‘Game Of Thrones’: The Red Woman Is Everything We Hoped For

Tyrion attempts to rule, Daenerys stands her ground, and Melisandre reveals a secret.

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Last night, HBO aired the Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones. I first started watching this show last summer, which means tonight was the first episode I ever watched live. Maybe that impacted how I felt while watching it. I’ve been hearing some not so positive opinions on The Red Woman, but honestly? I loved it!! Not only did it answer some of the biggest cliffhangers of Season 5, but it proved that the writers weren’t lying: this season really is all about the women. Let’s recap, shall we?



It turns out the opening shot in the trailer was the opening scene of the season, and what a perfect, albeit sad, way to begin. Ghost howls like mad, clawing and crying at the door. Ser Davos hears his cries, and coming out to investigate, rushes towards Jon’s corpse. A few of the Watch follow, and they take his body inside. It turns out it was Edd that closes Jon’s eyes! Many trailer questions were answered this episode.

The only ones that can be trusted are inside that very room. Soon, they are joined by Ghost and The Red Woman herself, Melisandre. She looks down, touches Jon’s face and says, “I saw him in the flames, fighting at Winterfell.” We have good reason to believe she has the power to make that happen. But more on that in a minute.

It turns out not as much as the Watch as we thought was in on the mutiny against Jon. Many are actually in  an uproar about the betrayal, calling Thorne a traitor and a murderer! But he defends himself by saying he did what he did for the Watch, because Jon’s decisions would have been the death of them all. He seems to have convinced the men, but hopefully, this is only temporary.

Davos is smart, and doesn’t want to die, but knows they have to fight, and the men responsible for Jon’s murder must pay. And even though they have a direwolf on their side, it won’t be enough. But then Davos points out that the men in the Night’s Watch, the men in that room, they are not the only ones who owe their lives to Jon Snow. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Wildlings!?!? Oh man, this is going to be fantastic. It looks like there will be another battle at Castle Black, and this time, we’ll be rooting for the wildlings, hopefully with Tormund leading them. Thorne, you’re going down.

And then of course, we have the first big twist of the season, and it’s to do with the Red Woman herself. The scene in the trailer where she undresses, it turns out it isn’t for any man, but for herself. And once removing her robes, she takes off her necklace, which has been a glamour this whole time. She is far older than she appears, over a hundred years old. While a glamour itself may not take a lot of magic, the strength must. Her body is old and very frail, after 100 years it would be. Her strength, how she keeps moving, really, must be as a result of strong magic. Why is this important? Because if Melisandre has this kind of power, not only to shroud her appearance, but to have such unnatural long life, and we’ve seen what else she can do, it means that she really is our best shot at getting our Lord Commander back. What is to come, I don’t know, but the women of Westeros really are in the front this season, claiming their power and owning it, and I could not be more thrilled!


At Winterfell, Ramsay mourns Myranda. It seems he actually cared for her, and gets a little choked up. But then he reverts back into his psycho self and says if the meat’s good, feed it to the dogs. How sweet.

Roose is certainly unimpressed. He has this idea that Sansa Stark is the key to the North, that without her, they cannot hold it. Truthfully, as long as Ramsay treats her like a slave, they cannot hold the North with  her. Either way, he makes a threat to Ramsay, for without an heir, his yet-to-be born baby brother will take Ramsay’s place.

In the woods, Theon and Sansa run from the Boltons’ men and hounds. Sansa keep stumbling, but he also goes back, pulling her along through the trees, through the river, convincing her they need to keep running. They take shelter under a tree, and he stammers out her name. She’s turning blue, presumably from the water, and he wraps his arms around her. Seriously, am I the only one shipping this?? Like, hardcore?

Theon sacrifices himself, trying to lure the men and dogs away so she can make it North. She says that she won’t make it without him, but he tells her that she will, and that she must. Considering Theon knows better than anyone what awaits him at Winterfell, he just committed one of the bravest acts on the show. But the hounds smell Sansa out, and I actually was terrified that they would just drag her back. But I should have known better. For who should save her, but Brienne!! I clapped so loudly, the writers definitely weren’t lying! Brienne has also taught Pod how to fight, and he’s not half bad! Well, he manages to kill one of the men, at the very least. With the help of Theon, who takes up a sword to protect himself and Sansa, the Boltons’ men are defeated. Brienne kneels, again offering her service to Sansa, and after looking at Theon and getting a nod of approval, she agrees, reciting her vow, with some help from Pod. This team is going to be the best yet, and with Sansa and Brienne fighting together, this is going to be one hell of a season.


Arya is still blind, but we assume it’s all a part of her training (I really hope they don’t divert from the books in this). The waif comes to visit her, a seemingly daily occurrence, they fight together, and the point is to try and get her to use her senses, not just rely on her sight. Is she forced to stay on the streets day and night? We are not yet certain, but this is definitely a new Arya that we haven’t seen before, a more vulnerable one, and I’m actually loving it.


The death count has begun. What is that, one guard and two Princes? Thanks to Ellaria and the Sand Snakes, Areo Hotah, Prince Doran, and Prince Trystane are dead. What this means for Dorne is fairly clear. Ellaria wants war, and apparently so do the people of Dorne. I don’t doubt it, as the guards didn’t bat an eye at the killing of their Prince. “Weak men will never rule Dorne again,” she says. Another example of how this season it’s all about the women taking charge! What an exciting start to the season!


We didn’t see too much Lannister in this episode, and nothing too new. Jaime promises Cersei that they will take back everything, that they’re the only ones that matter, but Cersei seems like she’s temporarily given up. Understandably so, all things considered, but not in her nature, so it will be interesting to see what the season brings for her.

As far as Margaery goes, she’s still in captivity, and while Septa Unella is cruel, the High Sparrow seems to be taking a kinder approach. According to him, she has taken the first step, but still has many to go.


Ser Jorah, whose greyscale is still spreading, searches with Daario for Daenerys. They find her ring, and luckily, Jorah has been around enough Dothraki to know a horde’s tracks when he sees them. They’ve taken her.

The Dothraki who captured Daenerys do not know who she is, and treat her like a slave, whipping her whenever she stumbles. When she meets their Khal, Khal Moro, she reveals she speaks Dothraki when she spits at him not to touch her, and tells him her name and titles, but he still has not heard of her. Until she says that she was wife to the great Khal Drogo. He then treats her with much more respect, saying it is forbidden to lay with a dead Khal’s Khaleesi, no one will touch her while she is with them. But he will not take her back to Meereen, he will take her where she “belongs”. To Vaes Dothrak, with the other Khaleesis.

Back in Meereen, Tyrion walks with Varys through the streets, wanting to get to know the people, see the city, which is currently at a standstill. Everyone appears to be hiding, terrified of the Sons of the Harpy, and possibly of Daenerys and her dragons. Tyrion offers money to a woman with her baby, so she can feed it. Definitely is not interested in eating the baby, just to clarify. His Valyrian is terrible.

A Red Priest preaches that the people of Meereen should fight for their own salvation, and while they deserve salvation, it sounds like this could mean civil war. How about no? And they won’t be sailing to Westeros any time soon, as what we must assume was the work of the Sons of the Harpy, Dany’s navy is burnt to the ground.

This episode gave us a peek into the answers that we have been searching for. It’s only episode one, and they can’t reveal everything to us in one shot. But despite what many are saying, I think that was one of the best season openers yet, and I cannot wait to see what happens next! Will Edd convince the wildlings to fight with them? Will Dany make it back to Meereen? Will Arya get her sight back? What about Sansa, Brienne, Theon, and Pod? Where will they go? And what’s up with Melisandre!? WILL JON SNOW COME BACK!? So many questions, so few answers, but they’ll come, and I can’t wait.

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