‘Game Of Thrones’: The King In The North Whose Name Is Stark – Part 1 Of 4

The Starks plan their next move. Winter finally comes. Jon’s true parentage is revealed, and a King is crowned.



The Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale aired tonight, titled The Winds of Winter, a nod to George R R Martin himself. And so much happened. So much that I am not going to try and fit this into one article, because it’s simply not possible. No, I’ll be splitting my thoughts on the finale into 4 separate posts. One will be covering the events of King’s Landing. Another shall cover the events revolving around our Mother of Dragons. Another shall cover the extras, the Riverlands, Dorne, and the Citadel. And the fourth will be all about our dear, dear friends in the North. And while I am hopelessly devoted to Daenerys, my House has and will always be Stark. I am a Stark through and through, so let’s talk about the King in the North first, shall we?


I would just like to say that I was getting chills just on the “Previously On” bit. Like, those Stark banners were hanging proudly on the walls of Winterfell once more, and I was cheering so hard. And then the opening credits are back to our little Direwolf over Winterfell!! Wow, what a time to be alive. What a time to be a Stark!

Never thought I’d say that and honestly mean it.

We see Jon running his hands along the chairs he never was allowed to sit at as a boy, a bastard. But now, with his sister, he is home. Finally. Gods, has it been a long time coming.

It’s a really sweet, satisfying moment where we can just take a breather. And then Davos comes in and tosses Shireen’s stag at Melisandre.


Mel, I say this with the utmost sincerity, good luck explaining this one, girl.

But I was actually really proud of her. I mean, she burned a child alive, but she didn’t deny it. Davos made sure that Mel told Jon herself what she did, and she stepped up. She tells Jon that she burned Shireen at the stake, as the Lord commanded her to do. And this sparks up the age old debate about the Lord of Light and what the heck is up with that dude because the Red Priestess seems to have done a lot of horrible stuff under his command, just saying. But then she throws back that none of them would be standing there, Jon Snow would not be alive if not for the Lord.

But while that may (or may not, let’s be fair) be true, Shireen was like a daughter to Davos, and he loved her as such. But Melisandre tells him that she wasn’t alone in killing her. Her father agreed to it, as did her mother. Which actually just makes things worse, because it proves that Davos was the only one who truly cared for this poor child. Seriously, if she weren’t really, really dead, I’d give her a hug.

The truth is that while Mel has done a lot of truly terrible things, she has earned a place in my good books. She brought Jon back from the dead. Though she may have been wrong in thinking that Stannis was the Prince That Was Promised, she has a true power. A power that Jon could use in the Great War to come against the White Walkers. And that makes Jon hesitate in his decision, I think. Because a part of him knows that. And I believe that’s what makes him exile her instead of execute her. And you know, she brought him back from the dead. That’s not the best message to send out, killing her.

Jon and Sansa watch from the walls as Melisandre rides away, and it’s a beautiful sight, seeing the two of them together, home. And they have never been more on the same page. Jon tells her that he is having the Lord’s Chamber, Ned and Catelyn Starks’ old room, prepared for her. She should have it, she is the Lady of Winterfell and none of them would be there without her. And while she apologizes for not telling him about the Knights of the Vale, about the letter she wrote to Littlefinger, he knows that without that secrecy, the battle would have been lost. He asks her if she trusts Petyr, and she proves how much she has learned by saying, “Only a fool would trust Littlefinger.” They know that now, more than ever, they need to be completely honest with each other. They have countless enemies, they must stick together and stay strong. And I feel that they are stronger than ever.

Also, just a little worth noting, a raven has arrived from the Citadel. A White Raven. It is official. Winter is here. Jon smiles, looks up, and says, “Well, father always promised, didn’t he?” That he did, Jon. That he did. Starks are always right in the end.

This is also worth noting as it is how book five ended, the White Raven signalling the coming of Winter. It was symbolic, that the worst is yet to come. And while Season 6 was a dark season, the war against the Walkers has not yet happened. This is the beginning of so much, both good and bad. And that is what the White Raven symbolizes.

We see Littlefinger when he comes up to Sansa as she sits in the Godswood, where her father used to sit and think. And this is the first time that I believe we hear truth come from Petyr’s lips. Maybe I’m gullible, but maybe I’m right. He tells Sansa what he wants. That he has a picture, an image in his mind, and every decision he makes is to make that picture a reality. The image is of him, sitting on the Iron Throne with Sansa by his side. He goes to kiss her, but she stops him. This proves just how strong she has become. She doesn’t let him kiss her and then pulls away after. She stops it before it can happen. She doesn’t want the Iron Throne. But she is not done with Petyr, I think. He’s manipulative, and has done terrible things. He more or less sold her to Ramsay, he helped betray her father. But he helped her escape King’s Landing. He killed Joffrey. He saved her from her Aunt and answered her call. He craves power, but I think he wants it with her, and that makes him useful, sly devil that he is. And an alliance with such as Littlefinger, dangerous though it may be, can be an incredibly useful one.

In other news, we say goodbye to Benjen Stark. He cannot cross the Wall, but he has led Bran and Meera safely to it, which means that Season 7 could easily bring Bran back to Sansa and Jon. And if so, man oh man does Bran have some extremely important information for his half-brother. Or should I say, his cousin! DUH DUH DUH!!!!!

Except not really because we all have been calling this R+L=J theory for quite some time, but tonight IT WAS PROVED!! Such sweet, sweet relief. Such excitement! What a time to be alive!!

We finally received the answer to Jon Snow’s true parentage, seeing the ending of the Tower of Joy sequence. Ned runs into the Tower to see Lyanna in bed, covered in blood. The blood is all around her midsection, I may point out. She can’t believe he’s truly there, she thinks it must be a dream, a hallucination. But he is there. She has only one last wish. She knows that she is dying. Ned tells her that she won’t, but she knows. She has only one request. “You have to protect him,” she whispers. “Promise me, Ned. Promise me.” She dies with those words on her lips, wanting only the best for her son. The son of Rhaegar Targaryen. His name is Jon. Jon, the trueborn son of Targaryen and Stark, heir to the Iron Throne, a boy born of fire and ice. Jon is no Snow. But he must be raised as one, for if the truth were discovered, he would be killed. That cannot happen. Ned must protect him, raise him as his own. And so he does.

I got chills watching that scene. And the panning out on Jon’s face, years later as a man grown, it was just so beautiful. And he still has no idea, no clue. He thinks he’s a bastard, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yet another character that needs a hug.

While this was something almost every fan saw coming, it was a massive moment, a moment that has been years in the making. And with only two seasons left to go, it isn’t a surprise that the writers chose now to reveal this secret. Jon’s parentage is an extremely important plot point, one that could affect the whole of Westeros. And I can’t wait to see what Season 7 brings. Will Jon learn the truth? Will Daenerys? Could they meet? Man, is it Season 7 yet? I need it to be.

But I’m not done. Oh no. Jon sits at the head of the hall, where his Uncle Ned (I’m crying) used to sit. Sansa sits next to him, and the men who fought for them both sit before them. The Northern Houses, the Knights of the Vale, the Free Folk. And yes, the argument about chilling with the Wildlings is still going on. Seriously, isn’t this old news by now? I mean, come on. You fought with them.


They bicker among themselves, believing they all know what’s best. But they don’t. They think the war is over. That they should go home and wait out the winter. But Jon knows better. The real enemy does not wait for the storm, they bring the storm. The enemy is real, and they are coming. They need to come together if they are to have any hope of defeating them, of surviving. They argue and argue, until Lady Lyanna stands up.

Real slim shady up in here, y’all! This girl is the best character in the whole damn show, and proves it with another speech that moves hundreds, if not thousands of men. You go girl!

She stands and says, “Your son was butchered at the Red Wedding, Lord Manderly, but you refused the call. You swore allegiance to House Stark, Lord Glover, but in their hour of greatest need, you refused the call. And you, Lord Cerwyn, your father was skinned alive by Ramsay Bolton. Still, you refused the call. But House Mormont remembers. The North remembers! We know no King but the King in the North whose name is Stark. I don’t care if he’s a bastard. Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins. He’s my King, from this day until his last day!”

This sparks a movement. This ten year old girl, she speaks honestly. And she inspires them all, and helps them to remember who they are. They are Northerners. They do not forget. We know no King but the King in the North whose name is Stark. Robb Stark, the Young Wolf, died at the Red Wedding. But Robb was not the only wolf. Not the only Stark. Jon is a Stark. He is the White Wolf! The King in the North! Another scene that gave me absolutely massive chills, it is very much like the scene in Season 1, when so many swear their swords to Robb, naming him the King in the North. And now we Northerners have a new King. Jon. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t chanting along with the rest of them, “The King in the North! The King in the North!”

Littlefinger eyed Sansa, but I think her bond with Jon is strong. He did not ask for this title, and will not leave Sansa to fend for herself. He will want her by his side, for she had the wisdom to ask for help when it was needed. She won the battle. She is brave and intelligent, but more importantly, she is family. The newly named White Wolf does not take family lightly, as we know.

This is such an amazing place to leave off for the North. It left off in a really miserable place in Season 5. Jon was stabbed to death, betrayed by his own men and left to die in the snow, alone. Sansa was escaping Winterfell with little hope. But now? They are reunited, back at Winterfell together, strong. Jon is the King in the North. Sansa won a battle and saved pretty much everyone!!! This is an amazing time to be a Stark, let’s face it. We’re coming back, Northerners. Now’s our time. And I could not be prouder, or happier at this outcome. Not only has Jon earned a title as King, but his parentage has finally been confirmed. A Stark and a Targaryen. And Sansa is finally starting to get the respect she deserves. Wow. Just wow.

I hope you enjoyed the Northern recap, and make sure to tune in tomorrow! There are 3 more articles coming your way that you do not want to miss! And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the other Stark! Again, check back tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

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