‘Westworld’ Recap Part I: Contrapasso Gives Us Some Major Insight

Logan continues to push buttons. Will starts to unleash his inner darkness.

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Every week, I wait in agonizing anticipation for the next episode of HBO’s newest sci-fi show, and every week, my heart is left pounding at unnatural speeds. I am left on the edge of my seat, clutching my chest and gasping for breath because every week, without fail, this show shocks and amazes me to my very core. This week was no exception. I’ll be doing this recap in two parts, so let’s get right into it, shall we?

“Find Me.”

This is the first episode that hasn’t opened with Dolores, though she quickly makes an appearance in the second scene. Her memories are starting to blur again and it’s as if her code is being changed. We see proof of this throughout the episode as she becomes less and less quiet, which I’ll be getting into more in the second part of this recap. But when we see her in this first scene, she hears the voice in her head again. It says, “Find me”. She responds by saying, “Show me how”. We can assume this voice is Arnold, especially considering that later in the episode, Dr. Ford himself talks to Dolores. He asks her about Arnold, the last time that she spoke to him and she tells him that it was the day he died. Ford is satisfied with this and moves on, but when Dolores is alone she says out loud not to worry, that she didn’t tell him anything.

Literally could use this gif a million times because it sums up everything. But seriously, what’s going on with Dolores? Who is she talking to? And more importantly, who should we be rooting for? So far, it’s actually hard to tell who the ‘good guy’ is. Logan surprisingly brings up a decent point about this later, that there really aren’t any heroes or villains in the park. Speaking of…

Logan Hints At Their Infamous “Company”

Credit: HBO

So we know that Logan and William work at a company together, but until this episode, we really haven’t known much else. We knew that they had something to do with Westworld, but pretty much we were just clueless. But as of tonight, we’re a little less clueless, so yay! They’ve reached a new town, this one deeper into the world. And true to what we’ve heard, it gets more intense the further you get. Here, guests can be hurt pretty badly, though nothing permanent. But definitely expect to take a few punches, which Logan does (I love Ben Barnes, but yeah, Logan, you deserve them).

This town is filled with sex and violence, and while walking through Logan explains things to Will. He puts it in a pretty eloquent way. “Everything out here is more raw.” He says that it comes at a price though, and they’re considering “buying them out”. Wait a second. We knew that the company Logan and Will are working for are involved in Westworld in some way, but how deeply? Is the company planning on taking over, or are they already running parts of the park? It would explain why Logan knows so much. And we found out that Will just got promoted to a higher position, which could explain why he’s so new to it all? I honestly have no clue, just speculating. But I really want to know!

It’s also important to note that Logan knows about Arnold, though he doesn’t know his name. He brings to our attention that there’s not even a picture of Arnold anywhere. It’s all very hush hush which leads us to believe that Arnold is in fact one of the biggest players in this show, and probably someone we know. Why else wait for the big reveal? There are a couple of different theories out there ranging from the Man in Black, to William, to Dr. Ford himself, but for right now we’re all just spit balling.

William Is Changing

Credit: HBO

No one is talking about this as much as they should be. This episode there was a definite shift in tone, and a huge part of that was Will. He’s a sweet guy, a shy and timid guy, someone who really has no interest in the park. But thanks to Logan bringing him to deeper levels, Will’s starting to ‘loosen up’, as Logan would put it. They go on a mission with Slim to rob a stage coach. Will and Dolores want it to end peacefully and Logan, as long as the men they’re robbing cooperate, promises to oblige. But things go horrible wrong when one of the men tackles Logan. Will looks on in horror, not knowing what to do. But when one of the men points a gun at Dolores, he doesn’t hesitate. He shouts and kills the gunman, then turning around and shooting the solider behind him – a man who had his hands up and was unarmed. There’s a brief flash of horror in his eyes, but then he turns around to Logan, who is currently being choked to death. He lifts his gun with an eerie deadness in his eyes and shoots the soldier. Seriously, was I the only one totally creeped out but also really impressed? This scene was so fabulously written, directed, and acted.

Logan, despite being just choked pretty intensely, starts laughing and cheering, clapping Will on the back. He’s proud and excited that Will’s getting into the spirit of the game, but Will’s pretty horrified at himself. He also seems pretty angry at Logan, but that’s nothing new. Who isn’t angry at Logan?

Later, they spend time in what basically seems to be some kind of orgy place thing. I don’t know the proper term but it’s like a whorehouse times a million. Will’s fed up at this point. Logan wants to continue on in this way and join a war, and Will has no interest. And Logan is pushing him in ways that he hasn’t before. He tells Will that he didn’t choose him because he views him as a threat, but specifically because he could never be a threat to anyone. He says to him that the day he (Will) was promoted to upper management was probably the best day of his life. And here we see a change in Will again, when he has this pure hatred in his eyes as he pins Logan up against the wall by the throat. I actually thought he might just kill him right then and there. But he walks away. Interestingly enough, Logan seems more impressed than anything else.

Later, when Lawrence double-crosses the two of them, Will and Dolores are about to escape when they see Logan being dragged and beaten quite severely. He looks up and says, “Help me.” There’s actual fear in his eyes for the first time. But when Will shakes his head and runs off with Dolores, he actually smiles. It kind of proves that all he wanted to do was rile Will up. Earlier in the season, Will would have helped Logan no matter how angry he was. But now, he leaves him to rot (not actually, he’ll probably be up and about within 12 hours, but still). Again, there’s this sense that Logan’s proud, in a weird way. Weird guy. Horrible guy. But terribly fun to watch.

So now that Will and Dolores have left Logan, what’s next? From the teaser for next week’s episode, it looks like Logan is reunited with the two of them. And it looked like he was licking Dolores’ face!? What!? It also looks like Will is getting darker, maybe becoming more like Logan? Which is probably Logan’s goal? Sunday can’t come soon enough, I swear.

And that’s all for now, folks! This is just the first part of my recap, the second one is live here! I’ll be talking a little more about Will, a lot more about Dolores, and who can forget Maeve? Stay tuned!

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