‘Westworld’: The Best Moments From The Stray

Dr. Ford reveals Arnold’s history. Stubbs and Elsie track down the stray. Dolores overrides her code.

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Okay seriously, who else is watching Westworld!? I am addicted to this show, but can’t seem to find anyone who watches it!! If you aren’t, you really should be. I can’t even put into words how brilliant it is. But for those of you who do, last night episode 3 titled ‘The Stray’ aired, and well…this was pretty much me.


I’m not kidding, this show is my favourite part of the week. So let’s take a look at some of last night’s best moments.

William Starts Playing The Game

It might be too early to say for sure, but it looks like we may have found the Jon Snow of Westworld! Anyone who watches Thrones will know that while it’s pretty much impossible to find a true hero in Westeros, Jon Snow would be the one to fit the bill. He’s noble to a fault, he’s brave, he’s never done anything irredeemable, and let’s face it, he’s easy on the eyes. We’ve just met William (Jimmi Simpson), but after this episode I’m starting to think that he could fit the bill for our hero!

We knew he was going to be one of the better guys when he chose the white hat, but he’s starting to prove himself now. When Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) is being taken by a gunslinger, William pulls out his gun to shoot him. He hesitates (proving that he’s not a baddie), and ends up getting shot because of it. Here we learn that the guests can actually get shot, but the worst that happens is some minor bruising. They cannot be killed. So Will gets right back up and actually shoots him this time, saving Clementine. He’s stepping up to the plate, he’s proven that he’s brave. He’s noble and true, he still hasn’t slept with any other women (we found out this episode that he’s actually married to Logan’s [Ben Barnes] sister), though that may be changing soon from the promo shots with Dolores, and he definitely hasn’t done anything bad yet. And Jimmi Simpson is definitely easy on the eyes.


Westworld’s Star-Crossed Lovers

Credit: HBO

Sigh…these two. Teddy (James Marsden) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) are definitely the Romeo and Juliet of Westworld. ‘The Stray’ features both characters heavily, giving us some insight into their relationship. We found out that Teddy’s purpose is to keep Dolores rooted where she is, so that the guests may enjoy her as they please. It’s actually kind of heartbreaking? Even though we know it’s scripted, they seem so human (perhaps more so than the actual humans) that it feels wrong.

We see Dolores starting to crack this episode. She is starting to remember things that happened to her, like the Man in Black (Ed Harris) attacking and raping her, for example. Presumably, these memories are causing her to ask Teddy to take her away. She wants to escape with him, to go someplace and live a quiet life. But it’s against his programming and can never happen. Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) is writing a new story, however, which includes Teddy. With him away, how will this affect Dolores? Especially since it appears that he won’t be coming back. He says to her that he’ll come back for her “someday soon”. Earlier in the episode Dolores pointed out that someday sounds like another word for never. Which means this could be the last time Teddy and Dolores see each other.


Also interesting/important to note, Dolores asks Teddy to teach her how to shoot after being surrounded by thugs in the street. However, she finds she can’t pull the trigger because it’s against her programming. She’s the girl next door, the girl who is not violent. For now, at least.

What’s The Deal With Arnold?

Credit: HBO

Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) talks with Dr. Ford, trying to figure out what exactly is going on. His fear is that they treated the symptom, not the disease. More than one host has had a conversation with someone who isn’t there, but the really weird thing is that the conversation was being held with the same person. Someone named Arnold. This is where it gets really interesting.

Arnold was actually Dr. Ford’s partner in making Westworld and the hosts. The problem was that Arnold wasn’t interested in just creating an allusion, he wanted the real thing. He wanted there to be a consciousness in the hosts. Somehow, this idea is presently surfacing in the hosts.. Some of them, like Dolores, are remembering. And as Dr. Ford points out, that’s the last thing you want. The hosts go through so many horrors that they need to forget. If they don’t, they could go insane and become very dangerous.

Now here comes the really interesting part. Arnold died in the park itself. They called it an accident, but it seems Dr. Ford doesn’t believe it was one. Apparently Arnold was very careful, though equally quiet. He barely talked to anyone but the hosts, according to Ford. So how did Arnold die? Was it suicide? Murder? Is he really dead? Somehow a part of his code has made its way into the hosts and is messing with their programming. Right now, Arnold has created more questions than answers, but I think he has a bigger part to play in this story. We’ll see!

“The Hosts Are Not Real.”

Oh, Bernard. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s played by the fabulous Jeffrey Wright, who has this ability to evoke sympathy in anyone who watches him, but I can’t help but like him. We found out more about him this episode, and that his son died a few years ago. From what we saw, it looks like something along the lines of cancer that killed him. It still weighs heavily on him, and that is seen in his relationship with Dolores. He treats her differently than the other hosts, perhaps because, in a way, he created her as a coping mechanism. His judgement is clouded because of this. Dr. Ford reminds him that the hosts are not real, and I think in Dolores’ case, Bernard finds this hard to accept. His inability to accept this could be his, and the park’s undoing.

“I’m Vectoring, Asshole.”

Because Elsie (Shannon Woodward) is perfection, and I think we’re all going to use this line from now on. I know I am.

Who The Hell Are These Guys?

Credit: HBO

Okay, so we know that likely they are working with Wyatt, the new villain in Ford’s new story. But here’s the weird thing. When Teddy is surrounded by these people in masks, he shoots each of them. But none of them die. Hell, they barely even flinch.


 Well, there are two possibilities from where I’m sitting. One, these guys have some sort of bullet proof vest. I don’t know how they would make it, but we all know that Teddy is a fantastic shot. He didn’t miss, and nobody takes a bullet to the chest like it’s no big deal. Possibility two is, of course, that they aren’t hosts, but guests. Which would mean that Ford’s new story has really taken off quite quickly. If they’re guests, I think they just became a lot more dangerous. At least, if you like any of the hosts. Hopefully we’ll get more on this next week.

Dolores Overcomes Her Code

Credit: HBO

Slay, Dolores, slay! This is one of the most intense scenes of the entire season so far! She comes home to find her father murdered. Her memories start to blur together. She sees her current father, along with the host that used to be her father. She is dragged out to the barn to be raped, and she remembers the same instance with the Man In Black. She’s terrified and confused, trying to piece it all together while trying to figure out how to survive. And then, out of the hay, she pulls a gun. Without even realizing it, she was able to take the gun from the man who is trying to rape her. She hears what sounds like Bernard’s voice in her head, saying “Kill him”. And she pulls the trigger.

It’s this horrifying and brilliant moment. It’s a relief because this girl has had too many horrible things happen to her, and I know that I definitely wanted her to escape! But she is horrified with herself. She can’t believe that she did it, let alone trying to deal with the murder of her father and her mother on top of it. She is able to ride away with her life, thankfully, but at what cost? Is this a new Dolores? How was she able to override her own code? Or did Bernard reprogram her? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

This Stray Is Cray

Okay, so this was by far the creepiest part of the episode, perhaps the creepiest part of the whole show so far. As soon as Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) propels down to fix the Stray, we know that something’s going to go wrong. You can just feel it. Elsie places the Stray in sleep mode as Stubbs does his thing. He has to actually cut into the Stray’s neck with a blade. It’s pretty gruesome (for me, it’s the noise that does it). And then something really terrifying happens. The Stray wakes up. He climbs the rope and comes after Elsie, who trips and falls. The Stray lifts a giant rock and it looks like he’s going to bash Elsie’s head in. But then, he surprises us all. He knocks the rock against his own skull. Not once, not twice, but multiple times until he kills himself. There is something that the Stray, or whoever is responsible for him, didn’t want the team to know. What that is, we have no idea. But the tide is turning and the stakes are raising. There’s definitely something up with the hosts, and chances are it’s not pretty. At least, if this week was any indication.


Credit: HBO

We all have our favourites, and I absolutely love William and Logan. Maybe it’s the contrast between the two. In D&D terms, William would probably be lawful good whereas Logan is chaotic neutral, possibly even chaotic evil. William’s the white hat, he wants to be the hero. He doesn’t want to kill, but will if it saves innocent lives. Logan does whatever the heck he wants. He’s just out for a good time, and for him, there are no boundaries. The contrast between the two is really appealing. It’s a tense friendship (if it can be called that), but it works.

Logan’s bored out of his skull, so when they hear a noise in the woods, he’s pretty pumped. And who should stagger out but Dolores. She falls, almost like she faints, and William catches her, holding her head, his gaze moving from her to Logan, wondering what the hell just happened. My breath actually caught in my throat. William and Dolores have a lot of potential as a couple, but the three characters on screen at once is just going to be brilliant to behold. Maybe I’m biased as these are three of my favourite characters, but think about the balance! I desperately hope that this is a story that sticks, because I seriously need it in my life.

I cannot wait for next week. I am literally on the edge of my seat as I type this, wishing there was more to watch. If you also watch the show, you’ll understand my uncontrollable excitement. As always, HBO, keep up the good work.

Thanks for reading! I’m not joking, if you’re a fan, please geek out with me! Feel free to drop a comment down below and share your thoughts on ‘The Stray’!

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