‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Trailer 2: War Is Coming

From the looks of this trailer, there’s going to be a lot of violence this season.

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I would like to begin by promising that I do have posts lined up that aren’t Game of Thrones related.

We are a mere two weeks away from finally starting the sixth season of Game of Thrones, and tensions are high. With Season 5 leaving us with so many cliffhangers, the answers are nearly within our grasp and we are begging for them. So as a little treat, we were given another trailer this afternoon, and the new footage is incredible to behold.

I’m going to (attempt to) break down the major points of this trailer and what they mean in as little time as possible. So let’s get to it!

What’s going on at:


Davos will be playing a huge part at the Wall this season. With the few men of the Night’s Watch that are still loyal to their Lord Commander, Davos will defend Jon’s corpse from the rest of the Watch, led, presumably, by Alliser Thorne. The reason why is still only speculated.

It appears that the Watch will be taking on two wars this season, one against the Walkers, North of them, and against the Boltons, south of them. This trailer definitely hinted at the Watch/Wildlings vs the Boltons, and book readers will know why this makes so much sense. Will the Boltons fight the Watch because of their Lord Commander helping Stannis? Or is Sansa Stark, bride/slave to Ramsay Bolton hiding at the Wall? Perhaps she isn’t, but Ramsay thinks she is?

We know for certain that the Boltons will be involved in at least one huge battle this season, and it would make most sense for them to fight the Watch and Wildlings. The only other possibility I see is fighting the Vale, the Eyrie as Littlefinger was sent by the Lannisters to gather them to take back the North from the Boltons. Both are probable, but in the trailer the men fighting the Boltons do look more like Wildlings, so that would be my guess.

Melisandre is still at the Wall, but still no word on if her and Davos will be working together.

Still no word on where Littlefinger is, either, though we did get a few more glimpses of him. He seems on edge and nervous, which is really interesting and exciting.

As far as Sansa goes, we still don’t know where she is, but she’s in Stark attire, a direwolf proudly on her chest, and she is done with being abused. She thinks of everything that’s been taken from her, and looks ready for vengeance. FINALLY. We already know this season is a huge turning point for Sansa Stark, so I can’t wait to see her take control and own her power.


The White Walkers and the Night’s King are going to be formidable enemies this season, more so than ever before. Not only Davos, but Tormund Giantsbane also looks to be taking a leadership role this season.

We only saw glimpse of Bran, but his eyes are glazed over. His training with the Three-Eyed Raven is something I’m really looking forward to seeing.


Ser Jorah’s greyscale is spreading quickly. This is really painful to watch. It could be drawn out over seasons, but we know he cannot survive this.

Tyrion seems to be leading, which makes sense as he has the most experience. Varys is still in Meereen, at least for a small amount of time. We know that Varys serves the Realm, and by working with Tyrion, I don’t think the Lannisters back in King’s Landing stand a chance.

The Sons of the Harpy are still causing trouble.

I WAS RIGHT! Tyrion is down visiting the dragons. He knows better than to keep them chained up, and that no good can come of this. But what will the dragons do?


Daenerys is brought before someone and stripped. Who she is brought before and why she is stripped is of yet unclear. But Emilia Clarke has recently said that Daenerys is a bad ass, so we don’t really need to worry about her. As well, this season we’ll be seeing a bit more of who she really is. Very interesting!


Maisie Williams said that we’ll be seeing Arya at a low point this season, which I’m actually really excited for. I want to see her overcome. She’s still getting beaten up. We see a face getting cut, and I think its hers!! While she seems to be struggling, she’s fighting back harder than ever, which is so exciting. A girl may very well move on in her training.


I may be going crazy, but was that THEON GREYJOY BACK ON PYKE!?!?!?


Things are going down! A huge conflict this season is going to be between the Crown and the Sparrows. Jaime and the High Sparrow go a little head to head at the beginning of the trailer, and it just gets more heated from there. Jaime commands a force towards the Sept.

Margaery is still a captive and is looking terribly ragged. It’s a messed up world where Margaery is imprisoned and Cersei is set free.

I think there’s going to be a bigger battle for King’s Landing still. I think they’re going to fight Dorne. Jaime is commanding a massive army, and there are many Lannister tents set up and I think it makes more sense for this to happen if the fight is outside King’s Landing. Perhaps they are joining the battle against the Boltons? Who knows, King’s Landing is always fighting everyone.

A lot is happening this season. This much we know. And the females will be taking on bigger roles than ever. There are going to be the biggest battles in Season 6, and one thing’s for sure. The long night is coming. And the dead come with it.

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