“None Of This Matters”: A Recap Of Episode 4 Of ‘Westworld’

Maeve’s memories start to come back. We get a glimpse of who the Man in Black is outside of the park. Hector gives Maeve the answers she’s been looking for.

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I would just like to take a moment to state for the record that I do not currently watch The Walking Dead. I was, however, informed (courtesy of the exploding of Twitter) that last night was rough on all those who do. If you are one of these people, I am sorry.


But I’m not here to talk to you about a show that I don’t watch. No, I’m here to talk about a show that I DO watch, and that is HBO’s fantastic new series Westworld!


Westworld is my favourite part of the week. It’s what keeps me going. And this show is so beautiful that it physically hurts me. I don’t know how or even why, but it does.


Ron knows.

I’ll try to tone it down on the gifs.

Last night, episode 4 which was titled “Dissonance Theory” aired and proves that this show only gets better with each passing episode, a seemingly impossible feat that HBO is somehow achieving? Tell me your secrets, HBO.

So much went down last night. I’m talking jailbreaks, recovered memories, guns blazing, ship-creating episode. You can check out everything that happened with Logan and William here, but as for the rest of it, let’s recap, shall we?

Dolores Opens The Episode-With A Flashback?

Credit: HBO

So this question has been on my mind for some time. Dolores has opened every episode so far, slowly understanding more and more about the nature of things through her conversations with Bernard. But when are the conversations taking place? This episode she talks about her parents, and the pain she feels at their loss. But she would never wish to take away that pain, just like Bernard. This yet again shows the raw human nature within the hosts.

We are led to believe that this conversation is being had after she fainted in Logan and William’s camp. However, we later see that she wakes up there as if nothing has passed. So when did this conversation really take place? Was it after another time her parents had been killed? Was it while she was riding to the camp, but before she entered it? Or is there a possibility that the filmmakers are tricking us? What if the hosts aren’t actually in the room with the scientists, but the conversation is being held internally? That way, when she fainted in the camp, this entire conversation could be held while William and Logan figured she was passed out. A lot of questions are coming to the surface-and I think we’ll be getting some answers soon.

Maeve Remembers

Credit: HBO

Maeve’s past and present is beginning to blur together. She remembers seeing Clementine dead, as she lay shot next to her. She remembers being operated on, and recalls someone saying that there is a bullet fragment still left in her stomach, but when she goes home and looks, there’s no scar. The vision of the man in the suit (similar to a radiation suit) haunts her, so she quickly draws it so as not to forget it and hides it under a floorboard. Little did she expect to find multiple drawings of this same man already hidden. She isn’t the first to remember the man, either. He is actually a part of the natives’ religion, but more on that later.

Dolores’ Moment Of Clarity

Dolores really opens up to William in this episode, and while some of her answers seem scripted, for example, her thoughts about everyone having a path in life, others seem very real and raw. She seems to have a deeper understanding of the park and of her life than ever before. She hasn’t quite realized the truth, but she’s getting there. She, like Maeve, has started to have her past and present blur together. She recalls the man in the suit as well, and it completely disorients her. It’s hard to tell whether or not this is partially because of Bernard, it seems like he wants her to know the truth? It’s too early to know for sure, but it looks like next week we’ll be getting some big answers.

Who Is The Man In Black?

Credit: HBO

MiB continues to make his way to the center of the maze, running into Armistice along the way. It turns out that she is the snake he’s looking for, having a tattoo of a coiling snake wrapped around her body all the way up to her eye. We were told at the beginning of the series that this show would be revolutionary for women, and I think we’re all seeing why. Armistice is without question one of the most dangerous and ruthless characters on the show. That’s not something you often see in a Western, so it’s a really nice change.

Now what happens next is really interesting, because we get to see a little of who the MiB really could be. One of the guests comes up to him and thanks him, saying that his foundation literally saved his sister’s life. The MiB quickly shuts him down, clearly not wanting to talk about work on his vacation. He’s obviously got a lot of money and does some sort of charity work, but how far does that go? What if he’s actually a great human being that just comes here to let off steam? Does that make it right? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

It’s also important to note that the MiB has a lot of knowledge on Arnold. He knows that he helped create the park and he knows that he died there, something supposedly no human can do. He talks about real violence and real stakes. Perhaps he’s related to Arnold and wants justice? Maybe he wants to play a game with real stakes. There’s also a theory that the MiB is actually Arnold as well as that there’s some kind of time travel involved. Honestly, it’s pretty confusing and at this point, I don’t think there’s enough information to really say one way or another. But whatever the case, it’s going to be big.

Credit: HBO

MiB arrives at the prison and who should be there but Hector. I have to say I was really excited about this. What can I say, I love a bad boy! But we get a deeper look into how the park works. MiB lights a match, and we cut to the control center, where a woman says that they have a request for a pyrotechnic effect, two charges. So things in the park happen because a guest asks it to. But is there mind reading involved? Or was it the simple act of striking the match that got the question across? Hopefully more on this later.

Either way, MiB’s request is approved and he and Hector escape the prison, returning to Armistice. She stays true to her word and tells the story of her tattoo. When she was seven, masked men rode into her town and killed everyone who lived there. Men, women, children, even the animals. She covered herself in her mother’s blood to convince the men that she was dead. She now tracks down each man and paints her skin with their blood. She only has one man left, and that man is Wyatt.

MiB goes on his way, and comes across Teddy! Teddy isn’t dead!! He’s alive (barely), but still! I actually feel really bad for him, this guy cannot catch a break.

“None Of This Matters”

The episode ends with an intense and beautiful sequence. Hector and his gang ride into town, causing mayhem and starting a bloodbath. Armistice isn’t the only one who’s good with a gun. Hector pulls this really cool move where he reloads the gun with one arm and it’s actually really impressive and kind of hot? Am I the only one having these thoughts? I hope not.

He goes into the saloon where Maeve pulls a gun on him, wanting to have a little chat. They go up to the room with the safe where she wants to make a deal. She offers to tell him the combination if he gives her some answers about the man in the suit. The natives call him “The Shade”, they believe him to be some kind of God. He walks between worlds, overseeing theirs. Maeve explains to Hector that she remembers getting shot. He sees that there’s no wound, and she explains that she saw The Shade standing over her, and the wound was gone. But she thinks there’s still something in her to prove it. She asks him to cut her so that she can see. He places his hand on her stomach but at the last second pulls away, saying he can’t cut an unarmed woman. So she takes the knife, digging into her own skin. When the cut is deep enough, Hector takes off his gloves and his hat. He pulls her to him and digs is fingers into the wound, pulling out a bullet. He asks her what it means. “That I’m not crazy after all,” she says breathlessly. “And that none of this matters.” She pulls him to her and as the men shoot through the door, they kiss passionately. It’s the perfect ending to the episode, and basically sums up the nature of the show. It’s beautifully gruesome, almost poetic in a way. Maeve now knows the truth, and so does Hector. But it looks like neither will be surviving this encounter, so how much will they remember? Does Hector now have this…disease that Maeve and Dolores have? How far will this spread?

So many questions! This episode was genius, and I seriously can’t wait to see what next week brings! Please let it be Sunday already!

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