We Need To Talk About That ‘Westworld’ Episode!

Will and Dolores act on their feelings. Maeve wants to escape the park. A secret is revealed.

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Just wow.

I’d really like to use another word, but I don’t think I have any that are appropriate, so we’ll just stick with WOW.


The latest episode of HBO’s Westworld aired tonight and yeah, we really need to talk about it. Or at least I really need to talk about it. I can’t handle my feels over here, so let’s just jump right into it, okay?

When You Totally Understand The Robot Sex?

Credit: HBO

In previous episodes, it’s been portrayed as a very creepy thing. I mean, humans are having sex with robots for pleasure. Seems kind of pathetic, right? Well, this episode changed things thanks to two scenes. Newcomer Charlotte is here to basically analyze the park, extract important information, and get Dr. Ford, as easily as possible, to retire. But who says a girl can’t have a little fun on a business trip? Theresa accidentally interrupts her having sex with Hector. You remember Hector, right? The leather-clad baddie with an accent to die for?


Sigh…yes, him. And may I point out that the sex looked to be rather rough. Not only was he handcuffed to the bed, but he seemed to have a cut on his lip. Robot-human sex just went from pathetic to intense, and – dare I say it – sexy? I’m just saying, we can’t really blame Charlotte. Just look at Hector. Honestly.

Will And Dolores Finally Seal The Deal

Credit: HBO

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been rooting for these two kids to get together since they first met!! And finally, by the grace of the HBO Gods, it’s happened. William finally gave into his desires, realizing quite a bit about himself along the way. He used to think that the park was about meeting the lowest part of yourself, but he now understands that it’s about realizing the deepest part of yourself. He talks about how he loves this place because it reminds him of the books he used to read as a kid. All he did was read, wanting to escape into the books and live in them, and Westworld sort of allows him to do it. He also became the most relatable person ever in that moment, because that’s pretty much my life story, in case anyone was wondering.

But I digress.

The moment finally comes, and they succumb to each other. And the next morning, though Dolores is sure he will be filled with regret, her worries are silenced as he passionately embraces her. Again, all of a sudden we’re okay with human-robot sex. It’s not pathetic at all, it’s beautiful, it’s something we’ve been rooting for! Westworld is really messing with our heads, and it’s too awesome for words.

In other news, they were in quite a bit of danger this episode, and it was the first time in a while that I was truly scared for Dolores. The idea of her being reset at this point is almost as, if not worse, than the idea of her dying (aren’t they kind of the same thing for a host?). But they do escape, and now Will and Dolores are off on their own adventure. Hopefully to run into Logan again soon. As a person he’s terrible, but as a character, he’s endlessly fascinating and a great baddie to have on screen. Also, I miss seeing Ben Barnes’ face.

However, many of you will have noticed that Will has done everything Logan has told him to so far, just not right away. Logan told him to let loose, to just kill a host. He ended up shooting an unarmed man without hesitation. Logan also told him to just have sex with Dolores. While Will actually has feelings for her, and it was a lot more romantic than Logan put it, Will went through with it. He’s doing everything Logan told him he would. Just something you might want to keep in mind.

Maeve Wants Out

Maeve’s intelligence is now off the charts. She knows when something is off. For example, whenever she says something scripted, she now has trouble getting through it, feeling that it isn’t really her words. Amazingly, she now cannot be frozen with the other hosts. She watches as those around her pause, but she does not. She cannot. She’s so close to being free, now holding so many answers in her hand. But she can’t be free until she’s far away from the park. And so once again, she blackmails Felix and Sylvester. Looks like they’ll be taking a little trip, and it looks like this is Maeve’s end goal. Especially after seeing Clementine basically lobotomized, she needs to get out of there. It may be near impossible, but if anyone can do it, it’s her.


Credit: HBO

Okay…remember to breathe. That’s the key.

This theory has been floating around the internet for some time now, but no one’s really been one hundred percent positive. With this show, anything can happen, and it’s hard to tell where to place your bets. But it’s been confirmed. Bernard is, in fact, a host.

There’s this moment just before it’s confirmed that we know what will probably happen next. Bernard takes Theresa down to the house where young, robot Robert lives. The house is empty, so they just explore. Theresa asks what’s behind a specific door, and Bernard doesn’t see the door, a type of behavior that many hosts exhibit.

They go down and see that Ford has been making his own hosts down there. Okay, not a great start, but there’s still hope, right? Theresa then comes across a pile of documents, drawings of prototypes that Ford’s been designing. We see Dolores among them. And then Theresa’s face falls, disbelief and sorrow filling her face. And we know. We know the truth. And in a few seconds, we see it on the paper: a drawing of Bernard. And when she shows it to him, he doesn’t see it. Ford programmed him that way to spare him any hurt.

So Bernard’s a host. Seemingly the only sane person in charge is a freaking host. Completely loyal and utterly controlled by Ford. Awesome. Really stellar. It just goes to show how lifelike the hosts really are.

The scene goes on for like, six more minutes. And let’s be real, I’m pretty sure those six minutes were just for the information to sink in and the shock to wear off. Theresa is in disbelief, as we are, Ford reveals the truth of Bernard’s actions and how he’s actually all powerful, more or less. But it can’t just end there. Now that Theresa knows…well…

Ford orders Bernard to take care of her. And without hesitation or emotion, Bernard takes off his jacket and tie, walks up to Theresa and bashes her head against the wall until he kills her. This show has reached new levels of haunting and disturbing. But from a purely creative perspective, I feel the need to applaud what they’ve done. Westworld is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, finding new boundaries to push and generating ideas I’m kicking myself for not thinking of! I’m still in shock from the gigantic revelations this episode brought us, and can’t wait until next Sunday. As always, it can’t come soon enough.

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments! Feel free to geek out with me.

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