‘Game Of Thrones’: Book Of The Stranger Delivers Fire And Blood

Theon comes home, the Tyrells and Lannisters join forces, and Daenerys show the people of Vaes Dothrak her true power.

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Last night’s episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones was a big one. The writers continue to stay true to their promise, there hasn’t been a dull episode of Season 6 yet. Book of the Stranger gave us some of the biggest power plays not only of the season, but of the series! From Winterfell to King’s Landing, to Meereen and Vaes Dothrak, things are heating up (quite literally in some places) in Westeros. Let’s review!


There’s a lot of them, as always, so proceed with caution!

I covered the events that took place at Castle Black last night, so check there to read all about Sansa Stark, Brienne of Tarth and of course, Jon Snow. That reunion needed a whole post of its own.


Tyrion has invited the Wise Masters into Meereen. While pretty much everyone is angry with him for this decision, it’s honestly the best one he could have made. Meereen is on the brink of civil war. Something needs to be done, and force wasn’t working. As Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” A lot of people are insane in Westeros, and trust me when I say it doesn’t end well. The fact of the matter is that while slavery is disgusting and awful, it can’t be abolished overnight. Tyrion offers the Masters a 7 year period to slowly destroy it, let the people, the cities, and the economies adjust and adapt to the new world order. All of this cannot be achieved overnight, it simply causes too much chaos. Tyrion is a politician, and he’s good at it. He saved King’s Landing, after all. He’s clever and knows how to talk his way out of anything. He also understands the horrors of the world, and that it is impossible to rid the lands of them in one shot. If the Masters agree, the Sons of the Harpy will slink back into their holes, and Meereen may once again be safe. But for how long? While Tyrion’s play was genius, many disagree. Rightly so, the Masters are not exactly trustworthy. But Tyrion’s played the Game of Thrones for years now, I think he knows what he’s doing. Either way, could this result in an entirely different civil war? Only time will tell.


Petyr Baelish is back and as sly as ever. Robin Arryn, Lord of the Vale, finally hit his growth spurt (wouldn’t be surprised if that’s thanks to the lack of breastfeeding), and he is right in Littlefinger’s grasp. It was seriously like watching a puppet show. Petyr controls them all, and convinces them that they must go help Sansa Stark. I mean, don’t trust Littlefinger, but the wildlings, the true Northeners, and the knights of the Vale? Put those three together and the Boltons don’t stand a chance.

But I kind of want to see Sansa kick Littlefinger’s ass for, you know, marrying her off to a man that’s worse than Joffrey. WORSE. THAN. JOFFREY. HOW!?!?


Still bitter.


Theon is back baby!! I think we all knew he wouldn’t get a warm welcome home. His father’s dead, which doesn’t look good, and Yara (Asha) Greyjoy lost men trying to rescue him. She thinks Ramsay let him go, and is having a hard time believing he actually worked up the nerve to escape. But he did. He doesn’t want to be King. That much is clear. I think he just wants home. Just wants a family, just wants peace. Theon wants Yara to rule the Iron Islands. And he will support her, and help her claim her rightful throne.


YOU GO GIRL! With Yara running the place, and Theon standing with her, I may actually start rooting for the Iron Islands.

You know things are going badly when I say that.


Margaery and the High Sparrow seem to have something going on? He finally allows her to see her brother, but she knows this is all just to get her to confess, to bring about her brother’s destruction. And she won’t have it. But Loras is looking broken. And I mean really broken. Worse has happened on Thrones to be sure (cough cough Theon cough cough), but Loras just wants it to end. He tells his sister to just give them what they want. Let them win, he doesn’t care anymore.

The fact that he’s in there for being gay is often something I forget. Like, really? I’m sorry but Cersei helped kill the King? Priorities, people. Or…sparrows. Priorities, sparrows.

It’s also come up that the High Sparrow plans on making Margaery follow in Cersei’s footsteps. Literally. She is set to make the walk of atonement. Yes, the walk of shame. And it was bad enough for Cersei. Imagine what it would do to the kingdom if the Queen walked naked through the streets.

Not good.

And the Tyrells and Lannisters alike know this. So they’ve finally decided to put aside their petty differences and their thirst for power to work towards the greater good. They will work together to save Margaery and destroy the Sparrows, taking the High Sparrow into custody (or killing him, which Jaime would prefer). It’s hard to believe that Cersei is actually going to work with the Tyrells, but if it means her son’s happiness, is there anything she wouldn’t do?


Only a few minutes were shown, but we knew what was coming. Ramsay is smarter than Theon Greyjoy was. And he’s not as arrogant. He knows better.

Osha tries to seduce him, wanting to grab a knife and kill Ramsay for good. And while we’re all rooting for her, we know better than to hope. Ramsay knows her tricks thanks to Theon. By the end of the scene, Osha is dead. The first wildling that we ever really liked, a character that’s been with us since the beginning, is gone. But she died for the Starks. She died protecting Rickon, and the Starks admire loyalty above all. Hopefully, when this is all over, her death will be honored, and it will not have been in vain.

It is really sad to say that we won’t be seeing her again though. I’m really going to miss her.


And now we get to it!!! This is exactly what Daenerys needed!! But before I get to the awesomeness and the epic power play of the end of the episode, I need to cover some Jorah and Daario stuff first.

Daario now knows that Jorah has greyscale. I seriously thought for a minute he was going to cut him down right then and there, but luckily, Daario probably realizes that Dany would be pissed at him if he did that, and Jorah would never do anything to put Dany in danger. He loves her too much. But his greyscale is spreading quickly. Way too quickly.

Daario refers to having sex with Daenerys as “riding the dragon”. Yeah. That happened.




Moving on.

Daario and Jorah manage to get into the city, and with a little neck snapping and head bashing, they get to Daenerys. But nuh-uh, she is not sneaking out of the city. No way. Daenerys has a plan and they are going to help her execute it.

The episode ends with Daenerys standing before the Great Khals in the temple of the Dosh Khaleen. They are trying to decide what to do with her. From selling her to raping her, almost all of the options are horrific. Maro says they should leave her with the Dosh Khaleen, it is where she belongs. Dany asks if she gets a say. She proceeds to tell them about what Drogo would do for her. He was willing to cross the Narrow Sea, the poison waters as no Khal has done before. He was a great man. She then looks at them and says bluntly, a slight smile upon her lips, “You are small men. None of you are fit to lead the Dothraki. But I am. So I will.”


Maro threatens to have the Khals rape her, and then the bloodriders, and if there’s anything left of her, the horses. She simply stares them down and smiles. And proceeds to set the temple ablaze. The so-called “Great” Khals scream in horror and try to escape. But they are trapped. She watches them burn, and emerges from the temple naked, Unburnt. And now that the Khals are dead, she is their Khaleesi. The Dothraki all stare at her in wonder and amazement, and as one, they all bow down before her. Jorah and Daario quickly follow suit.

Khaleesi is back. And she has a new army before her. And this is exactly what she needed. She once again has taken back what is hers with blood and fire. There is still the question of how and why she is immune to all fires, not just dragon fire, but either way, Daenerys now has a Dothraki army, an army of Unsullied, sellswords, three dragons, and Tyrion Lannister. I think it’s safe to say she’s one of the most powerful forces in the world. Sorry Cersei. Your time will soon be over.

If Dany isn’t planning on heading to Westeros ASAP, I’m sure Tyrion, Jorah, and probably Daario as well will talk some sense into her. The time to strike is now. She seriously needs to get the seven hells out of Meereen. Her plot was starting to get old, and it seemed she began to fall into her brother’s bad habits. But hopefully this will shake things up and remind her of just how awesome and powerful she truly is. And where her rightful place is.

This episode was overflowing the game-changing moments. From Daenerys becoming Khaleesi of all the Dothraki to Osha’s death, from Tyrion’s treaty to Theon’s return home, from the Stark reunion to Jon’s hair (which is still looking awesome by the way), Season 6 continues to kill it. Seriously, tell me it’s Sunday already!

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