‘Game of Thrones’: Home Delivers The Biggest Twists

How can so much happen in one episode!? We’ll be talking about that last scene for years!

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I’m still not entirely sure I’m alive? Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones was something else, am I right?


Last night, I basically had a meltdown, freaking out over the episode’s final twist. But now let’s break it down with a little less fangirling (not completely without it, I am only human after all).


Let’s start with Kit Harington finally breaking the silence on the huge reveal. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor says,

“Sorry! I’d like to say sorry for lying to everyone. I’m glad that people were upset that he died. I think my biggest fear was that people were not going to care. Or it would just be, ‘Fine, Jon Snow’s dead.’ But it seems like people had a, similar to the Red Wedding episode, kind of grief about it. Which means something I’m doing-or the show is doing-is right.”

Right you are, Kit. Right you are. And don’t worry, love. We forgive you.

Technically, the HBO team and Kit didn’t lie. The question was, “Is Jon Snow Dead?” They were telling the truth. He was dead. They simply left out the little fact about his resurrection. And can we really hate them for it? No. Because honestly, it makes watching it more enjoyable. But even though they didn’t say it, we knew it. We hadn’t seen the last of our hero. There was simply too much left unresolved, and for him to contribute. The truth is, there was no way to continue without Jon. Of course, his resurrection was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Will this change him? And if so, how much? Will he be hellbent on justice, revenge even? Or is he still our Jon? Will he remember everything, and still fight to defeat the White Walkers? Or will his new mission be to defeat the Boltons, gaining revenge for everything that’s happened to his family? Whatever happens, I am with you Jon. Seven Hells, I’d be with you if you turned into a White Walker, let’s be honest here.

Thanks to the powers of Melisandre, the faith of Ser Davos, and the loyalty in Jon’s friends and of course, in Ghost, our Lord Commander has returned to us, gasping for air and seeming a little shaken (understandably), his hair looking as great as ever, and shirtless, because this is HBO after all. And why not return him to the living by having  a beautiful woman rubbing his bare chest? I mean, is anyone really complaining?

While Jon obviously was in the spotlight, I do need to point out how wonderful Ser Davos is. He hardly knew Jon, he spoke with him only a handful of times. And yet he was willing to risk his own life in service of justice, he sought out Melisandre, who was more or less his sworn enemy. He asked her to perform her magic, magic he was against. Without Ser Davos and his belief in the Lord Commander and in the Red Woman, we would have never gotten Jon back. So seriously, round of applause for Ser Davos. And for the brilliant Liam Cunningham, of course.

Oh, and Mel? Well, you brought Jon Snow back, so we can start to forgive you for Shireen.

We also got a lot of trailer questions answered in this episode! The Wildlings as well as a Giant are with Jon, another twist I did not expect to come so soon into the season. But Alliser and Olly and the other traitors are locked in cells, and I hope Jon beheads Thorne himself. I will cheer. Very loudly. But it does make me wonder, if all of these plots are happening so early in the season, what will be next!?

When Tormund sees Jon’s body, he says, “Took a lot of knives,” and it almost sounds like pride in his voice. It took a lot to bring the Lord Commander down. He’s strong. The fact that they came, helping bring the mutineers to justice makes me very happy and excited to see what could possibly happen now that Jon’s back with us.

I do, of course, have to mention the countless theories spreading like wildfire around the internet. Some think it wasn’t Melisandre that brought back Jon at all. There was enough time between her incantation and his waking that it’s possible. Some think Ghost was involved, AKA the warg theory (that Jon actually warged into Ghost before dying). Is this possible? Yes, but Ghost could have easily just stood up because he sensed Jon coming back. There’s definitely a connection between the two, there’s no doubt about that. And book readers will know that Jon has the ability to warg, though he doesn’t know how to use it. But this isn’t the only theory. We’re still unsure if Jon is actually Azor Ahai reborn. Melisandre could have simply read the visions wrong, thinking it was Stannis instead of Jon. Though she doubts herself, Mel undeniably has magic. Whether she was responsible for Jon’s return or not, that much is clear. And whether Jon returned from warging or the Red Woman, we are just glad to see those beautiful eyes sparkling again.

But while our hero returning was the biggest twist (albeit one we all knew was coming) of the episode, don’t think for a second it was the only one. Many exciting, shocking, and horrifying things happened this episode, and we need to talk about them.


Bran’s back! And he is all grown up, as is Meera. Meera’s definitely not too happy with their situation, and without Jojen there, it’s understandable. But we found out they won’t be staying there forever which really makes you stop and think. Will they go back? WILL BRAN SEE JON AGAIN!?

Not only that, but we also got to see part of the past, when Ned and Benjen were just boys. Apparently this is the first thing that the Three Eyed Raven has shown Bran that he actually wants and is excited to see. We get out first glimpse at a young Lyanna Stark as well! You all know what this means. The flashbacks have begun and the true parentage of Jon Snow is coming.

There is a line. A line that brought tears to my eyes. Ned holds Benjen’s had, gives a small, kind smile, and says softly, “Keep your shield up, or I’ll ring your head like a bell.” The same words we have heard Jon Snow say, in the exact same manner, to Olly when he was training him. Seriously, Ned lives on through Jon, I think we can all agree on that.

And Hodor could talk! And his name isn’t Hodor at all, but Wylis! Book readers will know that Hodor was never his real name, though in the books it was Walder. Another name changed probably so there would be no confusion. Either way, it leaves us wondering, what happened to make Hodor the way he is now?

I don’t know about you, but I definitely feel for Bran. He has the ability to see things that happened, see his family again, even if they can’t see him, but he’s dragged away. It can’t be easy. Then again, when have the Starks of Winterfell ever had it easy?


Somewhere between Winterfell and the Wall, Sansa, Brienne, Theon, and Podrick travel together. Brienne tells Sansa that she saw her sister, and she manages a small, but true smile when Brienne says that she wasn’t dressed like a lady. “She wouldn’t be,” Sansa says. She regrets not going with Brienne the first time she offered her services, but honestly, it was an understandable mistake. One that she paid dearly for, but after everything that had happened to her family and to her, we can’t blame her for being wary of strangers.

And then there’s Theon. Spooked by every sound, gathering firewood, limping and looking so broken. Theon is just…I really hope I’m not the only one that just pities him and wants to give him a hug. By no means is he let off the hook for all the stuff he did back in Season 2, but he’s definitely suffered enough. He tells Sansa he won’t go with her to Castle Black. Jon would execute him, and though Sansa promises she wouldn’t let him, and that all crimes are forgiven when you take the black, he says he doesn’t want to be forgiven. *Cries.* It’s clear he doesn’t think he deserves it. He tells her that Brienne and Pod will keep her safe. But he would have taken her all the way to Castle Black, even if it killed him to do it. She cries and hugs him, giving us such a tender moment between unexpected characters. She’s forgiven him, and I think she’s actually grown to care for him. While he betrayed her family, he saved her life. He asks for a horse. He’s going home. All I really want is for Theon to be happy, because after everything, he deserves peace. He really does. Am I the only one that loves Theon? Maybe? I did hate him. But now, I just can’t bring myself to.

But back to Sansa, I was worried about her going to Castle Black while Thorne was in charge. But now that Jon is back!? Could we be having a little Stark reunion!? Please. PLEASE. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. And they can work side by side to kick Ramsay’s stupid arse right out of Winterfell. Let’s do it.


And we come to the show’s biggest unexpected twist. This seriously came out of nowhere.

Roose Bolton, the man who betrayed the Starks, murdered Robb, the King in the North, and spawned the actual devil, is dead. FINALLY. IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME. On one hand. On the other hand, this is not good. Roose sucked, true, but he was smart. He was the only thing that kept Ramsay from going absolutely nuts on everything and everyone in Westeros. But, as he said, he prefers being an only child. Dude, I prefer being an only child, but there are better ways of dealing with your issues.

Not only does he murder his father, he sets the hounds on his stepmother and her new son. So on the list of horrific and new levels of disturbing things that happen on Game of Thrones, we can add newborn baby and mother torn apart and mauled by hounds. I mean, it’s Ramsay…I can’t even be surprised anymore.

While Roose’s death delivers a terrible blow, as Ramsay is now Lord Bolton, it’s also satisfying. Justice is finally starting to be carried out for what’s been done to the Stark family. WELL IT’S ABOUT TIME.

Starks aside, the moment that Ramsay stabbed his father was really shocking. We should know better by now, but clearly we never learn. And this was one of the best, jaw-dropping twists yet.


As soon as we saw the Iron Islands in the opening sequence, we knew things were going to go down. Yara is as fantastic as ever, loyal to her family and not greedy like her father. Thrones promised us a female-driven season and Yara is stepping right up to the plate with this one. I’m SO glad they’re bringing in the book plot for the Iron Islands because it really needed to be done.

We see Euron, also known as Crow’s Eye, for the first time! Though shrouded in darkness, he seems really menacing which is wonderful. He kills Balon Greyjoy (finally, am I right?) and the Kingsmoot is to happen very soon! No doubt Euron will make his presence there known to everyone, as soon as the next episode, perhaps. But if the Kingsmoot goes anything like it did in the books, things aren’t looking too good for the Greyjoys. My hope is that maybe Yara will win? And if she doesn’t we know she’ll rebel. Maybe, if we aren’t getting Victarion in the show, she’ll take his place for plot!?


For the first time in a long time, King’s Landing isn’t the largest source of excitement and drama in Westeros, but it still has plenty to go around. The Mountain is more than just Cersei’s personal bodyguard. He’s so much more. It’s like he’s wired to know when someone’s speaking against Cersei. His strength, if anything has increased, and his only purpose for life is to protect Cersei. Everyone is terrified of him, and there is nearly a massacre when Cersei finds out Tommen has confined her to the Red Keep, for her own protection. But Cersei seems to have lost the fight in her. Whether it was the Walk of Shame, Myrcella’s death, or a combination of the two that’s keeping her this way, I’m unsure. But this is not the Queen Regent we know and hate. This is a woman who seems really vulnerable.

Tommen, while very angry at himself for not slaying every Sparrow on the spot after they paraded his mother through town “like a whore”, he seems to hold some anger to his mother too. He asks Jaime (who he still thinks is his uncle?) if they’ve caught Prince Trystane’s killers yet, and when he says they haven’t, Tommen says that it was probably his mother. He definitely thinks she’s capable of it, and he’s not wrong. But he regrets not having gone to her sooner, and the scene ends with him going to Cersei and asking her for help.

The High Sparrow is lined up to be a big villain this season, and Jaime is his counterpart. Jaime seems to have taken up permanent residence in hero territory, which I am more than fine with. I think he would have killed the High Sparrow right there, if not for all the little Sparrows (probably not what they’re called, but that’s what they look like) surrounding him with what looks like pretty ancient weaponry. Jaime of course delivers another brilliant line. When the Sparrow asks, “You would spill blood in this holy place?” Jaime responds, “The Gods won’t mind. They spill more blood than the rest of us combined.” PREACH IT JAIME!


Praise Tyrion Lannister. Praise praise praise praise praise! Not that we ever doubted it for a second, but Tyrion further proves just how clever and intelligent he is this episode. He manages to calm down Rhaegal and Viserion, two dragons he has never before met, enough to unchain them. Talk about a tense scene! Many thought this would be the death of one of our favourite characters, but no chance. Tyrion’s too clever for that.

He’s definitely out of his element here, but he tries to stay calm. “I’m friends with your mother,” he says. “I’m here to help. Don’t eat the help.” This is what I love about Tyrion, even in the most tense of moments, he’s still able to make us laugh. And we finally get the story about how he wanted a dragon when he was little! Seriously, no one but Peter Dinklage could have played this character. He tells the story exactly how I imagined it to be told. And by doing so, he calms the dragons, setting them free. Of course, what is he going to do now? Do they trust him completely? And here’s another question: they understand English? Maybe Daenerys simply didn’t know how intelligent they were. We can’t blame her, it’s not like she ever watched How to Train Your Dragon. But with Tyrion taking this first and vital step to gaining their trust, will he become the second dragon rider? BECAUSE I NEED THIS TO HAPPEN. Can you imagine Cersei’s face when Tyrion comes riding into King’s Landing on a dragon. Priceless!

Other than the dragons, things aren’t looking good across the Narrow Sea. The Masters have taken back Astapor and Yunkai, and slavery is back and running. With many believing Dany to be dead, or at least, never to return, there is no one to control Slaver’s Bay. How long will this chaos last?


Finally, Arya is still suffering. She is bloody and broken, still not able to land a hit. But Jaqen comes and after insisting over and over again that “A girl has no name”, Jaqen leads her away. It looks like she’ll get to sleep under a roof again, at least for a night, so maybe things are looking up for this Stark after all?

This episode was without question one of the best of the series. Filled with excitement, horror, and bursting at the seams with twists, things in Westeros are taking a turn. Roose Bolton is dead. Tyrion can talk to dragons. Balon Greyjoy is dead, ending for good the War of the Five Kings. But most importantly? We have Jon Snow back. :’)

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought about the episode down below!

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