‘Game Of Thrones’: A New Ship, A Beautiful Reunion, And A Stark Stands Strong

We have waited so long for this reunion, and it’s as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking.

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*Breathes deeply*

It’s moments like these where I think of Lord of the Rings. More specifically, of Gimli.


I must constantly remind myself of this when watching Game of Thrones. And can you blame me? Particularly this season. The writers promised a thrilling season, and so far they’re exceeding expectations. Last night’s episode, Book of the Stranger, is no exception. As has become a new tradition around here, tonight I’ll be covering the events at Castle Black. And the rest? Well you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow! As always,


 I literally cannot contain my excitement any longer.

Here at Castle Black, Edd can’t really believe that Jon’s leaving. Mainly because of the Walkers. He’s seen what’s coming, how can he just leave? But Jon has given his life to the Watch, he’s fulfilled his oath. He needs to get away, away from the Wall, away from the people, the brothers that murdered him. But before their conversation is finished, a horn blows, announcing an arrival.

I did not bring myself to believe that this dream could actually come true. But the hearts of the writers of Thrones seem to be growing soft. That’s right. Who should be at the gate but SANSA FREAKING STARK.

Jon walks out, having no idea that he’ll find his sister (probably cousin, but let’s just stick with sister for now), waiting below. But there she is. There’s this wonderfully tight suspense between the two of them, the yard is silent. They are the only two people at Castle Black in this moment. Jon walks slowly down the steps, almost in disbelief. But she’s there. And they do exactly what we hoped they’d do-they run into each other’s arms.

This is a reunion we’ve been hoping for since, let’s face it, Season 1. Not necessarily a Sansa/Jon reunion, but a Stark reunion. But for a while it looked like the chances of that were slim. Until, of course, Theon and Sansa escaped Winterfell. But this is Thrones, so we expected some terrible fate or just horrible luck to keep them apart. But no. They’re together again!! This could mean great things for the Starks after all.

A heartwarming reunion, I must say I shed more than one tear during the affair. They joke over the soup, remembering their time at Winterfell. Both of them wish they never had left. How much better things would have been. Sansa apologizes, which I think is awesome. She apologizes for being so horrible to him, but he shakes it off. They were children, he says, and jokes about sulking moodily in the corner. But she insists on forgiveness, and even though he says there’s nothing to forgive, he gives in and does.

There’s this beautiful moment when Sansa asks Jon where he’ll go. She knows he plans on leaving, but we’re unsure if she knows the whole resurrection deal. Possibly, but as of yet unconfirmed. But what is beautiful is his response. He corrects her. Not where he’ll go, but where they’ll go. It isn’t a question, they have to stick together. And it’s this affection that reminds us why, through all the hardships and horrors that they’ve endured, the Starks are the best house in Westeros. It also happens to be mine, for which I am very proud, but I digress.

Sansa wants him to fight with her, to take Winterfell back, but all he’s done since he left Winterfell is fight, he’s tired of it. He’s had to kill men, wildlings and his brothers both, he had to hang a child younger than Bran. He can’t do it anymore. But Sansa won’t give up. She’s had so much taken from her, and she wants to do this with Jon by her side, but she will do it without him. You go girl! She will not sit idly by and watch Ramsay rule the North. She will take back what is rightfully hers and her family’s, and she will make those who took it from her suffer. Anyone who doesn’t like Sansa can leave. Right now. Just get out.

As far as Melisandre goes, she plans on doing whatever Jon Snow commands of her. She believes he has always been The Prince That Was Promised, and she will serve him as she did Stannis. The question of Shireen pops up, but luckily, Brienne steps in and sasses everybody’s pants off before they can get to the truth. Seriously one of the best moments of the season. Here you have Ser Davos, Brienne, and Melisandre and it’s a moment of suspense between these three people that could really kill each other at any moment.

Other than that, Brienne is sort of backseat this episode, until the final scene. They all sit down and eat together, including Brienne and Tormund. And Tormund is making eyes at Brienne like crazy! Could this be a ship on the horizon? Because if so, I would totally be okay with boarding it. And by totally okay, I mean I’ve already jumped into the ocean, swam across the sea, and climbed into the freaking ship because I. SHIP. THIS. HARD.

Anyhow, while they eat dinner together, and Edd apologizes for the food (to which Sansa replies there are more important things, hell yes girl), a message arrives from none other than Ramsay Bolton. Book readers will recognize some of it from A Dance With Dragons.  Ramsay threatens Jon Snow, or “bastard” as he calls him. He tells Jon that he is Lord of Winterfell now, come and see. He has his brother Rickon in a dungeon, with his dead direwolf in the castle. Come and see. If Jon surrenders to him, and delivers him his wife, Ramsay will leave them in peace. But if not, he’ll make him watch as he butchers every wildling man, woman, and babe. He refuses to continue reading aloud after this, looking at his sister, but Sansa takes up the scroll and continues. Ramsay will force Jon to watch as his men rape his sister, and while he murders (brutally) his brother. Only then will he cut Jon’s eyes out and let the dogs do the rest. A cruel man, and this emphasizes Sansa’s point more. They’ll never be safe as long as the Boltons rule Winterfell. And now that Roose is dead and Ramsay is Warden of the North, it’s even more dangerous.

Tormund looks ready for a fight, but they only have 2000 wildlings, severely less than the Boltons. But Sansa says that the North Remembers. They will rally to Jon if he asks. And so he agrees. Sansa and Jon are going to war, and they are going to take back Winterfell and rescue Rickon. FINALLY.

The Starks are finally getting justice and it feels so good. Who will rally to their cause is of yet unclear, but one thing is for sure. It’s so good to have Jon and Sansa together once more.

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