way, Bernard has now forgotten all of this, and has been reinstated as Head of Behavioral. After covering his tracks, Ford wiped his memory. He now thinks that the only relationship he had with Theresa was strictly professional. Which brings us to a bit of a problem, as Stubbs apparently knew about the relationship! So when he offers Bernard his condolences and Bernard denies ever having an affair, Stubbs looks confused, understandably so. But please, Stubbs, don’t investigate. Just ignore it. Elsie may or may not be dead, Bernard is a host, we can’t lose you too. WE NEED SOME NORMALITY, HBO.



“We’ve Been Tinkering With My Core Code – Let Me Show You.”

Credit: HBO

Just when you thought Maeve couldn’t get any more bad ass, turns out that last week was just the beginning! While Sylvester is done with Maeve and wants to wipe her out completely, Felix has a lot more compassion. He’s attached to Maeve, and understands how powerful she is. So instead of being wiped out, she has reached a new level of powerful. As we see when she slits Sylvester’s throat, she can now harm humans.

This is something that’s supposed to be impossible and yet here we are! Is this Arnold’s doing? Maeve does ask who Arnold is, so this could be a part of his coding. It actually would explain the mystery behind his death. It wasn’t suicide, he actually programmed a  host to kill him. But back to Maeve, this scene was such an incredible moment. I really have to applaud the writers and Thandie Newton. You forget that she’s completely naked. She just exudes this insane amount of power. She is the most dangerous, most intelligent, and most powerful person in every room, and she knows it. There’s a coldness in her, and yet also a compassion. And now that she can control the other hosts with vocal commands, she’s even more mesmerizing. She feels more human than ever right now, and it’s incredible to watch her make this transformation.

At the end of the episode, she’s found and taken because she killed the new Clementine. But she won’t go easy. And it’ll be interesting to see when and how she reveals her strength. I wouldn’t get too attached to anyone, just in case.

“Am I Going Mad?”

Credit: HBO

Willores (I don’t know if the cast created this but they’re using it so I’m going with it) is going strong! And both of them seem to be making some character changes. When Dolores and Will come across a massacre, with a boy still alive, Dolores rushes over to help him. She asks Will for water, and he hesitates. Something very out of character for him. And when Dolores leaves and returns with more water, the boy is dead. It’s unclear whether Will actually killed the boy, but if he did, this change in character gives us another reason to believe that the William is the Man In Black Theory could be true.

Dolores continues to hallucinate, starting with seeing herself dead in the water. But it only gets worse from there. When she reaches what she thinks is home, she is caught between past and present. She sees the place that used to be a training ground for hosts back in the day. But it was also a place of great slaughter. From the looks of it, where Arnold was killed? And she sees herself holding the gun, pointing it to her own temple. She’s doing the same unknowingly in the present as well, but Will stops her before she can pull the trigger. She breaks down, understandably feeling like she’s going mad. She doesn’t know what’s real, but she knows Arnold wants her to remember. But Will takes her away before she can. He hopes that getting her back to Sweetwater will help her, but those plans are interrupted…

Logan Returns…


Old gif, I know, but doesn’t it just sum up Logan perfectly? And how he’s feeling about Willores right now?

I have so many mixed opinions because on one hand I absolutely adore Ben Barnes, but on the other I really, desperately hate Logan! But I also love to hate him? He’s one of those characters that you wish would just die, but you don’t really. You lose a lot when you lose someone like him. Think of Joffrey. As satisfying as his death was, it was kind of sad too, because he brought so much to the show. He was the perfect person to hate. Either way, for better or worse, Logan’s back baby! He was able to convince compatriots that he wasn’t involved in the “double crossing” and when they find Dolores and Will, he couldn’t be more excited. “Man, are you two fucked,” he says with a small but sadistic grin. If you thought Logan was bad before, oh boy, you are not prepared for what’s coming! Logan may have started out as chaotic neutral, but now? It looks like he’s full on chaotic evil, and while that makes me really worried for Dolores and Will (you can imagine how he’ll torture them), it makes me almost giddy from a writer’s perspective. I’m going to go back to Joffrey on this one. You hate him with a burning passion, but he adds so much to the show. Ben Barnes continues to kill it, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Who Is The Man In Black?

*Laughs* Like we know that yet! His identity is still a mystery, but we did get some insight into his story today! He reveals that he was married for thirty years and has a daughter. But a year ago, he found his wife dead in the bath after taking the wrong pills. He thought it an accident, but his daughter blamed him, saying that he had driven his wife to suicide. It’s pretty hard to think that this could be William’s future, but it also seems plausible? I honestly don’t know with this show. What I do know is that both the Man In Black and Teddy have been captured by Wyatt’s men. And that the season is almost over, so maybe we’ll finally get some answers!?

As you can tell from this long recap (I’m sorry), I had a lot to say! But so much happened! And there’s so much more to come. So many questions, so few answers. I trust the writers, but let’s just keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

As always, thanks for reading, and feel free to geek out with me in the comments! And to make up for such a long post, have some Hector.

Credit: HBO




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